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What Are The Types Of MBA Specialisations To Study Abroad?

types of mba

In today’s scenario, everyone wants to pursue a career in the MBA field. The business world is attractive for people who are not afraid to take big risks and assume authority. Whether you want to start a business or be a manager at a company, the degree of MBA is the best choice. Any MBA degree can expand students’ knowledge and sharpen their skills. Students also meet entrepreneurs and learn how to tackle different business situations.

In this article, we’ve elaborated on the various types of MBA that students can choose based on their budget, convenience, & availability. 

What Are Different Types Of MBA Programmes

Choosing the best among the distinct types of MBA programmes available can make a big difference in saving the efforts and money of the students. Each university abroad has various MBA programmes, such as part-time, online, full-time, executive, and distance MBA courses. Some institutions offer only one type of MBA programme, whereas others provide both part-time and full-time options.  The different types of MBA courses are listed below:

  • Full-Time MBA

In a full-time MBA programme, students thoroughly understand business strategy and management. Most European universities offer a one-year full-time MBA programme compared to two years in the United States. Students in the United States prefer a two-year full-time MBA, while European students prefer a one-year full-time MBA. Nevertheless, some universities in the United States and Europe offer both options; the United States, however, prefers the two-year full-time MBA. New Zealand, France, Ireland, Australia, and Singapore are famous countries with two- and one-year programs. Enrolling in a one-year program is generally cheaper than a two-year one, which usually involves mandatory internships or training that add value to your resume.

  • Executive MBA

Executive MBA is another MBA that comes under the types of MBA aiming to enhance professionals’ profiles. This MBA is aimed at teaching managerial and leadership qualities. Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania provides this programme from their Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses.

Executive MBAs are for business superstars – prodigies, fast risers, and valuable executives who corporations want to keep on board. An Executive MBA can earn a full salary while pursuing an MBA, which is one of the main benefits. Some companies finance the programmes for their valuable employees.

  • Part-time MBA

A part-time MBA programme is designed for students who wish to earn their MBA degree while simultaneously working. Part-time MBA programs allow candidates to study when not working rather than compromise their work schedules. In general, this means that the course will take longer to complete. For Example, FEMBA (Fully Employed MBA) is a part-time MBA program offered by UCLA and UC Berkeley. Two options are available: Fast-Track (2 1/2 years) and At-Your-Own-Pace (3 years).

  • Dual MBA

Dual MBA programmes fall under the types of MBA made for candidates who want to earn an MBA degree with an additional specialisation in a master course in their field. In this degree, students can choose any major for their Master’s degree, which acts as a dual degree of MBA and MS or MA. Business schools such as Kellogg School of Management and Wharton Business School offer dual-MBA programs. For Example, Kellogg’s JD-MBA program offers leadership and management skills and legal expertise. The program takes three years to complete.

  • Distance/Online MBA

In contrast to traditional MBA programs, distance MBA courses are designed for working professionals who cannot attend classes physically. There are many ways to study, including online classes, correspondence schools, webinars, lectures, video calls, or even teleconferencing. In addition to offering flexibility in course structure, these programs also allow you to attend classes at a time that suits you. The University of Strathclyde, Warwick Business School, Durham Business School, Aberdeen Business School, IE Business School, etc., all offer Online MBA programs.

Different Types Of MBA Specialisations

After determining which type of MBA programme aligns with your needs, you’ll need to explore the various specialisations available within the MBA. Information about the popular specialisation in MBA, including the highest paying specialisations, career options, skills required, annual salary packages, and top countries, has been given below.

  • MBA in General Management 
  • MBA in Marketing/ Marketing Analytics
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Strategy/ Strategic Management
  • MBA in General Management

This MBA is the most popular choice for students as it teaches important skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. The courses taught to the students include strategy, professional development, marketing, project and quality management, business development and consulting practices. These courses take 1 or 2 years and improve the students’ managerial abilities, using which they can apply for various administrative job positions. 

Skills Required
Excellent communication skills
Effective leadership skills
Problem-solving abilities
Good subject matter expertise
Career OptionsMarketing
Human Resource
Research & Business analyst
Top CountriesAustralia
Top UniversitiesHarvard Business School, USAStanford Graduate School of Business, USAINSEAD, France/SingaporeWharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, USALondon Business School, UK
Average Salary Offered (in INR)INR 2 LPA to INR 24 LPA
Administrative Positions And Their SalariesBusiness Development Manager- 72,100 USD/yearRisk Management Manager- 94,100 USD/ yearReal Estate Manager- 77,100 USD/ year
  • MBA in Marketing/Marketing Analytics

Marketing is an academic discipline that can help a student secure an administrative or managerial marketing position. Candidates who pursue an MBA degree in marketing can strengthen their marketing knowledge and skills during the duration of this course, which is 1 or 2 years. Students study subjects including branding, product development, digital marketing and marketing research, where they are made to understand consumer behaviour, market trend, product performance, computer analysis and market share. Marketing is the most popular MBA specialisation among all the other different types of MBA specialisations.

