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University Of Connecticut Acceptance Rate And More

University Of Connecticut Acceptance Rate

The University of Connecticut is a public research university located in the tranquil town of Storrs. It was founded in 1881. Only one hour separates Boston, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island, from the UConn campus. For undergraduate students, the school offers a wide range of degree programmes and research possibilities, and for graduate students, it offers more than 150 different programmes of study.  The university of Connecticut acceptance rate depends upon the level of study and the courses offered in them.

Students hope to be accepted into reputable graduate programmes after completing high school. They often narrow down the choices depending on the institution’s advantages. You may find all the information you need about UConn admissions in this article, including the UConn acceptance rate, GPA criteria, SAT requirements, and much more. Let’s get started with all the information related to the  University of Connecticut acceptance rate.

UConn Rankings

One of the best public universities in the USA is the University of Connecticut. In the 2024 QS World University Rankings, it received a ranking of #444.  Rankings are significantly impacted by admissions at the University of Connecticut and the acceptance rate of UConn. The rankings are as follows:

Source Ranks 
QS World University Rankings 2023#350
World University Rankings by THE 2023#401-500
US News & World Report’s Best Global Universities 2023#309

University Of Connecticut Acceptance Rate

The University of Connecticut, which has more than 40,000 first-year applications across all of its campuses, is somewhat selective, with a 56% Uconn admission rate. The UConn acceptance rate for international students is relatively tough. The most recent entering class at the University of Connecticut had 48,000 undergraduates, 4,100 of whom were first-year students attending the Storrs campus. 

UConn is keeping up its trend of admitting a more diverse first-year class, with significant representation from first-generation college students, students from underprivileged backgrounds, and students who identify as members of racial and ethnic minorities. Approximately 75% of the current undergraduate students at UConn are from Connecticut, with the remaining 25% hailing from other states.

Popular Courses Offered At University Of Connecticut

University Of Connecticut Acceptance Rate

After learning about the University of Connecticut acceptance rate, we will focus on the available courses. The institution provides 117 undergraduate programmes in areas like agriculture, science, the environment, and architecture along with 8 bachelor’s degrees, 17 graduate degrees, and 6 professional degree courses. This university offers a variety of educational and training options to its students. Several of the popular courses are:

ProgrammesTotal Cost Per YearTotal Cost Per Year
Bachelor of Science [B.S], Financial ManagementINR 30,94,252USD 37,698
Bachelor of Science [B.S], Business Data AnalyticsINR 30,94,252USD 37,698
Bachelor of Science [B.S], Agriculture and Natural ResourcesINR 30,94,252USD 37,698
Master of Science [M.S], Biomedical EngineeringINR 26,55,698USD 32,355
Master of Science [M.Sc], Electrical EngineeringINR 26,55,698USD 32,355
Master of Science [M.S], StatisticsINR 27,44,263USD 33,434
Master of Science [M.Sc], Financial Risk ManagementINR 44,32,320USD 54,000

UConn Admission Deadline

$80 is the application fee for the University of Connecticut and $75 is for the UConn graduate school application. Students applying to undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate programmes must pay this fee. For further information on admission requirements and costs, students should visit the university’s admission webpage. There are several deadlines that you need to be aware of if you want to apply to the University of Connecticut. You may find all the details you require in the table below to ensure that you can submit your application on time.

DateApplicationAdmissions Date
December 1Application deadline for consideration of merit and honoursMarch 1
January 15Deadline for Applications to Storrs CampusMarch 1
February 15Deadline for Financial Aid Qualification
May 1Date for Regional Campus ApplicationsOn a rolling basis, admission choices are made
October 1For all UConn campuses, the spring semester applicationOn a rolling basis, admission choices are made

Admission Requirements 

Applicants for the first year must be enrolled in a high school course that has been authorised. Graduates must have earned a minimum of 16 credits, of which 15 must be in college-level coursework. All first-year applicants must also have taken the courses in high school that are indicated below. As part of the admissions evaluation procedure, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions recalculates first-year applicants’ grade point averages. The calculation of a student’s grade point average now takes into account AP, IB, and Honours courses in core areas, enabling the admissions committee to compare all applications on an equal ground. Find below the list of required documents: 

