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Yale University Acceptance Rate For International Students 2024

Yale University Acceptance Rate

Yale University finds itself in one of the big three Ivy Leagues of the world. As one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Yale receives applications from top students across the globe and less than a quarter are given the green signal to join its honoured halls in New Haven, United States. Due to its extraordinary resources, firm subsidising, and world-class facilities, it stands out in the top rankings. If you plan to pursue your academic studies at this university, here you will learn more about the Yale university acceptance rate and admission tips. 

What Is The Yale University Acceptance Rate?

Yale University boasts an inclusive community of students from all around the globe and diverse backgrounds. In the fall of 2024, Yale received more than 35,220 applications. However, only about 2,304 graduate candidates enrolled in the university for their higher education. Thus, it’s clear that with the Yale University acceptance rate of merely 6.6%, the university is incredibly selective and competitive when it comes to gaining admission. 

On the other hand, the university had 57,465 applications on the undergraduate side wherein only 2,146 were offered admission. This recorded the lowest-ever Yale University acceptance rate for undergraduates at 3.7%. Here are some stats on how many students were accepted: 

Fall 2023 Enrollment

The facts below about Yale university address some frequently asked questions about the university’s statistics across all fields of study. Read below to know more:

DivisionMaleFemale% of International Students
Yale College3,1943,44011%
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences1,2991,56942%
David Geffen School of Drama9012724%
School of Environment10117636%
Jackson Global Affairs423355%
Institute of Sacred Music (ISM)31308%
Physician Associate Programme38743%
Physician Assistant Online Programme271060%
Public Health14638041%
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences37716864%
Professional School Programmes2,4002,85630%
Total University6,9357,89224%

Yale University Acceptance Rate Trends

Lately, the Yale University acceptance rate has dropped compared to previous years. For the class of 2027, 2026, and 2025, the acceptance rate for international students stood at 4.35%, 4.47%, and 4.62% respectively. Whereas, for the class of 2024, it was recorded at 6.54%.

The number of students applying to Yale has significantly increased in the past few years. For the class of 2027, Yale received a total of 52,250 applications, out of which only 2,275 students managed to secure admission in the university. When we look at the class of 2024, 35,220 candidates applied, and 2,304 of them were granted admission.

ClassNumber of Applications ReceivedNumber of Students AcceptedYale University Acceptance Rate

Yale University Early Decision Vs Regular Decision

Every year, Yale University admits international students through Early Decision as well as Regular Decision. Usually, the university’s early decision acceptance rate is higher compared to the regular decision acceptance rate. Early decision allows applicants to apply to a university earlier than regular decision.

For the class of 2028, Yale received 7,856 applications for the Early Decision intake. Out of these, 776 applications were accepted, making the Yale University Early Decision acceptance rate stand at 10.02%. 

ClassYale Early Decision Acceptance RateYale Regular Decision Acceptance Rate

Yale Regular Decision

Yale’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions accepted 2,146 students or 3.70 percent of the 54,465 students who applied to the Class of 2028. This represents a decrease from last year’s rate of 4.50%. The SCEA (Single-Choice Early Action) round accounted for 709 acceptances out of a pool of 7,856 applications.

Last year, Yale accepted 2,345 students or 4.50% of the 52,303 students who applied to the Class of 2027. The SCEA round accounted for 776 acceptances out of a pool of 7,744 applications.

Yale University Acceptance Rate Vs Harvard University Acceptance Rate

Harvard University’s acceptance rate stands at a mere 3.4%, which makes it an extremely competitive university to gain admission to. In comparison, Yale is just as selective with an acceptance rate of 4.5%.

Harvard University admissions require students to be well-rounded, as they accept students based on their overall character and personality, taking a holistic approach. Candidates must be academically at the top of their class and participate in extracurricular activities as well.

What Is The Demographic Profile Of Yale University?

Based on the latest statistics on the Yale university acceptance rate, 51.51% of the period of 2024 identifies as female and 48.49 % as male. 

Below is the table showing the demographic structure of Yale University for the student body:

Student BodyHeadcountPer cent
Two or more races7965.4%
Race/Ethnicity Unknown1811.2%
American Indian or Alaska Native420.3%
Native Hawaiin or other Pacific Islander210.1%

The international students at the university represent countries like Canada, China, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, and South Korea.

Applying To Yale As An International Student

Yale university has released important guidelines and tips for international students strongly eyeing the university for future studies. Read all the points below to be fully prepared!

Standardised Test Scores: While Yale doesn’t have a minimum required test score, the most competitive international applicants typically score at least 100 on the TOEFL, 7 or higher on the IELTS, 185 or above on the Cambridge English exams, or 120 or above on the Duolingo English Test.

English Proficiency Requirements: Non-native English speakers who haven’t completed at least two years of secondary education taught in English must submit results from an approved English proficiency exam like TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge English Qualifications, or Duolingo English Test.

