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Northwest University Acceptance Rate 2024: Eligibility, Criteria, Fees

Northwest University Acceptance Rate

Northwest University, popularly referred to as NWU, is a private Christian university in Kirkland, Washington. It was founded in 1934  and acclaimed as one of the leading universities in the country. Regional acclamations accredit the university, and It has a small strength of students and observes exceptional retention and Northwest university acceptance rate

What Is the Northwest University Acceptance Rate?

Northwest University’s acceptance rate is 96%. It implies that out of every 100 applicants, 96 candidates are selected. Northwest University admissions are less selective; half of the applicants have SAT/ACT scores between 985-1210 and 24-32. The university observes an excellent retention rate of 83%, with full-time students continuing their education for the coming year. The students continued their education from fall 2019 to fall 2020. 

Northwest University has a satisfactory graduation rate, with 58% of students graduating among the full-time, first-time students in Fall 2014. However, many students who enrol are not first-time, as most are adult learners. 

Approximately half of the applicants admitted to Northwest University had SAT/ACT scores between 985-1210 or 24-32, with one quarter achieving above and one quarter below these ranges.

Here are the average standardised test scores required to accomplish the Northwest university acceptance rate

Standardised TestsAverage Score Range
SATCritical Reading- 25th percentile: 495; 75th percentile- 620 Maths- 25th percentile- 490; 75th percentile- 590
TOEFL 100 or higher 

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At  Northwest University? 

Northwest’s Acceptance rate is more achievable than many other institutions. Admissions officials consider student GPA an important academic factor, not class rank or letters of recommendation by the teachers to accomplish the acceptance rate and gain a seat on campus. It has a high acceptance rate, with 314 female students out of 325 and 140 males out of 148 males selected. 

It is an open admissions school that accepts nearly all students, but you may get rejected if you don’t meet all requirements. NWU has a “Highest Section” policy, allowing applicants to choose their highest section scores in SAT across all test dates before the final submission. 

Make sure to apply with essential details like transcripts for high school, GPA, standardised test scores, English language scores, letter of recommendation, and more. If the students apply early, they are more likely to get selected and complete Northwest University’s acceptance rate against all odds.

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What Is The Demographic Profile Of  Northwest University?

Northwest University’s acceptance rate is high and invites students worldwide. It enrols 1,871 students, with 1% international and 26% out-of-state students. It has a male-to-female student ratio of 34:66. It has a highly diverse culture catering to students worldwide with a student-to-faculty ratio of 8:1. The modern approach to education makes it highly popular among students.

The demographic profile of the ethnic distribution at Northwest University comprises: 

Student BodyPercent
African American

What Are The Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements For Northwest University?

The NU Admissions team helps students understand admissions requirements, tuition costs, and financial aid options. The undergraduate and graduate admissions have specified application requirements. Submitting official college transcripts, test scores, optional essays, etc., is crucial. Be a high school graduate or eligible for graduation before attending Northwest University. 

You can add other competitive exams or standardised test scores if you have a lower GPA. It strengthens the application and ensures that the students have a fair share of chances at the university. 

Here is an in-depth guide to applying at the Northwest and ensuring fulfilment of the Northwest university acceptance rate

  • Head to the website and choose the programme. 
  • Fill out the common application with details like name, residence, email, contact details, identity proof documents, etc. 
  • Make sure to submit the SAT, ACT, GPA, TOEFL, and IELTS scores to supplement the application. 
  • Pay the application fee of 30 USD. 
  • The admissions committee will check the strength of the application and evaluate the previous records, internships, etc., to select the students. 

The Northwest University Acceptance Rate |  Intakes & Deadlines 

Stanford offers intake sessions in Fall, Spring, or Winter, with a few courses available in Summer. The students can apply for early decisions and regular decisions. 

The early decision applicants can apply in the fall quarter by November 30; for early decision 2, the applicants can apply by January 15. The financial aid application deadline is scheduled for February 15. The deadline for regular decisions is August 1, while the students who apply in the spring session can apply via regular decisions by December 15. 

It is highly recommended that the students apply via early decision to have a fair shot at the application and enhance their Northwest University acceptance rate manifolds. 

What Can You Expect After Admission To  Northwest University? 

Northwestern University is known for its outstanding research facility with 90 school-based and 50 University research centres, with an interdisciplinary culture and research in neuroscience, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and drug discovery. The average salary of graduates six years after starting school amounts to 40,000 USD. 

Once students get accepted into Northwest University, they experience one of the best education systems in the USA. The open admissions policy caters to a broad audience, ensuring that students from a wide array of phases of life or countries can build a living by studying at Northwestern University. 

Programmes Offered 

Northwest University offers over 100 undergraduate, graduate, and online student programmes. The students can choose their favourite programmes from a wide selection offered by the university. Some of the popular undergraduate programmes are Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics, Audio Production, Biblical and Theological Studies, Business Administration, Church and Ministry Leadership, Communication Studies, Educational Studies, History and Politics, Intercultural Studies, Management, Marketing, and Music; Graduate programmes in Doctor of Psychology in Counseling Psychology, PhD in Organisational Leadership, Master of Arts in Teaching, Bible and Theology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and Community Economic Development; and online programmes like Online Master in Ministry, Teaching, Bible and Theology, Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


Some of the facilities of Northwest University include Butterfield Chapel, Argue Health and Sciences Centre, Residence Halls, Millard Theatre and Hall, Gymnasium, SMART Classrooms, Pecota Student Centre, and dining halls. 


The average tuition fee costs 34,500 USD annually. 29% of students receive an income-based Pell Grant for low-income students. The student can also apply for financial aid, with the average package of financial assistance costing 20,752 USD. International students receive grants worth 22,522 USD per year. 


Northwest university has a vast alumni association with the best facilities and people worldwide. The alumni members can gain access to the alumni newsletter, Free Estate Planning Consultation, Eagle Fitness Center, Library, and Hotel Discounts. The alumni association is in touch with more  than 300,000 members worldwide. Some notable alumni names include David Schwimmer, Warren Beatty, Zooey Deschanel,  Ann‑Margret, Hugh Hefner, and Shelley Long. 


North Western University is a renowned institute with a unitary and integrated campus focused on developing students through globally competitive teaching. The acceptance rate is competitive, and the students must meet the university requirements by the information shared on the standardised test score, admission process etc.

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Northwest University Acceptance Rate

Northwest University Acceptance Rate 2024: Eligibility, Criteria, Fees

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