Skills RequiredGreat communication skills
Leadership qualities
Technology expertise
Strategic thinking 
Career OptionsAsset Manager
Brand Manager
Corporate Communications Head
Customer Relationship Management
Channel Head
Top CountriesAustralia
Top CollegesKellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, USAStanford Graduate School of Business, USAWharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, USAColumbia Business SchoolSaid Business School at the University of Oxford
Average Salary Offered (in INR)Up to INR 20.43 LPA
Administrative Positions And Their SalariesMarketing Manager- 64,850 USD/ year
Director Of Sales- 90,950 USD/ year
Market Research Director- 79,000 USD/year
  • MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance is another popular type of specialisation in MBA. Students with strong numerical skills who want to enter the finance industry, bank institutions, and asset management firms to pursue an MBA in finance. Corporate budgeting, fundraising, portfolio management, investments, etc., are some courses taught under this MBA.

Skills Required
Ability to lead
Data analysis and interpretation
Logical reasoning
Career OptionsCash Manager
Credit Manager
Corporate Controller
Financial Analyst
Investment Banking Associate
Top Countries Italy 
Top CollegesRotman School of Management at the University of TorontoHKUST Business School, Hong KongThe University of Melbourne Business School, AustraliaLondon Business School, UK
Average Salary Offered (in INR)INR 2 LPA to INR 14 LPA
Administrative Positions And Their SalariesFinancial Advisor- 58,000 USD/year
Chief Financial Officer- 132,800 USD/ year
Accounting Manager- 71,200 USD/ year
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship

Candidates who are perseverant, ambitious and can assume big responsibilities opt for an MBA in entrepreneurship. If you want to join your family business or if you are a corporate entrepreneur, you can pursue this course which will teach you subject matter related to business innovation, venture feasibility, resource management, product designing and marketing, innovation, negotiation, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurial marketing and venture implementation, etc.

Skills RequiredInnate assertiveness
Good communication
Negotiation skills
Effective decision-making
Ability to create business strategies
Career OptionsBusiness Consultant
Corporate Supervisor
Department Manager
Sales Manager
New Venture Developer
Top Countries USA
Top CollegesStanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford UniversityNUS Business School, National University of SingaporeSaïd Business School, University of OxfordIESE Business School, University of NavarraESMT Berlin, European School of Management and Technology
Average Salary Offered (in INR)INR 5 LPA to INR 20 LPA
Administrative Positions And Their SalariesManagement Consultant- 87,200 USD/ year
Chief Executive Officer- 156,900 USD/ year
Senior Product Manager- 123,600 USD/ year
  • MBA in Strategy Management

The program is designed to attract individuals interested in spearheading dynamic companies’ growth and development. Candidates specialising in MBA Strategic Management will be equipped to assist companies in navigating complex deals and making calculated acquisitions.

Skills RequiredExpertise in statistics and mathematics
Decision-making skills
Fluency in communication
Knowledge of financial structures
Analytical abilities
Career OptionsSenior Strategic Manager
Operations Manager
Senior Product Manager
Investment Fund Manager
Management Analyst
Top CountriesUSA
Top CollegesHarvard Business School, Harvard UniversityNanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological UniversityLondon Business School, University of LondonIE Business School, IE UniversityHEC Paris in Germany, HEC Paris
Average Salary Offered (in INR)INR 5 LPA to INR 10 LPA

Which MBA Specialisation Is The Best?

While it is difficult to determine which MBA specialisation is the best, it can be concluded that they all contribute to advancing business people’s careers and add value to them. Determining which type of MBA specialisation is right for you might be a good idea based on your needs and goals.

For a good start, here are the top Business schools that have been listed for MBA studies:

CollegesQS Global MBA Rankings
Hult International Business School, the UK#28
Northeastern University, the US#131-140
Maastricht University, the Netherlands#145
Robert Kennedy College, Switzerland
BI Norwegian Business School, Norway

There are some online options that the students can consider:

  • Nottingham Trent University Online, the UK
  • The University of Birmingham Online, the UK
  • Lebanese American University Online, Lebanon
  • Tel Aviv University Online, Israel

Final Thoughts

A Master of Business Administration degree can give you the world of opportunities to advance your career in the business field. Multiple MBA specialisations are available, each with its own unique set of skills. From finance and marketing to healthcare and technology, there is an MBA specialisation for everyone. Choosing the right specialisation that matches your goals and interest can help you thrive in today’s rapidly transforming business landscape.

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What Are The Types Of MBA Specialisations To Study Abroad?

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