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University Of Limerick Acceptance Rate 2024

Concordia University Acceptance Rate in 2024

The University of Limerick acceptance rate stands as a ray of hope for academic excellence in Ireland. Acceptance rate is the percentage of applicants offered admission to a specific institute, such as a college. It is calculated by dividing the number of accepted students by the total number of applicants. For example, in this instance, when we calculate the acceptance rate of Limerick University, it would be as follows. For example, Limerick University received 1000 applications and they accepted 200 from them. The Limerick University acceptance rate is 20%.

Presently, the institute is a hub for students and scholars from all over the world. The University of Limerick provides a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The University of Limerick acceptance rate indicates that the college meets the high educational standards. In this university guide, our major focus will be on the University of Limerick acceptance rate, followed by other essential information about the university.

Key InformationDetails
Acceptance Rate– Overall: Nearly 70%
– Moderately selective
Historical Trends– 2011: 64%
– 2014: 72%
– 2017: 68%
Comparison with Other Universities– Easier than top global universities
– Harder than some U.S. colleges
Acceptance Rates for Various Programs– Medical School: Competitive
– Masters: Varies by field
– Ph.D.: Generally lower
Fee Structure (Per Year)– Undergraduate (Intl): €9,180 – €15,470
– Postgraduate (Intl): €15,890 – €21,460
Cost of Living (Per Month for Indian Students)– Accommodation: €350 – €900
– Food: €250 – €350
– Transportation: €130 – €160
– Total Estimated Cost: €1030 – €1650

What is the University Of Limerick’s Acceptance Rate?

The University of Limerick’s acceptance rate is nearly 70%. This figure represents the percentage of applicants who are accepted into the university. The figure also implies that the university is moderately selective in admissions. According to the data from QS Rankings, The University of Limerick is ranked as one of the best universities in Ireland, with a 5-star rating. It is one of the known Ireland universities with a high acceptance rate.

Historical Trends And Changes

The University of Limerick’s acceptance rate shows how picky and competitive the university is when it comes to accepting students. This rate is affected by different things, like the type of program, whether it’s an undergraduate or graduate level, the time of year students apply, and outside factors.

In 2011, only 64% of applicants were accepted to UL programs, lower than the usual 70%. This was likely because of high interest in engineering, science, and health sciences, which are harder to get into compared to arts, humanities, and social sciences. In 2014, the acceptance rate went up to 72%, more than the usual 70%. This increase could be because UL offered more spots and there were fewer applicants, probably due to the bad economy and young people leaving Ireland. By 2017, the acceptance rate dropped to 68%, below the usual 70%. This drop might be because the economy and job market got better, attracting more applicants, especially in business, education, and law, which are easier to get into than engineering, science, and health sciences.

The graph depicts acceptance rate at Limerick vs the average of Ireland.

Here is the line graph illustrating the acceptance rates of the University of Limerick compared to the average acceptance rates for the years 2011, 2014, and 2017. The blue line represents the University of Limerick’s acceptance rates, while the red dashed line indicates the average acceptance rates for those years. This visual representation clearly shows the fluctuations in the University of Limerick’s acceptance rates relative to the average. ​​

University Of Limerick Acceptance Rate Comparison With Other Universities

The University of Limerick (UL) is easier to get into than some very selective universities like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, and MIT, which accept very few of their many applicants. UL is also easier to get into than some top universities in Europe, like University College London, the London School of Economics, the University of Edinburgh, and University College Dublin, which are well-known and attract lots of international students. However, UL is harder to get into than some U.S. colleges like the Academy of Art University, Bismarck State College, Dixie State University, Granite State College, and the University of Pikeville, which almost accept everyone who applies. Here is the bar graph comparing the acceptance rates of various universities.

The image depicts acceptance rates of top universities.

Acceptance Rates For Various Programs

The institute offers nearly 70 undergraduate and 100 postgraduate courses. The university has a composition of around 17% of international students from over 100 countries. Though there aren’t any specific details on the below-mentioned concepts, we will still take a closer look at them.

Program/CategoryDetails of Acceptance Rate
University of Limerick Medical School Acceptance RateCompetitive rates due to high demand and stringent criteria.
University of Limerick acceptance rate for Indian students Varies by program; the university is inclusive and encourages international applications.
University of Limerick acceptance rate for masters Depending on the specific field and applicant volume; more popular programs are more competitive.
University of Limerick acceptance rate undergraduate Varies; some programs are more accessible, while others are competitive due to high demand or limited seats.
University of Limerick acceptance rate postgraduate Influenced by the program’s popularity and specific course requirements; varies across different disciplines.
University of Limerick Ph.D. acceptance rate Generally lower; dependent on research intensity, availability of supervisors, and funding.
University of Limerick acceptance rate for international studentsDepends on the program and applicant volume; generally favourable, with a commitment to diversity.

