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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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Nottingham Trent University Scholarships For International Students

nottingham trent university scholarships

Nottingham Trent University is one of the most reputed educational institutes in the United Kingdom. With top-notch teaching and more than 500 career-focused programmes, this university is dedicated to ensuring the best education for its students. Another prominent feature is the Nottingham Trent University Scholarships. 

Not only are these diverse and inclusive but the financial aid options here are also structured for each student in need. Thus, being an integral part of the Nottingham Trent University admissions, let’s explore the different scholarships offered here. Continue reading to find out!

Nottingham Trent University Scholarships For Indian Students

This institute offers several prestigious, competitive Nottingham Trent University scholarships for international students. The details of each are elaborated on in the following sections. Note that the information mentioned here is liable to change for each intake or academic year. Thus, it is advisable to verify on the university’s official website before applying.

Nottingham Trent University Scholarships for Indian Students

NTU Excellence Scholarships

Under this category of ‘Scholarship Nottingham Trent University’, students can acquire 50% or 25% tuition fee waivers on their total cost of attendance. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for this scholarship. The major criteria for eligibility are academic achievement and excellence. However, the university also considers the candidate’s potential to contribute to the university’s community.

Nottingham Trent University International Merit Scholarships

As the name suggests, this scholarship is specifically designed for international candidates and offers up to GBP 3,000. Again, the eligibility is the student’s academic record and their passion and commitment to their studies. A similar category is Nottingham Trent University International Scholarships which offer up to GBP 2,000.

Regional & Subject Scholarships

These come specifically under Nottingham Trent University postgraduate scholarships. One sub-category of these is the LLM Scholarships, under which Indian students can expect up to 50% of the tuition fee. Another one is a subject scholarship designed for female students in the CS field. The Women in Computer Science Scholarship also offers 50% of the tuition fee. Unfortunately, regional or subject scholarships for Indian students under the similar category of Nottingham Trent University undergraduate scholarships are currently unavailable.

India Prestigious University Award

Another one of Nottingham Trent University Scholarships is the India Prestigious University Award, specifically for Indian applicants. This award offers a tuition fee reduction of GBP 3,000 to high-achieving students. Eligibility for this is quite simple – students must have a first-class degree from the following selective universities. That is, they must have 70%, 7.0 CGPA on a scale of 10, or 6.0 CGPA on a scale of 7. The list of eligible universities is:

  • Delhi University
  • Mumbai University
  • Savitribai Phule Pune University
  • Madras/Chennai University
  • Kolkata/Calcutta University
  • Bangalore University

The application process for this scholarship is equally easy. All you have to do is tick the box for this award on the university’s application form.

University Living Scholarship

The University Living Scholarship, worth GBP 5,000, is offered by Nottingham Trent University in collaboration with its partner University Living. Keeping in mind the living costs in the UK, the university offers this social scholarship that recognises the student’s efforts to be socially conscious and positively impact society. Most significantly, grades are not a deciding factor for this scholarship and it is exclusively based on the social impact of the applicants. Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • Social contribution.
  • Applicant must have an offer letter from NTU.
  • Applicant must book accommodation through University Living.
  • The applicant must be of Indian nationality but based out of India.

The application process is just as easy. Check here:

  • Fill out the application form.
  • Book accommodation through University Living.
  • Record a video of your social contribution.
  • Upload it on Instagram and tag @uni.living and @ntuindia.

This scholarship is limited in number and has varying deadlines for each academic year. Thus, students should verify the timeline and availability on the university’s website.

Nottingham Law School’s Professional Courses Scholarships

By the high total cost of studying in the UK, these competitive scholarships for professional courses offer up to 50% of the total tuition fee. Two scholarships are included under this category as mentioned below. Note that the deadline for application is June 26, 2024.

  • Nottingham Law School’s Professional Courses Scholarship for Academic Excellence: For students who portray academic excellence.
  • Nottingham Law School’s Professional Courses Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement: For students who have overcome major challenges in their personal, social or academic lives.

Since these are Law School scholarships, they apply to only some of the selective courses, as listed here:

  • LLM Legal Practice Course FT/PT
  • LLM SQE 1 Preparation Course FT/PT
  • LLM SQE 1 & 2 Preparation Course FT/PT
  • LLM Law and Legal Practice – SQE 1 Preparation Course FT/PT
  • PG Diploma in Law FT/PT
  • LLM Law and Legal Practice – Barristers Training Course FT
  • PGDip/LLM Barristers Training Course FT

Sport Scholarships

Source: @https://www.ntu.ac.uk/sport/performance-sport/scholarships 

Sports Scholarships are specifically designed to encourage athletes and high-performing sports enthusiasts to continue pursuing their sports. Students need to apply through the application form on the university’s website. 

For eligibility, students must be enrolled in one of the UG or PG courses at the university and must compete at a regional, national, or international level sports event. Thus, these are included under the Nottingham Trent University masters scholarships. Note that preference is given to those whose sport features within the British Universities & College Sport programme.

