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Top 10 Best Universities In Dubai

When you think of Dubai the first picture that comes to mind is of tall buildings, fancy cars and luxurious living. However, in between these tall buildings are tall orders of ambition and passion too that are seen in the students in some of the best universities in Dubai. In Dubai, you can witness an excellent focus on education as the place has invested well in its universities and colleges. Below in no particular order are some of the top universities in all of Dubai.

The University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is part of the UOW Australia group which has its establishments in other parts of the world too. Established in 1993 this prestigious university is part of UOW Australia’s curriculum which is ranked among the top 1% in the world. The University offers 40 different bachelor’s programmes and around 10 master’s programmes spawning across different specializations. It would be remiss to not include this university among the best universities in Dubai, with its PhD-backed faculty and Alumni present in top companies.

Hult International Business School 

This private institute provides strong academic growth to students who desire to indulge in business studies. It is recognized by the top business accrediting bodies, they are only achieved by the top 1% of business schools globally. Being one of the top colleges in Dubai for business is not a mild statement when it comes to Hult. With the best of the best faculty and all-around support to the student, Hult International Business School is a choice that can be taken eyes closed.

American University in Dubai 

This private university began growing from the year 1991 into the powerhouse university it is now. The university offers programmes in different disciplines for undergraduate and graduate studies. Inspire, Innovate and Educate is something that American University in Dubai associates with and is part of the best universities in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi University 

Abu Dhabi university was established in the year 2003, this might make it a young institute but its reputation and achievements speak volumes. The university offers around 50 plus internationally accredited programmes in both undergraduate and post-graduation. Its research-oriented curriculum and fantastic in-house facilities make it among the best universities in Dubai for Masters.

University of Sharjah 

Established in the year 1997 and located in Sharjah this prestigious university has made a name for itself among the people of UAE and globally. This university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in engineering, medicine, and arts to name a few.

Bayes Business School

Another institute that emphasises on business studies is the Bayes Business School. An Establishment that moulds the best entrepreneurs and buisness men/women to improve and enhance the world making it one of the best colleges in Dubai. Their courses include MBA, PhD and also online programmes.

Zayed University 

The university was founded in 1998 and derives its name from the founder of the nation, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Among the best universities in Dubai, Zayed University provides an all-around development for the student during their stay there.

United Arab Emirates University 

Apart from providing wholesome growth to the students, this university also actively participates in the development of the country by aiding in research and innovation. The university offers a broad choice to the students in terms of programmes, with every other facility too.

Khalifa University 

This university simply does not get the title of being one of the best universities in Dubai, it provides state-of-the-art facilities along with a globally accredited curriculum to its students. Established in 1989, the university has been a cornerstone to every aspiring student locally and internationally.

Canadian University in Dubai

This university provides excellent course options for undergraduates and graduates, with a great emphasis on research and innovation since it is one of the best universities in Dubai. This college also paves the way if the student wishes to carry studies further in Canada. 


1) What is the top university in Dubai for an International student?

Ans: The University of Wollongong is considered one of the best universities in Dubai. This university was founded in 1993 and has run strong ever since that day. With world-class facilities and marvellous faculty, this university would easily be a dream institute for many. This university offers bachelor, master and doctorate programmes in a variety of disciplines. 

2) What is the difference between public universities in Dubai and private universities?

Ans: Public universities are generally funded by the government and private are not government-funded. In Dubai, public colleges are very limited and only permit UAE citizens. However, some of the top universities in Dubai are private and allow admission to all students. 

3) What is the process to acquire a Dubai student visa?

Ans: Dubai has a very clear-cut visa process system. The Student Residence Visa is usually recommended since it allows the student to stay for the duration of their course. 

Here the student has to directly contact the college/university they are applying for and coordinate with the representative to acquire their visa.

4) Is Dubai a good place for an Indian student to study?

Ans: Leaving home to study abroad can be challenging, especially when the countries are far apart. This wouldn’t be the case if you decide to study at some of the best universities in Dubai, since India is relatively close to Dubai and there are numerous direct flights. Apart from this Dubai definitely has a huge Indian crowd and hence the feeling of being away from home would be less. It is also a very beautiful and extremely modern place, therefore with the right finance, you can have a wonderful stay.

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Top 10 Best Universities In Dubai

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