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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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Universities In Durham For International Students 2024

Universities in Durham

Universities in Durham ensure an extravagant student life and exposure for the students. Durham is a historic city located in the town of County Durham in North-East England. It has a population of more than 50,000 residents and is counted as one of the best places to live in the UK. It is a beautiful city with a welcoming neighbourhood perfect for international students. 

Why Should You Study In Durham?

Durham welcomes over 10,000 international students every year as it is home to one of the leading universities in the world. The culture, city life, and secure future are some of the deciding factors for students. Here are some of the key reasons why a vast majority of students join Durham:

  • Renowned Universities: Universities like Durham University are among the top universities in the UK. The renowned universities are part of the Russell Group and are renowned for their exceptional teaching standards and research quality. 
  • Art and Culture: The city dwells in its culture and heritage. It is famous for its light festival, lounges, and thriving culture of bars, clubs, and live music. It is a UNESCO Heritage site and home to historical monuments, cathedrals, etc. 
  • Variety of Courses: Universities in Durham provide multiple programmes in Medicine, Social Sciences, Therapy, Information and Technology, Physics, Economics, Law, Psychology, Geography, and Art and Humanities. The universities cover over 200 undergraduate and 100+ Postgraduate programmes for students. 

Which Are The Top Universities In Durham For International Students?

Durham is a small city thriving with pretty buildings, greenery, parks, riverside paths, etc. It is often named the perfect little city with enormous resources for academics and extracurricular activities. Here are the best Universities in Durham

  1. Durham University 

Durham University is a public research university in Durham established in 1832. It is the third oldest university in England and a member of the Russell Group. It provides more than 300 undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degree programmes in the fields of Arts & Humanities, Business, Science, Information Technology, Medicine, Social Science & Health. It welcomes 20,000 students every year with 4,500  international students from 156 countries. 

Location: Durham, UK

Ranking: Times Good University Guide- 6th, THE World- 198, The Times- 6, The Guardian League- 6, QS World Ranking- 82

Facilities: Large Dining/Entertainment Hall, Gym, Yoga/Dance Studio, Performance Practice Studio, Faith/Quiet Room, John Snow Music Room, Shared Music Room

Nearby Attractions: Oriental Museum, Museum of Archaeology, Palace Green Library, Durham Castle, Botanic Garden. 

Top Colleges In Durham For International Students

  1. New College Durham 

New College Durham is a higher education and further academic institution founded in 1977. It comprises a wide variety of full-time, part-time, certificate, diploma, and further education programmes in Applied Arts, Technology, Business, Media, Art, Trade, and Engineering, Health, Engineering, Trade, and Media. There are 13,600 full-time students in the apprenticeship programmes, with 2,000 international students across 60 countries. The campuses are well facilitated with additional community and employment services for students. 

Location: Campus, Durham DH1 5ES, UK

Ranking: Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education US College- 600, Scimago Institutions- 510, Payscale College Salary Report- 1380

Facilities: Cafeteria, Sport & Recreation, Bistro 1819, Room Hire, Digital Learning Hub, Podiatry Clinic, Halo Hair & Beauty, the Library. 

Nearby Attractions: The Undercroft Restaurant, Palace Green Library, Botanic Garden, Turtle Bay Durham, Oriental Museum, Bistro 1819

  1. Cleveland College of Art and Design 

Cleveland College of Arts and Design is a prestigious art school popularly known as the Government School of Arts. It was inaugurated in 1874 in the Church Street Atheneum. It is one of the leading providers of specialist and practical training in creative arts and design. The unique and dedicated staff welcomes specialised and unique programmes under the guidance of industry specialists welcoming international students across 40 nations. 

Location: College building in Hartlepool, County Durham, Church Square


Facilities: Latest IT facilities, library, evening classes, exhibitions, special facilities for students with disabilities, types of equipment, and workshops. 

Nearby Attractions: Palace Green, Cafédral Durham, Turtle Bay Durham, Bean Social, Stone Gargoyle Chair, World Heritage Site Visitor Centre

  1. Durham University Business School

Durham University Business School has a history dating back to 1965. It is renowned for its academic excellence and research quality. It provides undergraduate, graduate, and MBA programmes to inculcate practical, analytical, and necessary problem-solving abilities in the students. It holds triple accreditation for multi-disciplinary research-led programmes. The high academic standards make up 30% of its total student population globally. 

Location: Mill Hill Ln, Durham DH1 3LB, UK


Facilities: Courtyard, Bill Bryson library, Durham City centre, Palace Green Cathedral, and Castle

Nearby Attractions: Chapters of Durham Tea Rooms, Flat White Kitchen, Zen, Inshanghai

  1. University College 

University College, popularly referred to as the Castle, is a part of the prestigious Durham University. Founded in 1832, it is one of the ancient colleges in Durham. The institution’s primary focus is to promote learning opportunities, engaging social events, co-extracurricular engagement, and social support to the students at all times. It is the founding college of Durham university and Inhabitat 750 undergraduate and 700 postgraduate students with a population of up to 30% international students. 

Location: Palace Green, Durham 


Facilities: Sports and Fitness rooms, Chapels, Art and Music halls, Lowe Library, Castle Concert Orchestra, Library

Nearby Attractions: Cafédral Durham, Palace Green, Durham Castle, Undercroft Restaurant, Botanic  Garden

Highest Subject Rankings For Universities In Durham 

Subject Offering University & Rankings 
Physics #2 Durham University 
Criminology #2 Durham University 
Education #2 Durham University 
Music #2 Durham University 
Sports Science #2 Durham University 

Different Public Universities In Durham


Public Universities
Durham University 
Cleveland College of Art and Design
New College Durham
University College

Universities With Low Tuition Cost

UniversitiesTuition Fee Per Year (GBP)
Durham UniversityUndergraduate:16,900Graduate: 24,900  
New College DurhamFurther Education A-Level fee: 7,500Higher Education (General) fee: 10,500Podiatry and Social Work fee: 11,500
Durham University Business SchoolUndergraduate: 21,000- 24,900 Graduate: 35,000  

Universities Without IELTS

It is not compulsory to present IELTS as proof of proficiency at the universities of Durham. However, it is recommended that the students keep a track of the proficiency test requirements of the institution chosen by them. 

You can show the following English proficiency exam scores instead of IELTS:

  • Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) 
  • Cambridge Scale (CAE or CPE)
  • TOEFL iBT and TOEFL iBT Home edition 
  • GCSE English Language 
  • Password Online (delivered through Durham University) 
  • Pearson Academic PTE / Pearson Academic PTE Online

The following university accepts international students without IELTS:

  • Durham University 

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Durham?

On average, the total cost of living with Off Campus Accommodation (Per month) would be 1241 GBP, and the total cost of living with On Campus Accommodation (Per month) would be 1145 GBP. 

ItemsCost (per month in GBP)
Off-Campus Accommodation516
On-Campus Accommodation420
Food Cost464


Durham is a great city for international students. Universities in Durham are well facilitated to provide the required amenities and services to ensure a brighter future with multiple onsite and abroad scholarships, internships, and placement opportunities. 

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Universities in Durham

Universities In Durham For International Students 2024

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