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Know More About The No. 1 University In Bolton

Universities In Bolton

Any student who plans to study abroad knows how vital it is to carefully consider their university options. Students usually take a look at some of the top universities in the UK and a few of the reasons why they must study there this is a very crucial decision for anyone who plans to study abroad and excel in their future endeavours. Today we will take a look at one of the top universities in Bolton!

The University of Bolton is located in the thriving city of Bolton in Greater Manchester (North West of England). The university takes pride in its social diversity and commitment to equal opportunity, and it actively seeks out pupils from both local comprehensive schools and outside. In addition to a huge variety of areas and courses, the University of Bolton also offers pre-sessional English programmes and international foundation programmes for overseas students. 

The university is a fascinating cutting-edge university that is well worth considering given its excellent location, rankings, job options, and welcoming environment for international students. Now, let’s dive into the details of this number-one university in Bolton!

Universities In Bolton

No. 1 University In Bolton

The University Of Bolton

  • Cost Of Tuition: Around GBP 11,250 – GBP 13,850
  • Acceptance Rate: 62% – 68%

About The University

The University of Bolton (sometimes known as Bolton Institute or just Bolton) is a public university for international and domestic students and it ranks among the top universities in Bolton as well as the United Kingdom. It includes 700 academic and professional staff members and over 6,000 students. The university’s student body is made up of roughly 70% of residents of the North West and Bolton. It is also a part of Universities UK, Million+, and the North West Universities Association.


The University of Bolton’s initial name was Bolton Technical School which changed to a college in 1926. A new structure giving a wide range of technical education options, with engineering being the most popular, was unveiled fifteen years later. Bolton Institute of Technology and Bolton Technical College were split into two distinct organisations in 1964. A J Jenkinson served as the inaugural Principal of Bolton Institute of Technology before serving as the Principal of the Technical College and Bolton College of Education (Technical).

The Bolton Institute of Technology and Bolton College of Education combined to become the Bolton Institute of Higher Education (BIHE) in 1982. John McKenzie served as BIHE’s first head of school before being succeeded by Bob Oxtoby. The push for university status was started by Oxtoby. 

Student Life

The student body of the University of Bolton is varied. About 7% of its students are classified as international, and 13% of its domestic students come from ethnic minority groups. Students who make up this percentage are from 70 nations other than the United Kingdom. The institution also includes a chaplaincy that can serve people of many religious backgrounds which creates a multicultural environment for all students who attend the university.


The University of Bolton is not research-driven, but the 2008 assessments of engineering, architecture and the built environment, social work, and social policy all had some “world-leading” research, according to The Times. The university was named by The Guardian among the top 50 universities in the United Kingdom in 2021 and among the top 5 for student satisfaction with instruction. Take a look at the University of Bolton rankings in the years 2022 and 2023 by some of the popular ranking platforms –

Rankings By20222023
The Complete University Guide (UK)#113#124
The Guardian Rankings#46#38
The Times & Sunday Good TimesN/A#89


Undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of academic areas, including specialised programmes, are all available at the University of Bolton. There are 240 undergraduate courses, 165 graduate courses, as well as a number of professional development, teacher preparation, and other courses available to students. The degrees are granted by nine different faculties, and students can combine courses according to their interests.

Also, the institution works with employers to provide a variety of apprenticeship programmes that let overseas students learn while earning money. The institution offers apprenticeship programmes in business management, software engineering, dental technology, and health and social care, among other fields.

Admission Process & Entry Requirements

All programmes at the University of Bolton operate at full capacity for admission. Seats for several of these programmes are scarce. Since this university in Bolton accepts applications on a first-come, first-served basis, students should apply as soon as possible. Until CAS is granted, the university does not guarantee any spots.

Before applying to the programme, each applicant must finish a pre-screening questionnaire. The pre-screening procedure has been implemented by the institution to weed out applications from ineligible candidates.

UCAS accepts applications for all full-time undergraduate programmes at the University of Bolton for the September intake and a few programmes for the January intake. All other applications may be submitted either online or offline. We’ve curated a list of the entry requirements a student will require while applying to the university below –

  • Academic transcripts
  • Qualifying program completion certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • English proficiency test score
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport copy 
  • Insurance documentation
  • Valid UK student visa
  • Interview
  • Work Experience
  • Portfolio
  • Reserach Proposal (for reserch programmes)

Note: Make sure you check the university website for any course-specific requirements that you might need to add to the list.

Job Opportunities

A strong degree alone may not always be sufficient to guarantee you the job you want after graduation in the increasingly competitive graduate employment market. Experience matters a lot! Employers will look at your academic accomplishments as well as evidence that you have acquired a variety of talents that will be useful to them. Getting work experience is one of the most practical and advantageous methods and it will help you determine the kinds of positions you want to apply for after graduation.

Cost Of Living In Bolton

The cost of living can vary based on a number of factors for students. To help you manage your finances as a student in Bolton, we have curated a breakdown of the costs you might incur while living in the city –

ItemCost (Per Month)
Off-Campus Accommodation£388
On-Campus Accommodation£500
Food £324
Utility £164
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation (Per Month)£1,039
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation (Per Month)£1,151
Annual Cost of Living£12,468


How many universities are there in Bolton?

Bolton is home to only one university which is the University of Bolton

Is the University of Bolton good for international students?

The University of Bolton has been voted #1 for student satisfaction in the United Kingdom for the past 4 years.

Is the University of Bolton a good university in Bolton?

The University of Bolton is one of the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom for overall student satisfaction. The student-to-staff ratios is also low and the small class sizes are on purpose to create a personalised and encouraging environment.

Is Bolton a good place to live?

Bolton is a family-friendly city because it has been named one of the happiest locations to live in the North West. Due to the town’s abundance of construction sites, Bolton has been ranked as the ninth-best place to work in the country.

Thank you for reading this blog on ‘Universities In Bolton, UK’. If you’d like to read more, here are our other blogs that might pique your interest –

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Universities In Bolton

Know More About The No. 1 University In Bolton

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