Flexibility with Application Materials: Yale understands the challenges international students may face in meeting application deadlines. The admissions office is willing to make reasonable allowances for late school documents like transcripts and recommendations if there are unavoidable delays.

InitialView Video Interviews: International applicants have the option to submit an unscripted video interview through InitialView, which can provide additional context to their application materials.

Mid-Year and Final Reports: While many international students may not receive new grades by February 1st and won’t need to submit a Mid-Year Report, admitted students are required to submit a Final Report with their final secondary school grades and exam results.

Predicted Exam Results: If an applicant’s secondary school provides predicted results for external exams like A-levels, IB, or other international tests, these should be submitted alongside the transcript or Mid-Year Report.

What Are The Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements For The Yale University?

It is essential to consider the admission rate and enrollment requirements apart from the Yale university acceptance rate. 

Academic talent, great teacher recommendations, high test scores, and a concise personal statement (SOP) are just a few of the criteria determining whether a student is accepted to a university.

International applicants have a tough time being accepted to Yale University. The admissions committee looks for applicants who will utilis e their talent to the maximum capacity while attending Yale.

The application will be enhanced if you show that you have the talent and the will to take advantage of Yale’s opportunities.

To get into Yale, you are required to submit the following:

Undergraduate Admission Requirements:

  • Completed application
  • Academic transcripts
  • 2 Academic LOR
  • One LOR from a counsellor
  • The school counsellor must upload a mid-year report from school, preferably with the grades.
  • Certificates
  • Passport copy
  • English proficiency test score

Graduate Admission Requirements:

  • Degrees and transcripts (Min. GPA 3.5)
  • Grading/evaluation system
  • Official scores of GRE/GMAT/MCAT should be valid for five years
  • Reference reports,
  • Statement of purpose or objectives.
  • English language test scores
  • TOEFL-iBT:100
  • IELTS: 7

The number of applicants and an overall number of admitted students at Yale determines Yale University acceptance rate each year. The acceptance rate is 6.91% considering the SAT and ACT scores. 

What Can You Expect Once You Get Admitted?

Programmes Offered

The undergraduate course at Yale University provides 2,000 courses in 80 majors. Most college students decide on a major during their second year. It also offers Yale Summer Session, a programme for undergraduates that enables visitors from other countries to select from various courses.

The Graduate School offers M.S., M.A., M.A.S., M.Phil., and PhD degrees in more than 70 fields. 

This is in contrast to Yale’s 12 professional schools, each with its own set of degree requirements, criteria for entrance, and course offerings. Furthermore, the Graduate School offers joint degree programmes with professional institutions, such as MBA/MFA with the Yale School of Drama or MBA/MEM or MF with the Yale School of the Environment.


It is known for its excellent music and drama programmes, strong reputation, and outstanding undergraduate teaching. Yale College has the necessary resources to assist with anything from academic support, safety intervention, mental or physical health services, and money issues.


In 2024, Yale university’s tuition and fees will total $62,250. For the room and board, it may cost $18,450. When considering only a room, the cost will be $10,500. The average need-based aid package is to be regarded as $67,437. 


Yale University has some of the most famous alumni, including Anderson Cooper, Ben Carson, Edward Norton, George H.W. Bush, and George W Bush.

Twenty Nobel laureates from several disciplines are among Yale University’s well-known graduates, including:

  • Paul Krugman, 2008 Economics Nobel Prize winner 
  • Sinclair Lewis, 1930 Nobel Prize in Literature 

In addition, Yale is proud to count 35 Pulitzer Prize winners among its alumni students, including:

  • Anne Applebaum
  • David McCullough
  • Bob Woodward.

Bottom Line

Yale University is pretty selective, so make sure you have a strong application and score well on your SATs if you want to attend Yale. 


What GPA do you need to attend Yale?

Yale University does not publicly disclose a specific GPA requirement for admission. However, it is highly competitive and typically requires a strong academic record, including high grades and challenging coursework.

What are the fees of Yale University in Indian rupees?

The tuition fees for Yale University are approximately ₹1.5 crore (around $205,000 USD) per year. This includes room and board, but does not include other expenses such as books, travel, and personal expenses.

Is Yale a top university?

Yes, Yale University is consistently ranked among the top universities globally, with a QS World University Ranking of #23 in 2024.

Which is best Harvard or Yale?

Both Harvard and Yale are highly prestigious institutions, and the choice between them depends on individual preferences and academic goals. Harvard is renowned for its expansive global influence, top-tier law, business, and medicine programmes, while Yale excels in the arts, drama, and music, with a strong focus on undergraduate education.

What is the #1 college in the US?

Harvard University is generally considered the top college in the US, with a QS World University Ranking of #4 in 2023.

Is Oxford better than Yale?

Oxford University is generally considered superior to Yale University in terms of global rankings, with a QS World University Ranking of #4 in 2023 compared to Yale’s #16. However, both universities are highly prestigious and offer exceptional academic experiences.

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Yale University Acceptance Rate

Yale University Acceptance Rate For International Students 2024

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