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What Is The Average University of Chicago Acceptance Rate?

University of Chicago Acceptance Rate

The University of Chicago is a renowned private research university in Illinois Chicago, renowned for its contributions to field-defining research and inspiring scholars worldwide; founded in 1890. The university’s main campus is in the Hyde Park, Chicago neighbourhood. It is prevalent in the research domain and ranked 10th on the QS World Rankings 2023. It has a network of over 309,000 international students regulating strict admission criteria and the University of Chicago acceptance rate

What Is the University of Chicago Acceptance Rate?

The class of 2025 saw only 2,460 students accepted to undergraduate programs out of 37,977 applicants, with 2,053 enrolled, putting the University of Chicago acceptance rate at 6%.

The low University of Chicago acceptance rate indicates that only six applicants are accepted out of every 100 applicants. Postgraduate admissions have a 10% to 20% acceptance rate, depending on the size and strength of the application pool. The acceptance rate for master’s programmes is higher than that of doctoral programmes. University of Chicago’s acceptance rate is highly competitive and only chooses the most deserving students. 

Here is an overview of the average standardised test scores required by the university for admission: 

Standardised TestsAverage Score Range
SAT1500 – 1570
IELTS7 and above
ACT34 – 35

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At the University of Chicago?  

For the Class of 2026, the university’s website states that only 2,041 of the 37,526 applications received were accepted. Foreign/ international students made up 16% of the selected students.

The University of Chicago’s acceptance rate is fiercely competitive and requires students to excel in academic and co-curricular areas to secure a seat, including international students. Those who excel in the academic areas and possess the requisite skills to fulfil the University of Chicago acceptance rate and reserve a seat at their dream institution. It is especially true for international students who require additional competitive exam skills to improve the strength of their application. Supplement your application with documents like Standardised test scores, financial aid applications, video profiles, resumes, and supplemental essays. 

Here is an overview of the selected students’ extracurricular activities during high school to enhance their enrolment chances. 

Extra-curricular Activities Percentage 
Community Service84%
Student Government35%

What Is The Demographic Profile Of the University of Chicago? 

In spite of a low University of Chicago acceptance rate, the university maintains a diverse student population and has a male-to-female student ratio of 52:48 students. It is a multicultural university with a well-rounded student population. 

Here is a glimpse of the ethnic diversity of the student population at the university: 

Student BodyPercent
Asian 22%
African American6%

What Are The Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements For the University of Chicago?

The University of Chicago accepts applications from students worldwide for its prestigious undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. The University of Chicago’s admission criteria for undergraduate courses include minimum GPA, and non-English speaking candidates must take English proficiency tests.

Admission criteria for postgraduate courses include a Baccalaureate degree from a recognised college or university accredited by a regional accrediting association and English proficiency tests.

Follow the steps to apply at the University of Chicago- 

  • Visit the university’s official website.
  • Choose either “Apply Now” or “Register Here” to complete the specifics of the application.  
  • Fill out your educational background with all required credentials like essays, portfolios/resumes/CVs, test scores, and English language requirements. 
  • Provide specifics about your work background and complete the personal statement form. 
  • Pay the required fees of 75 USD and apply. The admission authorities will share the admission confirmation within a week. 

The University of Chicago Acceptance Rate | Intakes & Deadlines 

The University of Chicago accepts applications for admission to its courses in the Autumn quarter. The undergraduate applications for first-year students have a deadline of January 4th, and the decision is released by Late march. The students issue the reply to the application by May 2. 

The university offers a different master’s programme deadline for the students. Students wishing to apply for postgraduate courses can apply for early and regular decisions. The students can apply for early decision by October 4th, 2022, while the Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3 deadlines are scheduled for December 1, January 18, and June 15. 

The students can choose the programme, keep the documents handy, and complete the application before the deadline to enhance their chances of fulfilling the University of Chicago acceptance rate

What Can You Expect After Admission To the University of Chicago? 

The University of Chicago is culturally rich and ranks 13 worldwide according to Times Higher Education Ranking 2023. It is a co-educational research institution with an ethnically diverse student population. The University of Chicago considers candidates’ academic records, extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation to gauge their capabilities. They encourage candidates to tell their stories without worrying about the admission committee’s views.

Programmes Offered 

The University of Chicago offers various degree courses in areas of study like Sociology, Law, Economics, Management, Religion, etc. It also offers a specialised study with pre-professional preparation under the UChicago undergraduate programme. The University of Chicago offers 53 majors and 59 minors, divided into major divisions, like Humanities, Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, Physical Science, and New Collegiate Divisions. Some popular undergraduate courses include Art History, Geographical Studies, Comparative Human Development, Economics, Germanic Studies, and East Asian Languages and Civilizations. 

The Facilities 

University of Chicago is spread across an area of 217 acres. The University of Chicago offers various student services, including tutoring, health service, and insurance. It also offers campus safety and security services, such as 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late-night transport, emergency telephones, lighted pathways/sidewalks, and controlled dormitory access. Multiple cafes, restaurants, and clubs surround the campus. The university facilitates on-campus and off-campus accommodation, libraries, research fasciitis, and laboratories. 


The tuition fee and the living expenses at the University of Chicago costs over 84,000 USD per year. The other expenses include other fees costing 2,985 USD, room and board fees of 17,685 USD, and books and supplies costing around 2,400 USD. The university also offers scholarships and merit awards for students. 


The University of Chicago alumni base consists of 180,000 graduates who have excelled in their fields, including Satya Nadella, Larry Ellison, Thomas Rex Lee, Ed Asner, Jan Crull, Cliff Asness, Patrick Doyle, Robert Mulliken, Barack Obama, Bernard Sanders, David Rockefeller, Milton Friedman, Larry Ellison, Anna Chlumsky, Amy Klobuchar, Philip Glass, Elizabeth Cheney, James D. Watson, and Robert Todd Lincoln. 


The University of Chicago is one of the prominent research universities in the country. It often outranks the academic levels of various Ivies. Thus, the University of Chicago’s acceptance rate is considered justified. Read the article thoroughly to grasp the university acceptance rate, admission details, etc.

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University of Chicago Acceptance Rate

What Is The Average University of Chicago Acceptance Rate?

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