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UCAS Application Process and Deadlines for 2024

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The Institutions and Colleges Admissions Service is a UK-based organisation that oversees the application process for British universities. It was founded in 1992 when the old university admissions system UCCA and the former polytechnic admissions system PCAS merged to become an independent nonprofit that is supported by fees imposed to candidates and universities, as well as advertising revenue. This is now commonly known as the UCAS application. 

UCAS offers a variety of online application portals, search tools, and free information and advice to a variety of audiences, including students considering higher education, students with pending applications to higher education institutes, parents and legal guardians of applicants, school and further education college staff involved in helping students apply, and higher education providers (universities and HE colleges).

What Is The UCAS Application Process for 2024? 

The UCAS application process involves a number of things that need to be taken into account. Let us first look at the key dates that you need to remember before you start your application. 

26th January 2024: 18:00 GMT 

Most undergraduate courses have a deadline. Although an application can be submitted beyond this period, universities and institutions cannot promise that it will be given equal attention by all applicants.

20th June 2024: 18:00 GMT 

Last day for applications with options to be received. After the deadline, applications are automatically submitted to the Clearing in the UK

How Many Universities Can You Apply To Through the UCAS Application? 

You can apply to five universities/courses in your initial application (if you want to apply for two courses at the same university, this counts as two out of your five choices). You can pick a business and an insurance option when you’ve received responses from all of these, and you can refuse the rest of your courses.

Let us continue looking at the UCAS deadlines. 

Between 25th February and 4 July 

You can apply for UCAS Extras in between this UCAS deadline. The Extra is a service fee that allows you to keep on applying to higher education institutions even after you have applied to the original 5 choices. If you applied to university through UCAS but have exhausted all of your options and have received no offers, you can utilise Extra. You can apply through UCAS Extra if you haven’t received any offers from your first five choices or if you haven’t accepted any of these offers. If you haven’t secured a place on any courses and aren’t waiting to hear back from anyone you applied to, you can.

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What happens once you have applied for UCAS with the extras (if any)? 

  • After you’ve added options through Extra, the institution or college to which you’ve applied will take your application into consideration.
  • After 21 days, you may either wait for the university or college to make a decision or replace it with a different Extra option.
  • If you receive an offer, use Track to respond. If you accept the offer, it’s yours — as long as you satisfy the terms.
  • If you receive an offer but decide not to take it, you may refuse it using Track and resume your Extra search.
  • If you are not awarded a spot, you can restart the Extra procedure and continue until you are offered a place or until the deadline of July 4th.

5th July 2024

Clearing in the UK will open on this date and you will be able to find vacancies on the UCAS search tool. 

9th August 2024

This is when the SQA (Scottish Qualifications) results will be announced. 

18th August 2024

A-Level results will be available. 

28th September 2024: 18:00 GMT 

This is the final UCAS deadline for courses starting in 2024. 

UCAS Application Process

What Will Be Required To Fill The UCAS Application in 2024? 

Personal Details: You will have to answer additional questions concerning student assistance and where you reside, in addition to the information you provided when registering with UCAS. You will also need to provide your full address, nationality, contact information (phone number, email address), and an alternative contact. 

Education: You will need to provide details of all years of your matriculation since the age of 11 and all exams you have appeared for. 

Employment: Just like your education details, you need to provide your employment history. This includes any part-time or full-time roles you have held. You may also want to mention these in your personal statement for university.

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Supporting Information 

Here, you may want to report any physical or mental health challenges you face, any long-term sickness, or learning disability in depth. This information will be used by universities and colleges to assist students in their studies.

English Language Skills 

If English is not your first language, you may want to provide evidence of English proficiency through EPTs (English Proficiency Tests) like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. 

Proof of Finances 

Here you need to provide evidence of your finances and how you will be able to fund your education in the UK. You may want to include your income proof, bank statements, and other financial documents to support your case. 

Personal Statement

Through your personal statement, you will be able to convince the admissions committee why you are a suitable candidate for the university of your choice. You may want to include your motivations, your skills, ambitions, and experiences that will help you create a strong profile. Do not forget to include the reason why you chose the subject and the university in particular in your personal statement. 

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UCAS Application Process and Deadlines for 2024

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