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Best Universities In Bath For International Students

Universities in Bath

Universities in Bath, UK, have much to offer international students. With its charming, historic city and vibrant cultural scene, Bath is an attractive destination for students from around the world. Whether you’re interested in studying engineering, humanities, natural sciences, or another field, you will find an institute that matches your needs and career goals.

Why Should You Study In Bath?

  • Rich History and Cultural Heritage: Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with stunning Georgian architecture, ancient Roman baths, and a rich cultural heritage.
  • Excellent education system:  Bath has more educational establishments than one might expect for a city its size. It is home to several highly-regarded universities, offering a wide range of academic programs and cutting-edge research opportunities.
  • Vibrant Student Life: Bath is a bustling student city with a vibrant cultural scene, including numerous festivals, concerts, and sporting events.
  • High-Quality Education: British universities are renowned for their high standards of teaching and research, and Bath’s universities are no exception.
  • Access to London and the Rest of the UK: Bath is just a short train ride away from London, making it easy to explore the capital and other parts of the UK.

Which Are The Top-ranking Universities In Bath For International Students?

The universities in Bath are known for their high teaching standards and supportive student communities. Bath is a great place to study for anyone looking for a unique combination of world-class education and rich cultural heritage. Therefore, here are some institutes in Bath that you should know about if you plan to study abroad: 

  1. University of Bath

The University of Bath is a highly-regarded, public research university located in Bath, UK. Founded in 1966, the institute has established itself as one of the leading universities in Bath, known for its top-class academic programs and cutting-edge research. The University of Bath has hundreds of students representing over 140 countries, and it offers different undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering, natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, humanities, and social sciences. 

Location: Bath

Ranking: QS World Ranking-179, THE World University Rankings-28, The Times Good University Guide- 251

Facilities: support services for international students, including language classes, counselling, recreational centre, sports club and cultural activities.

Nearby Attractions: The Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Royal Crescent, Pulteney Bridge, Royal Crescent etc. 

  1. Bath Spa University 

Bath Spa University is a highly-regarded public university located in the historic city of Bath, UK. Founded in 1852, the university has a rich history and a solid commitment to creativity, culture, and sustainability. Bath Spa University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in subjects such as the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. It is one of the most prominent universities in Bath that have students from over 100 countries.  

Location: Bath

Ranking: QS World Ranking-246, THE Guardian League-89, The Times Good University Guide- 77

Facilities: University Library, art and design facilities, music technology facilities, biology labs, theatre and performance space, gym and more. 

Nearby Attractions: Royal Victoria Park, The Circus, Holburne Museum, Royal Victoria Park etc.

Top Colleges In Bath For International Students

  1. Bath College

Bath College is a further education institute located in the city of Bath, UK. Founded in 1852, the college provides a range of vocational and technical education programs for students of all ages. Bath College offers full-time and part-time courses in subjects such as business, creative arts, health and social care, and technology. Despite two popular universities, many international students get themselves enrolled in Bath college due to its hands-on, practical approach to education.

Location: Westfield 

Ranking: NA

Facilities: State-of-the-art workshops, labs, and studios, support services for students, career guidance, and financial support

Nearby Attractions: The Roman Bath, Bath Abbey etc.

  1. Norland College

Norland College is a private college in Bath, which specialises in the training of early years educators, it was established in 189. The college offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree program and a one-year postgraduate course in Norland Early Years Practice. Just like other universities in Bath, Norland College is also well known for its comprehensive curriculum, which covers subjects like child development, education, nutrition, health and safety, and practical skills.

Location: Bath

Rankings: NA

Facilities: Nursery area, lecture rooms, kitchen for nutrition & food teaching, library, student support etc.

Nearby Attractions: Theatre Royal, Devonshire Tunnel, Bloomfield Green etc.

Different Public And Private Colleges/Universities In Bath

Public College/UniversitiesPrivate Colleges/Universities
Bath Spa University Norland College 
University of Bath
Bath College 

Universities With Low Tuition Cost

UniversitiesTuition Fee Per Year (GBP)
University of BathUndergraduate: 18,000Graduate: 21,000
Bath Spa UniversityUndergraduate: 15,050Graduate: 18,000

Universities Without IELTS

Note: Currently, all major universities in Bath require international students to submit their IELTS scores. 

Most UK universities, including Bath, accept 7.0 or above IELTS scores with no less than 6.5 in each band. 

Moreover, if you are taking admission to any postgraduate course as an international student in Bath, you must fulfil the requirement of 6.5 or 7.0 in IELTS. This also includes a minimum of 5.5 scores in speaking, writing, reading and listing. 

Highest Subject Rankings of Universities in Bath

The following table incorporates the list of subjects which are highly ranked by esteemed institutes in Bath:

SubjectOffering Universities & Rankings
    Criminology #1 University of Bath
Architecture #1 University of Bath
Psychology #2  University of Bath
Engineering Mechanical #2 University of Bath
Sports Science #2 University of Bath
Biological Sciences#7 University of Bath
Pharmacy#8 University of Bath
French #8 University of Bath
Education #8 University of Bath
Mathematics#9  University of Bath

Subject Rankings For Universities In Bath

University Subject Rankings 
University of BathArchitecture, Building & Planning: The Guardian UK- 4, Good University Guide- 1, CUG – 1 Computer Science: QS World – 351, THE World University – 301, The Guardian – 18 Language & Literature: The Guardian – 13, Good University Guide- 11, QS World- 251
Bath Spa University  Computer Science: Good University Guide -49, CUG – 39, QS World – 26 Design: The Guardian UK- 60 Natural science: CUG – 92, The Guardian UK- 83

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Bath?

Bath is a historic city known for its Georgian architecture, Roman Baths, and thermal springs. The cost of living in Bath can be higher compared to other cities in the UK because it is a popular tourist destination and its high demand for housing. As an international student in Bath, various things influence the average cost of living, so here is an overview of the same for you: 

ItemsCost (per month in GBP)
Off-Campus Accommodation 640
On Campus Accommodation 400
Transportation 75
Food Cost384
Entertainment 45
Market/Groceries 60
Clothes 66


Bath is an excellent place for students to study and live. With top universities to choose from, Bath is an ideal location for anyone looking to pursue their academic goals. The above-mentioned universities and colleges will help International students select the course and university of their choice that will help them advance their careers. 

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Universities in Bath

Best Universities In Bath For International Students

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