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10 Popular Universities In The UK For Masters You Should Consider

Universities In The UK For Masters

Some of the world’s most renowned and well-established universities are in the UK. Students from all over the world who are looking forward to expanding their global experience and witnessing quality education, come to the UK to pursue their higher studies. Education aside, it is widely popular for its vast cultural diversity in various fields including literature, theatre, film, television, and popular music that draw on all parts of the country. Students wish to get into some of the top universities in the UK for masters so that they have the flexibility to choose the course of their choice and excel in their respective fields with great knowledge and skills. In this article, we have compiled a list of universities in UK for masters and hope that these will be of use to you.

Why Choose The Best Universities In The UK?

The UK not only provides world-class education but is also a great place to live in, welcoming over 2,70,000 students from all over the world. Here’s why studying in universities in the UK for masters would be a great choice for students – 

  • Language: International students can hone their language skills in the UK, English being the primary language of the country. Apart from English, students can get to expose themselves to different languages of various countries like Spain, France, Portugal which are just a short plane or a train ride away from the UK.
  • Cultural Diversity: The UK hosts international students from different countries embracing different cultures. At the same time, the UK by itself is known for exhibiting traits of multicultural aspects. It gives students a chance to experience its ancient history dating back to over thousands of years. 
  • Education: The UK offers high quality education to its students, gearing them towards a brighter tomorrow. Top universities in the UK offer over 50,000 courses from more than 25 subject areas for the students to choose from. Students even have the option of combining subjects from different fields and pursuing the course of their choice.
  • Short Course Duration: The course period in the top-ranked universities in the United Kingdom are comparatively shorter thereby helping in the reduction of the tuition fees, accommodation costs and all other expenses.
  • Work Opportunities: The UK universities provide opportunities to international students to work while studying so that they can help manage their expenses. The UK Council for International Student Affairs is an organization that supports students and encourages them to work while studying.
  • Financial Aids: The UK government also offers financial assistance to its students via scholarships. There are various scholarships be it merit-based or need-based provided by both the Government as well as universities in the UK for masters. If you require assistance with applying for scholarships, head to the UniScholars platform and choose from a wide range of scholarships.

List Of Best Universities In UK For Masters

Universities In The UK For Masters

University Of Oxford | Universities In The UK For Masters

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the UK.  It gives students the opportunity of experiencing new ways of learning through both practical and theoretical approaches. Oxford University is known to have a huge international profile in terms of its students as well as the academic staff and faculty. It offers a wide range of graduate programs for international students ranging from archaeology, computer studies, data sciences, to Chinese studies, criminology, earth sciences, and many more. Students can also choose their master’s courses based on the duration of the particular course and their convenience.

Acceptance Rate17.5%
QS Ranking 2024#3
LocationOxford, UK
Type of UniversityPublic
Average Tuition Fees£33,050 – £48,620
Popular ProgrammesMSc Precision Cancer Medicine
MSc Women’s And Reproductive Health
MSc Advanced Computer Science
MSc Software And Systems Security
MSc Financial Economics

University Of Cambridge| Best Universities In The UK

Cambridge University is the world’s fourth oldest university and hosts around 9,000 international students from over 140 countries every year. 50% of the graduate students are from other countries at this University. There are a number of postgraduate programs from different fields in this University. It also has a separate portal for international students listing the different courses available for them along with the guidelines to be followed.

Acceptance Rate21%
QS Ranking 2024#2
LocationCambridge, UK
Type of UniversityPublic 
Average Tuition Fees£24,507 – £63,990
Popular ProgrammesMasters in Finance
MPhil Engineering
MPhil Medical Science
MPhil Advanced Computer Science
MPhil Scientific Computing

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Imperial College Of London

Universities In The UK For Masters

The Imperial College of London focuses exclusively on science, medicine, engineering, and business for its graduate programs. It has been ranked as the world’s 8th best university and 1st in the UK in terms of career prospects. They have also been ranked as the UK’s most international University and hosts international students from over 140 countries every year. Reputed for its world-class research facilities, Imperial College is one of the top-ranked universities in the United Kingdom.

Acceptance Rate15%
QS Ranking 2024#3
LocationLondon, UK
Type of UniversityPublic
Average Tuition Fees£15,000 – £40,000
Popular ProgrammesMSc Financial Technology
MSc Investment And Wealth Management
MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship And Management
MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology
Master Of Public Health (MPH)

University College London

For students who wish to pursue research-oriented coursework, University College London is the right choice. It has been rated as the top University in the UK for its research strength. It has gained worldwide recognition for being the first university of its kind to accept students from other religions and to accept women for University education. What makes this university amongst the top best universities in the United Kingdom is that it enables students to gain and balance between academic and professional commitments. They are also flexible with their degree programs offering a wide range of courses from architecture, arts, clinical dentistry to teaching, surgery, and so on.

