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Best MBA Alternatives And Their Advantages

best mba alternatives

People study MBAs for various reasons, including building networks, gaining industry exposure, filling knowledge gaps, and many other purposes. The skills and experience you need to accelerate your career are available in various affordable alternatives if you aren’t ready to commit to a full MBA programme or if you want to pursue lifelong learning or professional certification. 

Recently, more and more online project management courses, IT management courses, and retail-focused management courses are in demand and are more widely available than traditional MBA programmes. Design, finance, and dual-track MBAs are now among the most popular online courses and certifications. This article looks at the best MBA alternatives to help you acquire a high-paying job.

Challenges Faced When Choosing A Full-Time MBA Programme

Following are some challenges you face when opting for a Full-time MBA:

  • The time and money commitment required to enrol in a full-time MBA programme is substantial. 
  • MBA programmes typically cost more than $100,000 after adding other expenses like boarding and fees. 
  • Reputable full-time MBA programmes can be much more expensive, with two-year programmes exceeding $200,000. 
  • During those years, salary is limited due to the full-time commitment required to earn the required credits. 
  • If you don’t receive a scholarship or grant, you’ll have to pay for your expenses or take out loans. 
  • Earning an MBA degree part-time while maintaining a full-time job is possible, but this program can take five years to complete.

Is Alternative MBA A Better Option? 

MBA alternatives are an excellent choice for individuals who do not have the time or financial means to pursue a regular MBA. The best MBA alternatives provide a more cost-effective method for students to access the job sector faster than a traditional two-year MBA programme. 

According to a recent report, numerous learners struggle with paying college tuition and minimising student debt. 

Exploring Alternative Courses 

Although the MBA degree is popular among many students, it is not always the greatest fit for each individual or career path. Finance degrees, dual-track MBAs, and MSc in Management are among the more popular advanced degrees To consider for a career in business management, here are a few best MBA alternatives.

Master of Financial Management (MFM)2 yearsGraduation with 50% marks
Master in Management Studies (MMS)2 yearsGraduation with 50% marks
Master of Business Administration (Retail Management)2 yearsGraduation with 45% marks
Master in Marketing Management (MMM)2 yearsGraduation with 50% marks
Master in Risk Management1 yearno prerequisite is needed
Post Graduate Diploma in Management2 yearsGraduation with 50% marks
PGDM in International Business2 yearsGraduation with 50% marks
Project Management Professional Certification2 yearsFour-year degree and 36 months of experience leading projects
Diploma in Event management1 year10+2 in any stream
Diploma in Hotel Management3 years10+2 with a minimum of 40% marks with English as a compulsory subject

Master Of Finance:

  • Unlike MBA programmes, which generally need three to five years of employment, Master of Finance programmes accept applicants with only an internship. This makes it more affordable and amongst the best MBA alternatives for fresh graduates or those changing careers.
  • Master of Finance programmes are often shorter and less expensive than MBA programmes, in addition to being more accessible. 
  • The specialised Master in Finance programme at Ohio State University, for example, takes only 10 months and costs $49,000, whereas the two-year MBA programme costs $85,000.
  • Despite the shorter time and lower cost, Master of Finance graduates can expect high median base wages of around $105,000, comparable to MBA graduates’ median base salary of around $119,000. 

Master Of Science In Management:

  • It is aimed at recent graduates who want to build management skills.
  • This programme emphasises research in the management field instead of the business administration strategy. 
  • Although employers tend to recognise MBA degrees faster than MiMs, as the MBA market becomes more saturated, MiMs have become more valuable.
  • It is often shorter and less costly than MBA programmes, making it an alternative to MBA.

Master Of Science In Organizational Leadership:

  • This programme is ideal for students interested in studying leadership who wish to gain a more in-depth grasp of organisational behaviour and principles.
  • Students interested in leadership studies will likely find it more valuable than those interested in marketing or finance. 
  • This degree focuses on organisational issues, with psychology, philosophy, and business courses taught alongside each other.