The scholarship includes the following support from the university:

  • Complimentary NTU gym membership and sports club membership
  • Small group strength and conditioning training
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sports psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Performance lifestyle support
  • Sports scholar kit
  • Support with academic flexibility
  • Potential bursary or fee reduction

NTU Music Bursaries

Source: @https://www.ntu.ac.uk/music/scholarships-and-tuition/apply-for-a-scholarship-new 

Nottingham Trent University Music Bursaries include concessions, offers and discounts for music and public-speaking enthusiasts. Here are the three bursaries included under these:

  1. Making Music Bursary – learn to sing or play an instrument: This enables students to gain vocal or instrumental tuition at a discounted rate. Voice lessons, piano, drum kit, percussion including Mallets (marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, vibraphone) and timpani, guitar including acoustic, electric and bass, brass including cornet, tenor horn, french horn, euphonium, trombone, tuba, woodwind including flute, piccolo, clarinet, soprano saxophone and tenor saxophone, and strings including violin, cello and double bass are the lessons included under this scholarship.
  2. Public Speaking Bursary – learn to express yourself confidently: Under this bursary, students get discounted public speaking lessons from one of the university’s professional coaches.
  3. Free Ensemble Membership: This membership allows you to be a part of the university’s choir, chamber choir, voices, big band, brass band, concert band, drumline, string sinfonia, band development programme, or musical theatre.

External Scholarships

The university also accepts external scholarships along with the Nottingham Trent University scholarships. However, there are several rules that candidates must adhere to while including an external scholarship in their application. You can check these in one of the following sections or connect with the university to ensure your application still holds.

These external scholarships are accepted by the university:

  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships
  • Entente Cordiale Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria For Nottingham Trent University Scholarships

Even though each scholarship typically has varying eligibility criteria and requirements, there are a few standard factors that remain common for all. Check out the list of Nottingham Trent University scholarship requirements here:

  1. The applicant must have a valid offer from Nottingham Trent University for an eligible course. (Confetti courses are also valid)
  2. The applicant must be classed as an international student.
  3. The intake must be in January 2024 or September 2024 for any ongoing scholarships.

Terms & Conditions For Nottingham Trent University Scholarships

Source: @https://www.ntu.ac.uk/international/scholarships-and-fees/scholarships 

To ensure fairgrounds for all candidates, students must adhere to a set of terms and conditions for international scholarships. We have listed these below. Students can visit the official website of the university for detailed information.

  • Nottingham Trent International College (NTIC) progression students are not eligible for any of the scholarships.
  • International candidates who receive sponsorship from any employer, government or funding body will not receive Nottingham Trent University Scholarships.
  • Students studying at a partner institute will only be eligible for one of these – the NTU International Scholarship award or the Partner Progression Discount. The higher one will be applied.
  • External scholarships can be combined with NTU awards if the total deduction is less than 50% of the applicant’s tuition fee.
  • Applicants can only acquire one scholarship or award per academic year.
  • Any application received after the deadline has lapsed will automatically be considered for the next one.
  • Currently, no Nottingham Trent University PhD scholarships are available. Hence, Nottingham Trent University fully funded PhD cannot be pursued as of now.
  • Nottingham Trent University Scholarships are not transferable in any case.
  • The university typically responds within five weeks of the deadline.

Deadlines For Application

The applications for the September 2024 intake are currently open. However, there are four major intakes that students must consider, listed here. Just as the low Nottingham Trent University acceptance rate of 22%, the approval for scholarships is challenging. Even if you apply within the deadline, you may not acquire scholarships that are limited in number or have strict eligibility criteria.

  • Wednesday 28 February 2024, 16:00 GMT
  • Wednesday 10 April 2024, 16:00 GMT
  • Wednesday 1 May 2024, 16:00 GMT
  • Wednesday 26 June 2024, 16:00 GMT

How To Apply?

Once you’ve browsed through the eligibility criteria and requirements for the scholarship, you can apply through the university’s application form. Students are required to express in the application why they deserve the financial help and what makes them unique. Since only 500 words are given, students must take extreme caution while writing the application. Also, elaborate on your interests and achievements so the university’s authorities know your profile in-depth.


Q1. Does Nottingham Trent University offer scholarships for international students?

Ans: Yes, several Nottingham Trent University scholarships are available for international students. These include tuition fee waivers, awards and bursaries.

Q2. What types of scholarships does Nottingham Trent University offer?

Ans: Nottingham Trent University offers tuition fee waivers, awards, bursaries, discounted lessons for music and public speaking, and the chance to club several external scholarships too.

Q3. What is the maximum scholarship amount offered by Nottingham Trent University?

Ans: The maximum scholarship amount offered by Nottingham Trent University is 50% of the total tuition fee. Even while clubbing external scholarships, the total amount must not exceed 50% of tuition.

Q4. What is the application deadline for Nottingham Trent University scholarships?

Ans: The university accepts applications for scholarships in four batches. Thus, the four deadlines are 28 February 2024, 10 April 2024, 1 May 2024, and 26 June 2024.

Q5. Are there any merit-based scholarships available at Nottingham Trent University?

Ans: Almost all of the Nottingham Trent University Scholarships are merit-based. Authorities evaluate the student’s academic performance and achievements before allotting the scholarships.

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