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Which Are The Ten Best Scholarships For Adults Returning To College?

It is not uncommon for students to give up their academics to pursue something else for a few years. The beauty of academics is that anyone can take the benefits of educating themselves at any point in their lives if they are willing to learn. To accommodate the increasing number of students returning to complete their university education, scholarships for adults returning to college have also made their way into the funding options of several higher institute education programs. 

If you are a student who wants to restart their educational journey and are looking for ways to fund their education, this article will help you find the scholarships that resonate with you. 

Scholarships for Adults Returning To College 

Peterson’s ASIST Scholarship 

The ASIST Scholarship is available for students who are facing economic, social or physical challenges and want to improve their circumstances through educational opportunities. Applicants may be single parents, working professionals or homemakers and must first apply and compete at the local Chapter level. Chapter-level winners are submitted to the Corporate level for the opportunity to be selected for one of 13 scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. 

Working Parent College Sponsorship Award

This is one of the easily attainable scholarships for adults returning to college. Parents who are willing to complete their university education completely benefit from this award. The scholarship will help you prepare for your dream job and prepare you for the life that you’ve always wanted to live. The applicant must be 18 years of age or older to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship will provide you with an amount of $1,000 that you can help cover your tuition fees. 

Dr. Angela’s Grant Memorial Scholarship Fund 

This scholarship seeks to educate and empower those people who have been affected by cancer, and are dedicated to community service. The scholarship seeks leaders, community drivers, and adults who are self-motivated to become future scholars. The only thing that the applicant needs to submit is an essay that outlines their personality, achievements and career goals. To apply for this scholarship you must also be a cancer survivor who is actively pursuing or planning to pursue a college education in any field of study. Each scholarship is worth  $5,000. 

Adults Skill Education Program 

Imagine America Foundation is offering scholarships worth $1,000 to non-traditional students. You can become a recipient of these scholarships for adults returning to college if you are a homemaker, parent, or mid-career professional who wants to restart their careers. One of the benefits of attending community college is that you are eligible for a number of adult learning scholarships. 

Scholarships For Adults Returning To College

Ford ReStart Program 

This is a need-based scholarship for adults aged 25 or older to succeed in college and beyond. Each year up to 50 students are selected from all over the USA and are awarded this scholarship. The award covers 90% of unmet college costs and is calculated on the college’s Cost of Attendance (tuition, fees, room and board, personal costs, etc.), minus other grants and scholarships. Only those students who are seeking an associate or bachelor’s degree, and have not previously earned a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for this scholarship. 

Zelus Recovery Scholarship 

This is one of the most generous scholarships for adults returning to college. The Zelus Recovery Scholarship targets adults dealing with substance abuse to become contributing members of the society. The goal of this award is to help adults who want to restart their career and seek a life of health and happiness. Each scholarship awarded is worth $500 to applicants who are above the age of 18 and want to pursue a full-time or a part-time course at an accredited university. Moreover, only citizens from the USA are eligible for this scholarship. 

Sylvia Lask Scholarship

The Mental Health Association of New York State Inc., awards the Sylvia Lask Scholarship on an annual basis. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage education of individuals to prevent and treat mental illnesses. This scholarship has empowered thousands of adults, children and families whose lives have been affected by mental health concerns. This is one of the most considerate and widely accepted scholarships for adults returning to college. The scholarship is restricted to the city of New York and each scholarship is valued at $2,500. This is one of the many scholarships for minorities that are available around the world.  

Boundless Opportunity Scholarship 

The Boundless Opportunity Scholarship is offered by Daniels Fund to benefit highly-motivated non-traditional students to recognise the power of education and create a better future for themselves. The scholarship amount will vary depending on the quality of your application and need. The award is restricted to candidates from Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming. You may apply for this scholarship if you are enrolled at one of the top colleges in Utah

Guardian Debt Relief Scholarship 

The Guardian Debt Relief Scholarship is offered to students who are already enrolled into college to restart their careers. Through this relief fund, those candidates who recognise the importance of education are benefitted and are supported throughout their degree course completion. The scholarship amounts to $1,000 and students may also apply if they wish to pursue distance learning courses

BHW STEM Scholarships For Women 

This scholarship is available for graduate and postgraduate women students who want to pursue the subjects of Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. This scholarship is worth $3000 and is restricted to female candidates. Those women who want to continue their education may also apply for this scholarship to support themselves financially throughout the course of their studies. 

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Which Are The Ten Best Scholarships For Adults Returning To College?

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