It’s important to note that acceptance rates are influenced by several factors, including the number of applicants, the program’s popularity, and the specific requirements set by the university. Prospective students should ensure they meet the admission criteria and prepare a strong application to increase their chances of acceptance.

How Can You Get Selected For The University Of Limerick?

Getting selected for the University of Limerick, one of the notable universities in Ireland, involves a few key steps. Here’s an easy guide, with a focus on the “Ireland universities intake” process:

  • Research and Choose Your Course – Start the process by researching various courses available at the University of Limerick. Make sure the course matches your academic interests and career goals.
  • Check the Entry Requirements – Each course has specific entry requirements. These may include academic qualifications, language proficiency (like IELTS or TOEFL for non-native English speakers), and sometimes work experience. It is important to make sure that you meet these requirements before applying.
  • Prepare Your Application – Create a compelling personal statement, explaining why you want to study here. Try to add references from your teachers or employers who can guarantee your academic or professional excellence. Also, include all the relevant certificates.
  • Understand the Intake Process – Irish universities typically have two main intakes, September and January. The University of Limerick follows this pattern, so decide which intake suits you best and plan accordingly.
  • Apply Before the Deadline – Constantly check the university’s website for application deadlines. It’s crucial to submit your application well before the deadline to avoid any last-minute issues.
  • Prepare for Interviews or Additional Tests – Some courses might require you to attend an interview or pass specific tests. Prepare thoroughly if this is the case for your chosen course.
  • Apply for Scholarships/Financial Aid (if needed): The University of Limerick offers various scholarships and financial aid options for international students. Research the scholarships to study in Ireland and check if you are eligible or not.
  • Wait for the Admission Decision – After submitting your application, there will be a waiting period. Use this time to research more about living in Ireland, accommodation options, and student life at the university.
  • Accept the Offer – If you are selected, you will receive an offer letter. Make sure to accept the offer before the deadline mentioned in the letter.
  • Apply for a Student Visa – International students usually need a student visa to study in Ireland. Begin this process as soon as you accept the offer.
  • Prepare for Your Journey – Once your visa is approved, start preparing for your move. This includes arranging accommodation, understanding health insurance requirements, and planning your finances.

Admission Criteria At The University Of Limerick

Apart from the University of Limerick acceptance rate, there are other significant elements to be considered before joining. It includes the admission criteria for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including the English Language proficiency requirements. Here’s a look!

Level of StudyGeneral RequirementsSpecific Program RequirementsEnglish Proficiency Requirements
UndergraduateCompletion of high school education with satisfactory gradesVaries by program; check individual program detailsTOEFL: 580 (paper) or 90 (internet); IELTS: 6.5 overall with no less than 6 in any component; Other accepted tests include ETAPP (Grade C1), GCE ‘O’ level English (Grade C or above), Cambridge ESOL (Certificate of Proficiency – Grade C or Advanced – Grade A)
Postgraduate (Taught)First or second-class honours bachelor’s degree in a relevant subjectAdditional criteria like work experience, portfolio, or interview may be required for some programsSame as undergraduate requirements
Postgraduate (Research)Honours bachelor’s degree with specific classification or a master’s degree; some programs require professional experienceIdentification of a potential supervisor and specific faculty requirementsSame as undergraduate requirements

Fee Structure At University Of Limerick

In the previous sections, we had a closer look at the University of Limerick Acceptance Rate and the admission criteria. Apart from focusing on Limerick University acceptance rate, you also need to assess the fee structure before sending the application. The fee structure might vary depending on each program or course.

Level of StudyFee Range for International Students (per year)Fee Range for EU Students (per year)
Undergraduate€9,180 – €15,470€9,180 – €14,560
Postgraduate€15,890 – €21,460€5,920 – €11,520

The additional costs (per semester) includes

  • Accommodation: €2,350 – €3,600
  • Food: €1,200
  • Books & Other Academic Requisites: €200
  • Clothes, Laundry, etc.: €350
  • One Trip to Dublin/Cork/Galway: €200
  • Total Estimated Living Expenses: €4,300 – €5,550

Students should note that these figures are approximate and can vary depending on the specific course and personal circumstances.

Are You Curious To Know The Benefits Of Studying At The University Of Limerick?

  1. Different Course Offerings – The University of Limerick offers a wide range of courses across various disciplines. Students can choose from a wide range of options.
  2. Sophisticated Facilities – Equipped with modern libraries, advanced laboratories, and contemporary technology, the university ensures a rich learning environment.
  3. Strong Industry Links – The university has powerful connections with industries. Hence, it opens more job opportunities for graduates.
  4. Innovative Research Opportunities – Students have access to creative research projects, often in collaboration with global partners.
  5. Career Development Services – The University of Limerick has a dedicated career services department. They offer guidance, workshops, and internships to prepare students for their future careers.
  6. International Exposure – With a diverse international community, students gain valuable global perspectives and networking opportunities.
  7. Supportive Campus Environment – The university is known for its supportive and welcoming campus environment. It helps students to thrive academically and socially.
  8. Placement Success – Graduates from the University of Limerick have a high rate of employment, demonstrating the effectiveness of the university’s education and training.