Acceptance Rate36%
QS Ranking 2024#9
LocationLondon, UK
Type of UniversityPublic
Average Tuition Fees£23,000 – £38,000
Popular ProgrammesMSc Systems Engineering Management
MSc Space Science And Engineering
MSc Sports Medicine, Exercise And Health
MSc Advanced Materials Science (Energy Storage)
MSc Technology Management

The University Of Edinburgh

Edinburgh University falls under the top 20 Universities as per the 2021 University rankings. It offers masters’ programs to students in different fields ranging from arts, sciences, agriculture, humanities to education, engineering, law, and business. The University of Edinburgh is one of the top best universities in the United Kingdom and invests in its students beyond the course completion in terms of offering employment opportunities and placements to its students. 

Acceptance Rate51%
QS Ranking 2024#22
LocationEdinburgh, UK
Type of UniversityPublic
Average Tuition Fees£26,500 to £34,800
Popular ProgrammesMSc Accounting and Finance
MBA Executive Master Of Business Administration
MSc Finance, Technology And Policy
MSc Sustainable Energy Systems
MSc Advanced Power Engineering

University of Manchester

Another Russell Group beauty, this red brick institution brings marvel to the academic world of the UK. The University of Manchester ranks in all the top lists for engineering and science courses and is one of the top universities in UK for masters. It was founded in 1824 and houses 40,000 students under its rustic roofs today. Their academia is soaked with enough research resources and well-known faculty. This university should definitely make it to your top choices!

Acceptance Rate39%
QS Ranking 2024#32
LocationManchester, UK
Type of UniversityPublic Research
Average Tuition Fees£28,000
Popular ProgrammesMSc In Business Psychology
MSc In Human Resource Management And Industrial Relations
MSc In Business Analytics
MSc In Accounting And Finance
Full-time MBA

King’s College London

KCL is another prestigious university established in 1829. Over the years, it has grown to become a powerhouse in a variety of fields of education. Its STEM courses are known worldwide and bring to its campus more than 31,000 students from 150 countries. It scores highly for research and teaching quality assessments in the UK. In the 2021 Research Excellence Framework, 84% of King’s research was deemed world-leading or internationally excellent.

Acceptance Rate40%
QS Ranking 2024#40
LocationLondon, UK
Type of UniversityPublic Research
Average Tuition Fees£29,000
Popular ProgrammesMSc Advanced Computing
MSc Cyber Security
MA Ancient History
MSc Robotics
MSc Engineering With Management

The London School Of Economics And Political Science (LSE)

LSE is one of the most leading universities in the UK which is educating young minds today. It was founded in 1895 with just 4 teachers and 200 students. Since then, the growth has spurted with 11,000 students from 120 studying here. London School of Economics does not have one specific campus but operates over 30 buildings in central London near River Thames. The university has produced many notable alumni including 18 Nobel Prize winners and 37 past or present world leaders.

Acceptance Rate8%
QS Ranking 2024#45
LocationLondon, UK
Type of UniversityPublic Research
Average Tuition Fees£18,000
Popular ProgrammesMaster of Public Administration (MPA)
MSc Statistics (Financial Statistics)
MSc Risk And Finance
MSc Management And Strategy
MSc International Social And Public Policy

The University of Warwick

This university of established as a part of the UK government’s effort to expand access to higher education. It is relatively young in age and already has around 26,000 students, with over 9,000 being international students from 147 countries. Some of its notable alumni include former UN Secretary-General Lord Malloch-Brown, comedian Matt Lucas, renowned scientist Sir Venkatraman Ramakrishnan (Nobel Laureate) and author David Mitchell. 

Acceptance Rate20%
QS Ranking 2024#67
LocationCoventry, UK
Type of UniversityPublic Research
Average Tuition Fees£22,000
Popular ProgrammesMSc International Trade, Strategy And Operations
MA Psychology And Education
MSc Data Analytics
Master in Journalism
MSc International Business

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is a popular red-brick university which is also a part of the Russell Group of Universities. It was established back in 1909 and has more than 27,000 students from 120 countries. The university is organised into six academic faculties: Arts, Engineering, Life Sciences, Science, Social Sciences and Law, and Health Sciences. The main campus is constructed in a striking Byzantine-style architecture and is located near the city centre and harbourside area of Bristol.

Acceptance Rate63%
QS Ranking 2024#55
LocationBristol, UK
Type of UniversityPublic Research
Average Tuition Fees£20,000
Popular ProgrammesMSc Electrical And Electronic Engineering
MSc Data Science
MSc Aerospace Engineering
MSc Robotics
MA History


What are the top universities in UK for MS?

The University of Oxford, Cambridge University, University of Manchester, University of Liverpool and others rank high in the best UG and PG courses in the UK. 

How much does MS in the UK cost?

Students will have to pitch in somewhere between 15,000 GBP to study MS in the UK.

Which course is the best for UK masters?

UK ranks high in all types of STEM courses. 

Which is the most affordable university in the UK for masters?

Wrexham Glyndwr University is probably the most affordable university of study in the UK.

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Universities In The UK For Masters

10 Popular Universities In The UK For Masters You Should Consider

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