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The Most Epic Subjects In The Arts Stream

Motivational Movies For Students

Arts is more often than not, one of the least subjects opted for in high school and tertiary level education. Earlier, this field of study was looked down upon as a result of various myths around university education. Subjects in the arts stream have recently gained popularity, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The reason why arts has been gaining popularity is that this field of subject encourages self-expression and is offering dynamic career options in the present decade. To begin with, those who take up arts as a specialization often are able to create multiple income streams. Arts subjects help individuals to harness their maximum potential through creativity and innovation. 

If you are a high school graduate who is considering various fields of study for further education, you must read about the different subjects in the arts stream that will help you achieve your dream job or lifestyle. 

To help you gain a better understanding of this field, we have listed the various subjects that make up for this niche. But before we dive in, let us look at some of the benefits of taking Arts as a specialization. 

What Are The Benefits Of Studying Arts Subjects

Harness Multimedia 

One of the reasons why this subject has seen high demand in the recent past is because of the boom in the use of the internet. The increase in the use of the internet has opened up opportunities for individual expression and creativity where one can reach out to the masses without much effort or investment. 

Encouraging Self-Expression 

Arts is the language of nature; much like mathematics is the language of the universe. Subjects in the arts streams such as history, communication, geography, philosophy to name a few, have helped individuals to openly express themselves and make sense of the world around them. 

Creativity & Critical Thinking 

Opening doors for creativity helps with wellbeing, improving health and happiness for individuals. The Arts Council which commissioned a landmark research project undertaken by the University of Nottingham called Tracking Learning and Engagement in the Arts (TALE) has revealed overwhelmingly positive benefits of arts and cultural education for young people. Many students in the TALE study commented that arts lessons acted as an outlet for releasing the pressures of studying as well as those of everyday life. 

Reflect Good Marks

Since Arts is a subject field as opposed to objective subjects such as Science and Mathematics, there is no right or wrong in Arts. You will be credited for your sincerity, inclination towards the subject, and creativity. As a result, you can gain college credits and brighten up your CV. It is wrong to say that you can get marks easily with Arts as your specialisation. However, if you are a dedicated individual who sincerely believes in the art of expression, this field will help you improve your marks. 

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Which Are The Main Subjects In The Arts Stream? 

Usually, arts is taken up by students after completing their higher or secondary education. It is common for students of this age group to explore and find out their areas of interest. Here is a list of Arts subjects that you will be exposed to during your specialisation in this field: 


History is a subject that has brought wisdom into the world. We often learn through our mistakes and this subject offers lessons and learning from the past. History is all about inspiration. This subject keeps in mind the past and paves way for knowledge and understanding for the coming generations. This subject helps you to learn about changing traditions, growing trends and facilitates the understanding of trajectories. 

Subjects In The Arts Stream

English & Literature 

English and Literature have been the most in-demand subjects in the arts stream and are the reason why so many students are taking up Arts after high school. When you are in high school, Literature is taught to you in the form of an English subject. As you enter university or college, you will realise that the advanced form of English is nothing but Literature. Poetry, prose, and the pandemic of 2019 have brought individuals closer to this form of expression. If you want to create something of your own using words, English and Literature are the subjects you must study. 

Physical Education 

The importance of physical education cannot be underestimated. This is also reflected in the fact that so many universities offer sports scholarships for higher education. Physical activity such as sports, yoga, dancing, and athletics have contributed to forming a generation that is mentally and physically fit. This subject has been able to combat depression among the youth and has created a space for expression and growth. 

Political Science 

Ever heard the term “being politically correct”? Life at the University of Arts in London has been able to simplify this quote for us. Since the law, order, and politics are different for all the 195 countries that exist in the world, Political Science has been able to mitigate the effects of misunderstanding and has increased the tolerance levels among the youth. Political Science will help you understand the various thought processes of governments of different countries including the country where you belong. 

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Motivational Movies For Students

The Most Epic Subjects In The Arts Stream

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