Benefits Of Studying In Ireland

Do you know that studying in Ireland offers various benefits, especially for international students? Here’s a look. These benefits are especially in terms of the facilities and placements at the University of Limerick.

  1. High-quality education – Colleges such as the University of Limerick offer an excellent education system and higher academic standards.
  2. English-speaking country – Being an English-speaking country, Ireland is one of the top educational destinations for students.
  3. Rich cultural heritage – Providing a unique learning and living experience through a rich cultural and historical heritage.
  4. Creative research opportunities – Colleges in Ireland, such as the University of Limerick provide research opportunities in various fields.
  5. Safe Environment – Irish people are well-known for their commendable hospitality, making it one of the safest countries in the world.
  6. Post-study work choices – Students can explore excellent post-study work opportunities in various notable industrial sectors. 

Cost Of Living In Ireland For Indian Students

Are you an Indian student, aspiring to study in Ireland? Do you want to know about expenses that would cost you in Ireland? Here’s a closer analysis. Also, remember that these costs may differ depending on the cities, lifestyle, and personal spending habits.

Expense CategoryCost Range (Per Month)Additional Details
Accommodation€350 – €900On-campus: €600-€900; Off-campus: €350-€800; Shared room: €400; Private room in shared apartment: Up to €850
Food€250 – €350Shopping at budget supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl is more economical
TransportationAround €130 – €160Public transport is relatively expensive; cycling is a cheaper alternative
UtilitiesAround €160Includes electricity, gas, water, etc.
Mobile and Wi-Fi€60
Healthcare€100 – €150
ClothesVariesShopping at stores like Penney’s (Primark), Dunnes Stores, and second-hand shops is more affordable
EntertainmentVariesJoining college clubs and societies can be a cost-effective way to socialize
Total Estimated Cost€1030 – €1650This is an estimated range and can vary based on lifestyle and city

Key Takeaways

  • The University of Limerick, established in 1972, is renowned for its vibrant campus life and strong focus on research and development, attracting students and scholars worldwide.
  • It offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, catering to various academic interests.
  • The University of Limerick has an acceptance rate of nearly 70%, indicating a moderate level of selectivity in admissions and a commitment to educational excellence.

The University of Limerick stands out as an institution that balances educational excellence with accessibility. Its extensive acceptance rate reflects its dedication to creating a diverse and global student body. The university comes as a ray of hope and a door opener for educational opportunities in Ireland. 


1. How hard is it to get into the University of Limerick?

The University of Limerick (UL) has a moderately challenging acceptance process, with an acceptance rate of around 70%. This indicates that while a significant number of applicants are successful, the university still upholds certain admission standards.

2. What is the acceptance rate for Limerick University?

The University of Limerick, established in 1972, has an acceptance rate of approximately 70% as of 2024.

3. Which university in Ireland has the highest acceptance rate?

Some of the universities in Ireland with high acceptance rates are – Maynooth University with 73%, University of Limerick with 70%, Institute of Technology, Tralee with 83%, and Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology with 86%.

4. What GPA do you need for the University of Limerick?

For graduate programs at the University of Limerick, a relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree with a minimum 3.00/4.00 GPA is required. Undergraduate programs require a high school diploma or equivalent with at least a 2.5 GPA.

5. How has the University of Limerick’s acceptance rate changed over the past few years?

According to the University and College Committee of Admissions (UCCA), the University of Limerick acceptance rate has increased from 50% in 2021 to 70% in 2023. This means that more than half of the applicants will be admitted to UL, including several international students.

6. Does the University of Limerick have a higher acceptance rate for international students?

The University of Limerick in Ireland has an overall acceptance rate of around 70%, indicating a relatively high chance of admission for both domestic and international students. Specific acceptance rates for international students are not specified.

7. How does the University of Limerick’s acceptance rate compare to other UK universities?

The University of Limerick, a public research university in Ireland, has a 70% acceptance rate according to EduRank, slightly below the UK average of 71.44%, but not as selective as top UK universities like Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics with rates of 19.2%, 21.8%, and 26.1% respectively.

8. What factors affect the acceptance rate at the University of Limerick?

The acceptance rate at a university is primarily affected by the number and quality of applicants, as well as the limited availability of places in each program. Additionally, stringent admission requirements and the university’s policy emphasizing merit, potential, and diversity play significant roles.

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University Of Limerick Acceptance Rate 2024

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