  • Studying English for four years
  • a two-year programme in one foreign language (three years are highly advised)
  • Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry, or their equivalents, for three years
  • a two-year laboratory science programme
  • two-year social studies programme with a year of US history
  • electives for three years
  • Two letter of recommendations
  • personal statement 
  • Official transcripts
  • Standardised test results

Students whose first language is English must complete two years of demonstrated foreign language study before applying to UConn. For students whose first language is not English, UConn accepts American Sign Language (ASL). If students continue into high school, middle school foreign language courses are permissible. Admission to UConn will still be considered for students who did not complete two years of foreign language study in high school or who were advised against it because of a learning discrepancy.

University Of Connecticut GPA And SAT Requirements

The majority of US universities need a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA), however, this is typically the bare minimum to apply without getting denied right away. Candidates need to have a minimum GPA of 3 to be considered for admission to most schools. The GPA requirements for UConn are a little higher, though. As a result, to get accepted into the college, you must have a 3.76 GPA, which includes a strong balance of A’s and B’s. 

The SAT scores from high school measure a student’s aptitude in reading, writing, and mathematics — all subjects critical to academic achievement in college. The 75th percentile UConn SAT score is 1420, and the 25th percentile score is 1210. Accordingly, a score of 1210 is regarded as below normal and a score of 1420 as above average. 

Section Average Score25%75%
Critical Reading and Writing645600690

Students should be aware of the ACT requirements as well as the UConn SAT scores and GPA requirements. The ACT score for UConn is 26, whereas the score for the 75th percentile is 31. In other words, a score of 26 on the ACT equals below average, and a score of 31 equals above average. Although UConn does not have a set minimum ACT requirement, a score of 26 or better is highly desirable.

English Language Requirement 

The following examinations are not required of international candidates whose first language is English or international applicants who have earned a degree from a post-secondary institution outside of the United States where English served as the primary language of instruction for the duration of the degree. Students whose first language is not English must nevertheless demonstrate their English language ability using one of the following exam formats, regardless of their visa status:

Exam Score


Numerous scholarship programmes are available from the institution to deserving international students. The scholarship awards are given out in the form of fixed amounts and are renewable for the whole study year. The scholarships have a changeable grant amount. Students who apply before December 1 will be given special consideration. Here are a few of the best scholarship opportunities the university has to offer. Some of the scholarship programmes are as follows:

  • STEM Scholarships
  • Global Excellence Award
  • Global Distinction Awards 

To assist the candidate in making the right decision, UniScholars offers personalised coaching and professional guidance. Students can choose from among the more than 1,500 publicly available grants, bursaries, and scholarship programmes by comparing them all in one place.


Here are some more details that may aid in calculating your chances of admission after learning about the University of Connecticut acceptance rate, UConn average GPA, SAT score, and other entrance requirements. Over 1,600 first-year students are anticipated at the regional campuses, which include Stamford (650), Hartford (550), Waterbury (225), and Avery Point (1,025 in total) (200). Additionally, UConn plans to welcome them in Storrs, where 650 of the 850 transfer students will be based. 


What is the University of Connecticut acceptance rate for international students?

Due to a moderately selective admissions criteria, the university Connecticut acceptance rate is 56%. 

How competitive is the acceptance rate for study abroad students at the University of Connecticut?

Out of 37,000 undergraduate applications the university receives each year from all over the world, 50% of them are only selected. 

What is the average GPA and SAT/ACT score range for accepted study-abroad students at the University of Connecticut?

UConn expects you to have a GPA of 3.76 and be above average in your high school class. A balance of A and B grades is required, skewing more towards A grades. 

Are there any scholarships or financial aid opportunities available for international students at the University of Connecticut?

International students at the University of Connecticut are eligible for scholarships, grants, and other financial aid options. Some of the scholarships available are : 

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship. 
  • Leadership Scholarship. 
  • STEM Scholarship. 
  • UConn Award.

What is the University of Connecticut acceptance rate for graduate programmes for international students?

The University of Connecticut acceptance rate is 49%, making it a moderately selective institution.

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University Of Connecticut Acceptance Rate

University Of Connecticut Acceptance Rate And More

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