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Top 6 Advantages Of Studying In Ireland

advantages of studying in Ireland

Ireland is a great place to study. The country has a stable government and an extremely low crime rate. Ireland also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe with only 6% of people out of work in 2017 according to Eurostat, the EU statistics office. Ireland’s economy is doing better than many other European countries right now due to the growth in technology companies such as Google which have set up their European headquarters here. One of the advantages of studying in Ireland is that the country also boasts some great universities such as Trinity College Dublin or UCC that offer degrees from BA right up to PhD level. Other advantages of studying in Ireland include the relatively low tuition fee, living costs, and post-study visa. Keep reading to find out more about the advantages of studying in Ireland.

Education System

Here are some of the benefits of studying in Ireland for international students:

  • Ireland has a free education system
  • The Irish universities are world-class
  • There are many options for studying in Ireland, including traditional degrees and apprenticeships
  • The Irish education system is based on the British system, but also utilizes other models of learning. This means that you can find programs taught in both English and Gaelic, as well as other European languages like German or French on offer at some institutions
  • There, are also institutions focused exclusively on business, technology and science that offer international qualifications designed to prepare students for careers in those industries

 advantages of studying in Ireland

Cost Of Studying In Ireland

Some of the most important advantages of studying in Ireland is that the cost of studying in Ireland is low, compared to many other European countries. In fact, tuition fees are generally the same as in the UK, which means they are much lower than in most other countries. Additionally, the living costs are also cheaper in Ireland compared to its neighbours. For example, rent will be around €500 per month for a room with a shared bathroom; food shopping costs can be up to 50% less than at home; and public transport is also very reasonably priced at just €10-€15 a week.

Scholarships For International Students

One of the  advantages of studying in Ireland is that there are many scholarships available for international students. Scholarships for international students in Ireland are of different types and can be categorized as follows:

  • Government Scholarships – This is the common scholarship offered by the government to all students who want to pursue their higher education in Ireland.
  • University Grants Commission (UGC) Scholarships – These grants are offered by UGC based on merit, which means that only those students will get these grants whose marks are high enough to qualify them for it.


Ireland has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons, which means you can enjoy the beautiful weather year-round. The average summer temperature is 18-19 degrees Celsius, while the winter months are typically cold and wet, with an average temperature of 5-7 degrees Celsius. Spring and autumn are milder, with temperatures averaging 10-12 degrees Celsius.

Student Jobs

Student jobs are the perfect way to earn extra cash while studying abroad. One of the advantages of studying in Ireland is that students can work part-time during the semester and full-time during their summer break, or vice versa. There are many options available in Ireland, so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs and interests!

Students can also find jobs in hospitality industries such as hotels, restaurants and bars. These jobs are great for those interested in meeting new people while enjoying some fun nights out on the town with friends after work! The retail sector is another option – if you love fashion or design then this might be an excellent choice for you! Finally, if construction is more up your alley then there are plenty of opportunities available here too!

A Great Standard Of Living

Ireland is a great place to study and live. There are lots of opportunities and advantages of studying in Ireland for international students, as well as good job prospects after their studies. It is also an ideal destination for international students, with its friendly people and stable government making it the ideal place to come and study.

It is widely accepted that Ireland has one of the best education systems in Europe. Its universities are world-renowned for their academic excellence, which makes it a great choice for those who want to develop themselves academically. 

Accessibility To A Variety Of Courses

Studying in a well-known location has the benefit of offering a wide variety of programs, which is one reason why study abroad in Ireland is a great option! Almost any subject can be studied at any time of the year and for any length of time. There are programs available for lengths ranging from a few weeks (often in the summer) to a semester, or even an entire year. These programs can support you with important matters, such as housing and visas, to ensure a smooth transition to studying abroad in Ireland. The universities offer more than 5,000 different programs across all subjects. Aside from all of this, one of the biggest advantages of studying in Ireland is that it is an English-speaking nation and that the courses are available in English. Ireland is thus a practical study-abroad location for students from other countries.

Excellent Career Possibilities

When international students wonder, why study abroad in Ireland? Getting work opportunities is unquestionably one of the best reasons to study here. Irish educational institutions provide several professional prospects for international students, with an employability rate of over 80%. International students can get employment at numerous well-known companies including eBay, Skype, Microsoft, Google, Slack, and many other top global MNCs in Ireland. The Irish economy is also the sixth most competitive in the world and is expanding quickly within the Eurozone. 

Opportunities For Post-Study Work Visas

The availability of post-study work visas is a major factor in why students choose Ireland to study abroad. The Irish government grants bachelor’s degree recipients a one-year stay-back visa and master’s degree recipients up to a two-year stay-back visa. Therefore, you are able to work and study in Ireland. International students now, also have the opportunity to seek permanent residency. Due to the appealing post-study work and post-study work visa prospects, many international students choose to remain in Ireland and work.

Value For Money

As international students such questions do cross our minds – Why study abroad in Ireland? Will it be cost-effective and beneficial? Don’t worry! The affordability of studying in Ireland is one of the key advantages for foreign students. Ireland is a good option if you’re seeking an economical and accessible study-abroad location in Europe. When compared to other well-known study-abroad destinations like the USA or the UK, Ireland is a very affordable place to live and study as an international student.

Pleasant People And A Vibrant Culture

Considerations like the culture of the society play a significant role before deciding, why study abroad in Ireland. Irish people are renowned for their friendliness, hospitality, and vibrant sense of humour. They are incredibly hospitable and accommodating to foreign pupils. They like a variety of activities, including going to the bar, throwing house parties, enjoying the music, singing, and dancing, as well as being hospitable and loving to come together. Although you are here to learn, having some fun and playing games is quite acceptable. You can always set aside some time in the day to stop at the neighbourhood pub for a pint and a hearty bowl of Irish stew.


We hope that we have discussed all the advantages of studying in Ireland and answered your queries about studying in Ireland. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help. You can also read our blogs that may interest you:

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advantages of studying in Ireland

Top 6 Advantages Of Studying In Ireland

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