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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

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MS in USA without GRE: Benefits, Documents Needed, Top Universities & More!

MS in usa without gre

Studying in the USA has become the dream of a lifetime for many students. It is a country which holds opportunities to study the rarest to the most common courses and has future prospects blooming in all 3 seasons. Students prepare their applications to apply in the USA with high grades and extracurriculars but somehow are left behind in the GRE. Not to be discouraged at all because MS in USA without GRE is completely possible! Read through our blog to know more!

Top Universities Offering MS In USA Without GRE

A growing list of graduate schools in the USA have come to the decision that students don’t need to submit a GRE score. This can be applicable to some courses only in the US. It’s necessary that you have a look at the below table highlighting masters in USA without GRE:

Name of the UniversityMasters Programs In USA Without GRE
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceMS AeronauticsMS Astronautics
University of California, BerkeleyMS in Information and Data Science
University of Illinois at Urbana – ChampaignMS in Computer Science
University of Southern CaliforniaMS in Computer ScienceMS in Electrical Engineering
University of California, San DiegoMS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of ArizonaMS in Computer Science
University of MichiganMS in Information Programme
University of Colorado BoulderMS in Electrical Engineering
Oregon State UniversityMS in Business Analytics
Northeastern UniversityComputer Sciences

Is The GRE Compulsory For An MS In The USA?

No, taking the GRE exam is not compulsory for getting a Master’s degree in the USA. However, top universities might require it. It is usually preferred as an additional component that can help make your profile stand out. 

MS in USA without GRE is possible under certain circumstances, these can be read below: 

  • Having a high GPA, usually 3.0 or above on a scale of 4.0
  • Already holding a graduate degree
  • Work experience of at least 3 – 5 years, especially in the field of study you want to be in. 

You can take the example of the Illinois Institute of Technology which is one of the US universities without GRE for MS. It admits students with a minimum of 3.0/4.0 GPA to apply without submitting GRE scores for any of their master’s programmes. 

Benefits Of A GRE Waiver

The purpose of a GRE waiver is to provide students with alternate pathways to get admission to a graduate school. It allows students to enter graduate programmes without having to take the lengthy and costly GRE. 

The main reasons can be read below: 

To Provide An Alternate Admission Avenue: Instead of just one test, many universities let you apply in different ways for graduate programmes. This will give you more flexibility in how you apply. 

To Attract Diverse Students: Universities can bring in students from different backgrounds and strengths by allowing for master degree in USA without GRE. 

To Make It More Accessible: Let’s be real, standardised tests can be tough for some students, whether it’s the costs or other challenges. Universities in USA without GRE for MS make sure that students with potential aren’t shut out. 

To Value Real-World Experience: Some programmes care more about your internships, jobs, research etc. than just book knowledge. Prioritising students with practical experience allows universities to admit more ready-for-the-field applicants. 

To Customise Requirements: Departments can set their own entry criteria which will be specific to the programme rather than a one-size-fits-all test. 

To Make Applying Easier: At the end of the day, MS in USA without GRE means one less hurdle. You can apply directly without months of GRE prep and costs.

Know More: GMAT vs GRE

Alternatives To A GRE Test To Get Admitted In The USA

GRE scores in the USA are substituted for many other relevant tests such as:

  • SAT in the case of Law School programmes
  • GMAT for admission to Management programmes
  • MCAT for prospective medical students. 

How To Apply To US Universities Without GRE?

Well-reputed universities have now started considering GRE waivers for students. In replacement for that, students have to submit the below-mentioned documents: 

Details Requirements
Academic RequirementsTranscriptsGPA – 3.0 on a scale of 4.060% in 12th and 70% in Bachelor’s
English Language RequirementsIELTS: 6.0TOEFL: 110+
Other Documents2-3 LORs1 SOPResume/CVPassportFinancial Documents


Which countries don’t need a GRE score?

All countries accept this score, however, it is not compulsory to submit in many. 

Is MS in US without GRE possible?

Yes, this is completely possible! You can apply to MIT, the University of California, Berkeley and many others listed above to skip this score!

What is the age limit for MS in USA?

There is no specific age limit for studying MS in the USA. However, you should pass the target criteria to apply.

What is the monthly living expenditure for the cost of MS in the USA for Indian students?

You will have to pitch in an average of $500 – $1100 per month while studying MS in the USA.

What are some alternate tests to the GRE in the USA?

LSAT, MCAT and SAT are some alternate tests to the GRE.

Can I take a GMAT instead of a GRE to study in the USA?

Yes, you can take a GMAT instead of a GRE to study in the USA. Although, this depends on what the university is asking the student. 

What is the application fee for the GRE?

The application test for the GRE is ₹22,550 in India. 

Is GRE difficult to crack?

GRE is difficult compared to IELTS, SAT and others. However, not as much as GMAT.

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MS in usa without gre

MS in USA without GRE: Benefits, Documents Needed, Top Universities & More!

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