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All You Need to Know About the University of Edinburgh Online Courses

This article lists down the various university of Edinburgh online courses available for students.

The University of Edinburgh carries with its name a legacy of trust, prestige, and success in academic circles. It is a public research university and is located in Edinburgh, Scotland within the UK. It was founded in 1526 and is one of the UK’s top esteemed and oldest universities. Every year thousands of students apply to its academic courses for admission, for a degree from Edinburgh university online courses holds tremendous value on your profile. If you are looking to add the same value to your own profile but cannot opt for a full-time campus learning program, then the numerous distance learning programs offered by the university i.e the University of Edinburgh online courses might be the ideal solution for you. 

Edinburgh University Online Courses 

Edinburgh University is one of the best universities for international students and is ranked as the 20th top university in the whole world, and has been a pioneering leader in offering online courses since 2005.  It offers an accessible and wide range of courses like health, animal welfare and STEM courses, and has an estimated 3.6 million online learners. 

The University of Edinburgh online courses are divided into post-graduation courses and short term courses also known as MOOCs. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are the University of Edinburgh free online courses available for everyone that require  no prior qualification. They are affordable and flexible. 

Available short term course fields and the available University of Edinburgh distance learning courses within them include –

1. Animal Health and Welfare 

This is the first field in the University of Edinburgh distance learning courses.  It focuses on developing an understanding about animals, their behaviour and living patterns and helping students achieve expert knowledge about the same. The courses available within this field are:- 

 Animal Behaviour and Welfare

A general course on animal behaviour and welfare, ideal for students looking into this field who are animal lovers.

Chicken Behaviour and Welfare

Teaches general principles about keeping and maintaining poultry chicken stock. 


A crash course in the first year subjects of veterinary medicine. 

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

A fascinating study into the behavior of cats and dogs.

3. Arts and Culture– 

This is a very interesting field which is developing a lot in recent days with tremendous career scope. The university offers the following art and sports short term programs for interested applicants-

Football: More than a Game

A detailed study into the game and its various aspects for football lovers. 

Fundamentals of Music Theory

The fundamentals and basics of western music are taught in this course. 

How to Read a Novel

A course on the building blocks of a novel and how to navigate them

4. Business 

The business courses offered focus on developing modern business skills within a short duration for each student by teaching the following relevant subjects to choose from:-

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Predictive Analytics using Python
  • Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics using Python
  • Statistical Predictive Modelling and Applications
  • Successfully Evaluating Predictive Modelling
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals

By finishing these courses, student can get- in-depth knowledge of the business world and its inner dealings, at the same time adding great value to their profile.

5. Education and Research –

  • Before learning something, it is also important to learn the art of learning. Sound confusing? If so, learn the basics of education and how to conduct research with the following courses to improve your education :- 
  • Digital Footprint
  • How to Create an Online Course
  • Introduction to Social Research Methods
  • Making Blended Education Work
  • .Research Data Management and Sharing

6. Environment and Sustainability

This is an emerging field that is the need of the hour to raise awareness, with increasing levels of resource depletion, pollution and climate change.The courses offered within this field are :- 

  • Climate Change: Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Climate Solutions
  • Critical Thinking in Global Challenges
  • Nitrogen: A Global Challenge (English)

7. Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy and religion are fascinating and valuable subjects since time immemorial for mankind. The university recognizes the same and offers a wide variety of such courses. The courses offered within this field are :-

  • Christian Muslim relations
  • Intellectual Humility practice
  • Intellectual humility science and theory
  • Introduction to philosophy in various languages
  • Know thyself- the value and limits of self-knowledge- the unconscious and the examined life
  • Philosophy and the sciences- introduction to philosophy of cognitive sciences
  • Introduction to the philosophy of physical sciences
  • Philosophy science and religion 
  • Sharia and Islamic law and introduction

8. Health and Wellbeing

The University of Edinburgh online courses offered within this field to gain knowledge about medicine, psychology and health and overall well being are – 

  • Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People
  • COVID-19 Critical Care: Understanding and Application
  • Mental Health: A Global Priority
  • Sit Less, Get Active
  • Understanding Brain Health: Preventing Dementia
  • Understanding Obesity


The politics of the UK and the world has since ancient times been dynamic and interesting. The following political topics are covered in the courses offered by the university :-

The Making of the US President: A Short History in Five Elections

The political history of the elected US Presidents.

Towards Scottish Independence? Understanding the Referendum

Critical perspectives on Scotland’s 2014 Independence Referendum.

Understanding the UK’s 2015 General Election

Critical perspectives of the 2015 UK General Elections. 

10. Science, Technology and Maths (STEM)

This field has the following courses:- 

  • Artificial intelligence planning
  • Astrobiology and the search for extraterrestrial life
  • Tight the science and technology behind astronomical discovery
  • Code yourself an introduction to programming in various languages
  • Data ethics AI and responsible innovation
  • Data science in stratified healthcare and precision medicine
  • Action to predictive analytics using python
  • Predictive analytics using machine learning
  • Statistical predictive modeling and applications
  • Successful evaluating predictive modeling
  • The discovery of the Higgs Boson

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Apart from the University of Edinburgh free online courses, there are paid post grad programs offered too. Here is detailed information about them :- 

The Post Graduation Courses 

The post graduation Edinburgh University distance learning  include the following degrees :- 

  • Postgraduate Professional Development -given after one years’ study or 50 credits)
  • Postgraduate Certificate  usually given after one years’ study or 60 credits
  • Postgraduate Diploma usually given after two years’ study or 120 credits
  • Masters degree (such as MSc, LLM) usually given after three years’ study or 180 credits

To enroll, students must meet the minimum eligibility criteria including decent knowledge of English, a relevant bachelor’s degree and grades, an SOP, references, degree transcript.

The available fields for postgrad studies are – 


Humanities is one of the major and most developed branches of the Edinburgh University distance learning. A masters degree in various humanities fields like law, literature, business including an University of Edinburgh online MBA degree  is available in the following distance learning courses from the university:- 

  • Business school ( (A University of Edinburgh online MBA degree can be sought after in this field)
  • Divinity
  • Economics
  • Edinburgh College of art 
  • Education and sport moray house 
  • Health in social science
  • History classics and archaeology
  • Law
  • Literatures languages and cultures
  • Philosophy psychology and language sciences
  • Social science and political science

Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

          Medicine has always been a lucrative career option but known to be time-consuming. To combat this problem the university offers distance learning medicinal and veterinary medicinal programs. The masters’ courses available within this field are :- 

  • Biomedical sciences
  • Clinical sciences
  • Medicine
  • Molecular genetic and population health sciences

3.Science and Engineering

Science and engineering course are always in demand as the industry requires expert knowledge and offers lucrative jobs. A large portion of students opt for this field every year across the world. The distance learning masters’ courses available within this field are :-

  • Chemistry
  •  Engineering
  •   Geosciences
  •    Informatics
  •     Mathematics 
  •      Physics and Astronomy

We hope you enjoyed this article of various University of Edinburgh online courses. If you are interested to know further about related fields, do read :- 

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This article lists down the various university of Edinburgh online courses available for students.

All You Need to Know About the University of Edinburgh Online Courses

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