Chartered Financial Analyst:

  • The CFA programme is a cost-effective alternative to an MBA degree, costing less than $5,000 for the entire programme.
  • Graduates of the CFA programme can expect to earn a median salary of $45,000 to $75,000 per year as financial analysts in their early careers.
  • After five to nine years of experience, the salary for CFA graduates typically goes up to $91,000 per year.
  • With 10 to 20 years of experience, CFA salaries can increase significantly, ranging from $121,000 to $150,000, depending on location, industry, and employer.

MBA/MFA Dual Degree:

  • It includes both degrees; the programme is a good choice for individuals with art experience who want to pursue an MBA.
  • Students learn about financing, marketing, and filmmaking, giving them a unique skill set.
  • Because it includes both business and art-related topics, the programme may take longer than a standard MBA programme.

Master Of Science In Project Management:

  • This programme is one of the best alternatives for mba appropriate for business analysis and project management students because it focuses on improving their abilities in these areas.
  • The programme is designed for experienced professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills of project leadership and company analysis.
  • It is common for Master of Science in Project Management applicants to have significant work experience – on average 12 years – in comparison to MBA applicants with three to five years of work experience.
  • Project managers make anything from $54,000 to $115,000 per year.

Alternative Fields For MBA Programme 

Here are a few of the best MBA alternatives for business leaders seeking to advance their careers:

  1. Strategy & Leadership
  • Global business leaders in today’s era are highly challenged to adopt modern visionary and behavioural thinking patterns. 
  • This is happening to regulate important and complex socio-environmental consequences in business.
  • MBA programmes emphasise strategy and leadership development, but you can also upskill in these areas with various valuable degrees and short courses. 
  1. Entrepreneurship
  • If you wish to brush up your skills to become a successful entrepreneur, an entrepreneurial course can help you to find innovative ideas.
  • A master’s programme in Entrepreneurship is prominently structured for individuals with entrepreneurial thinking while being compared to the foundational business knowledge and skill set rendered by an MBA programme.
  1. Finance & Accounting
  • A finance and accounting course can be an ideal solution if you are somebody with more basic foundational business knowledge, even if you lack the crucial finance skills to drive profit and investment.
  • Higher education institutions and private providers offer countless financial short courses and certificates, so finding quality programmes at an affordable price is crucial.  
  1. Marketing
  • A specialised course in marketing can help you grow if you are interested in learning more about promoting your company’s marketing and branding.
  • This course can benefit you if you want a more in-depth and technical understanding of marketing. On the other hand, if you choose a normal MBA programme, marketing is usually an optional module.
  • However, you must note that such courses can sometimes be too expensive for a postgraduate degree.  
  1. Data & Technology
  • Business education programmes specialising in Data and technology are in growing demand nowadays.
  • Therefore, looking for a programme specialising in Data and technology as its core modules are more accessible. This helps to generate tech-savvy leaders for the business industry. 
  1. Sustainable Business
  • Joining the ever-growing revolution of sustainable business practice has become essential to lying a conscious and successful brand. 
  • And this has happened due to the rise in the climate crisis and the habits of consumers to buy more ethical brands. 
  • An increasing number of business schools design more sustainability-centred programmes.

Advantages Of The Best MBA Alternatives

There are many advantages to opting for the best MBA alternatives. We have listed a few of them below –

  • You can save thousands of dollars or even take a course for free, compared to a full-time MBA programme. The cost of full-time MBA programmes varies from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the programme and its reputation.  
  • The flexibility of online alternatives allows students to manage other responsibilities while continuing their education. In most online programmes, educational materials can be accessed whenever you want, regardless of the time the course or presentation takes place. 
  • Excellent resources for professionals looking to advance their careers or change industries. Keeping up with changing industries and evolving workplaces requires special knowledge, skills, and techniques. 


Choosing the best alternative MBA programmes is influenced by several factors, including cost and location. However, these are not the only or most important. Having trouble deciding which alternative is best for you?

Analyse how an MBA compares to some of the alternatives for return on investment depending on what you want to achieve with your business education. Hope you find this article helpful in clarifying your concerns about MBA or best alternative for MBA and makes it easier to make a decision!

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best mba alternatives

Best MBA Alternatives And Their Advantages

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