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University Bucket List: Things Every Student Must Do

university bucket list

There’s a continuation to the famous saying “The grass is greener on the other side” and it goes by “The grass is greener where you water it”. As children, we always wished to grow up and reach the adulthood phase of our lives where we could make decisions for ourselves and hold huge responsibilities. But have you ever looked at the other side of the story and asked the grown-ups around you if they ever missed their student life? Let me place a bet on this and tell you that most of them would term that phase of their lives as a ‘golden phase’, where they cherish their moments and memories made there. I’m sure that’s how you’d want to look back at your memories and laugh about silly moments. In this article, University bucket list: things every student must do; we’ll give you some really good ideas that you can incorporate for a fun student life.

Make sure that you complete your university bucket list by doing every listed thing below at least once during your student life. Trust me, it’ll all be worth it and you’ll understand how watering the grass on your side actually made it greener! Before we proceed however, I’d like you to take a look at some of the truths of college that every student should know before making it there. 

university bucket list

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You’ve only read the truths about college so far! Imagine living through them and actually facing them one by one! Feel free to check them out as you go about completing your things to do from your university bucket list and exploring your student life. Here below, we have some super fun activities you can do to begin your fun side of living as a student.

Explore Your Campus In And Out

I’m sure a priority to-do in your uni bucket list would be to explore corners of your campus and go spot finding. Those comfortable hangout spots in our college where we sit and share food , wave a hi to your friends, and gossip away to glory. That’s what campus life is all about! Years later, you’ll find yourself fondly talking about some of the finest memories made at your campus which you had referred to as ‘home’.

university bucket list

Go On An Adventure Spree

Studying in a university gives you all sorts of experiences because you meet students from different walks of life. So when you join your institution, do not leave a chance to experiment with things. Try windsurfing, yoga, ballroom dancing, volunteering or simply saying ‘hi!’ and asking ‘how’s your day been?’ It’ll be a nice and an interesting learning experience for you. Make sure to include all sorts of adventurous activities in your university bucket list so that you’re always on your toes.

Host A Party

Hosting parties is a super interesting way to socialize. Your ultimate bucket list for freshmen should involve parties with drinking games that will help in breaking the ice between each other and you’ll hear of some top secrets as you move forward. Experiment with cooking in your party and surprise your friends with new and different cuisines. Party planning is fun as it includes planning food, alcohol, side beverages and snacks, decorating the room, creating a theme and planning different games.

university bucket list

Sit In A Different Class

While you may have a fixed number of classes to attend; you should know that universities are flexible. While your other friends from other departments might be attending their course specific classes; you should randomly walk into their class and attend a session. Every student’s university bucket list should include this as a part of their things to do as a student. Also, make sure to record your friend’s reaction when he/she sees you in their and is lost, embarrassed, and confused!

Attend A Music Festival

You must take advantage of the first few weeks of the university as much as possible because that’s when you’ll have lesser boring lectures and more interesting ice-breaking sessions. Friendship groups won’t have fully formed yet, so when you decide to attend a music festival together, that’s when you’ll figure out each other’s music tastes and jam in sync. I’m sure you must have already thought about this while writing your university bucket list. Jive together and sing along  for a fun-filled night with memories you’ll always cherish.

Support Your Uni Sports Team

university bucket list

Even if you aren’t a great fan of sports, you must be having friends from there! One fun activity to do amongst the different items for your college bucket list would be to go ahead and cheer for your friend’s sports team. You can scream out famous catchphrases,funny  made up catchphrases with reference to your friends, or words of encouragement that’ll boost your friend’s team. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Try it out, and you’ll actually feel the fun.

Go On A Day Trip

Do not just limit your level of having fun only upto the university level! There’s so much to explore outside your university. As a part of your university bucket list, keep a day for yourself (probably include your friends too!), plan it well where you go sight-seeing, explore local cuisines and dishes, go for sporty adventures, take an evening stroll, go to a park/garden, visit the beaches or mountains nearby. Don’t forget to keep checking them off as you complete them one by one.

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university bucket list

University Bucket List: Things Every Student Must Do

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