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Best Distance Learning Scholarships in the UK and the USA

MBA in Foreign vs MBA in India

According to Mckinsey’s Digital Report of 2021, internet penetration will exceed 55% by the end of 2025 and this has further been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. As an increasing number of educational institutions are making suitable changes to offer e-learning to international students, distance learning scholarships are not far behind. 

The graph below shows the share of the online learning market of the education sector in 2019 and 2026. 

Apart from virtual classrooms, mobile learning and others, the online e-learning market can be seen taking the majority of the market share by 2026. The Covid-19 pandemic further encourages this environment for learning and has been accepted as a form of learning in several top universities such as Harvard University, Oxford University, MIT and more.
Since the demand for distance learning has increased, online learning scholarships have also made their way as a subsidy in this market. 

To help you understand how distance learning scholarships work and where you can find them, this article will list out where you may find these scholarships. 

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Distance Learning Scholarships In The USA 

Distance Learning Scholarships
An American flag is attached to a fence, days after former Vice President Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, in Washington, DC, U.S., November 9, 2020. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Here is a list of online scholarships in the USA

American University Online Awards 

At the American University, all students who are offered admissions are automatically considered for scholarships. Even though all the students are equally considered for the scholarships, the award is not granted to all students. The online scholarship offered by the university is merit-based and is highly competitive. Only those students who are able to demonstrate excellent leadership skills and possess excellent academic credentials are offered the scholarship. 

The American University Online Scholarship is offered in the following degree programs: 

  • Online Master of Arts in Economics, Applied Economics Specialization 
  • Online Master of Arts in Strategic Communication
  • Online Master of Public Administration Policy 
  • Online Master of Science in Nutrition Education 
  • Online Master of Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • Online Master of Science in Health Promotion Management 

The Scholarship amount for each award is 10,000 dollars. 

ASWSU Global Scholarship 

The student government of Washington State University (WSU) has established online scholarship to make the university’s degree available globally. The university through this award encourages students to apply even if they do not have excellent academic scores. This is because WSU considers the academic interests of the students and equivalent to the other facets of life. This may include sports, art, music, community service, ambition and a lot more. 

To help students express themselves thoroughly while applying for the scholarship, all candidates are required to submit a scholarship essay. This essay will reflect why you need distance learning scholarships, how it fits into your future plans and other intentions. You can always learn how to write a winning scholarship essay and get accepted into Washington State University with a scholarship. 

The ASWSU Global scholarship provides $1,000 each semester. 

John Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health Global Awards

All new part-time students or online students of Master of Public Health (MPH) are eligible for an award worth 20,000 dollars. The assessment and review process of this scholarship is highly competitive. This means only students with a good academic record will be awarded this distance learning scholarship to study at the university. Apart from the academic records, your professional background and leadership skills will also be highly considered will granting this scholarship.

AAUW Selected Professions Scholarships For Women 

The American Association of the University of Women offers graduate scholarships to women annually. Only those women who are enrolled as full-time students at an American accredited college are eligible to apply. 

The fellowship is offered for the following Master’s programs: 

  • Engineering 
  • Architecture 
  • Mathematics & Statistics 
  • Business Administration
  • Law 
  • Computer & IT 
  • Medicine 

This association also gives awards for short-term courses and offers grants for career development. The value of the scholarship will range between 5,000 dollars to 18,000 dollars.

Distance Learning Scholarships In The UK

Here is a list of distance learning scholarships UK

University Of Edinburgh Distance Learning Scholarships 

The University of Edinburgh is one of the top universities in the UK with a high acceptance rate. Moreover, this prestigious university houses more than 40,000 international students each year from more than 100 countries. In order to accommodate students globally without compromising on their student experience in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the University of Edinburgh has made available nearly a dozen of online distance learning scholarships especially for part-time courses at the university. These are: 

University Of Manchester Online Scholarships For Public Health

The UK’s most prestigious university, the University Of Manchester has established equity and merit scholarship for international students. This highly competitive award is granted to only those who have an excellent potential of making contributions to develop their home countries. The university offers two types of scholarships and they are: 

  • Full-time, on-campus master’s (one-year duration)
  • Part-time, distance learning master’s (three to five years’ duration)

The scheme is open to applicants from Ethiopia, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The candidates should have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience in their chosen field of study. 

University of London LLM Scholarship 

In response to the impositions of the lockdown that followed the Covid-19 pandemic, the University of London has established distance learning scholarships. These online awards are only available for candidates who belong to Malawi, South Africa, Zambia or Zimbabwe. 

This distance learning scholarship resonates with the objectives of the University of London in terms of equity of education, covering learning gaps and individual empowerment. 

The international distance learning scholarships will cover your full tuition fees and all examination fees. 

Thanks for reading this blog on Best Distance Learning Scholarships in the UK and the USA. If you are interested in learning more about scholarships for international students, the following articles should interest you:

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MBA in Foreign vs MBA in India

Best Distance Learning Scholarships in the UK and the USA

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