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Know All About Mercer University Admission In 2024

Mercer University Admission

Mercer University is a Georgian gem and acts as the academic heartbeat of the city. The university has been spreading its academic wings since 1885 with additional campuses in Atlanta, Savannah and Columbus. Fall 2022 undergraduate enrollment saw over 4,859 students being admitted to its campus. Over the years, the business programme has taken the lead as the most popular major. Adding to that, Princeton Review nods that they’re one of the “Colleges with a Conscience.” Beyond the accolades, Mercer University ingrains a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, a commitment reflected in its notable alumni, including legal commentator and television journalist Nancy Grace. Find all about Mercer University Admission in our interactive blog! 

Mercer University Admission Requirements

Mercer University has been on a stellar trajectory. They offer top-ranked programmes in fields like Engineering, Business, Law, Journalism, Marketing, Mass Communication and many more – recognised as some of the best in the world. But that’s not all that shines bright here. Mercer University acceptance rate is 73%. That means your path to achieving your academic dreams just got a whole lot smoother. Once you’re here, you can expect prompt and personalised attention from the welcoming Mercer University admission team every step of the way. 

Mercer University admission requirements from scores and documents are highlighted here.

Application Process

  1. Explore Mercer’s diverse programmes – find your academic fit!
  2. Check specific requirements on the website. Such as Mercer University IELTS requirements, gpa requirements and others. 
  3. Prepare for transcripts, scores, recommendations and essays (if required).
  4. Apply through the university portal or through the Common Application.
  5. Track updates and reach out to admissions for support if needed. 

Mercer University Application Deadline

Mercer University Admission team follows an easy process with common undergraduate deadlines for both rolling (regular decision) and early decision applications. While graduate courses share a common deadline, specific deadlines may vary based on the course. To ensure a smooth application process, be sure to complete the application, submit the required documents, and pay the necessary fees before these deadlines.  

Undergraduate Deadlines

Important dates and deadlines for Mercer University 2024 undergraduate admission process.

Postgraduate Deadlines

Important dates and deadlines for Mercer University 2024 postgraduate admission process.

Student Demographics

Mercer University’s student demographics go beyond boundaries of several countries. Find more information on this below:

Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students 

Mercer University’s student body is approximately 8,759 individuals, who are guided by a faculty of 1,892 dedicated members. The university houses an international student population representing approximately 13% of the total enrollment, hailing from 56 countries worldwide. This rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives enriches the Mercer experience, making it a truly global institution of higher learning. 

Racial Diversity

Let’s take a closer look at Mercer University’s undergrad scene. The majority clocks in at 49.3%, who are white, while a significant 25.3% represents the Black or African American community. The mix continues with 6.5% are Hispanics, 8.6% are Asians and 0.3% falling into the ‘other’ category. This diversity isn’t just stats on paper; it’s the real-life makeup of Mercer’s student body across the United States and spanning 56 countries globally. 

This pie diagram indicates Mercer University's growing diversity on-campus.

Scholarships Offered

Impressively, 90% of students who apply here receive merit upon Mercer University admission. Adding to that, 75% – 90% are covered by the federal state and Mercer-funded scholarships. Since the university also has observed the rising cost of studying in the USA, here are some of the attractive scholarships at Mercer University.  

Mercer University scholarships and the funded amount to students can be found here.

Student Life

Mercer University’s Macon campus is a sprawling 150-acre canvas where every corner tells a story. Here is Macon campus map for easier navigation.

Where Ideas Converge: Mercer’s campus hosts schools for Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Music and Business.

Architectural Marvels: The 98,000 sq ft library is a fortress of knowledge. There are 40 scattered buildings, including dining areas and academic facilities, Mercer’s campus is a living architectural wonder.

A Home Away from Home: Mercer goes beyond accommodation; it’s a community within walls. Residence halls such as Boone Hall, Dowell Hall, Legacy Hall and others provide comfortable living on-campus.  

Cheers to Sports Frenzy: Feel the energy of Mercer’s Athletics department in a 3,500-seat basketball arena, an indoor swimming pool, a gym and intramural basketball courts.

Social Harmony: There are over 150 student organisations to participate in. From academic passion to club sports and faith-based connections, theres so much more to explore after successful Mercer University admission. 

Key Takeaways

Historical Roots and Vision: MU has evolved into an institution since 1833. Moreover, Mercer University admission rate stands at 73%. 

Eligibility Criteria: The intricate eligibility criteria showcase Mercer’s commitment to academic excellence, requiring standardised test scores, official transcripts, English language proficiency, letters of recommendation and financial support documents.

Campus Marvels: The sprawling 150-acre campus in Macon is home to schools for Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Music and Business. Architectural wonders include a 98,000 sq ft library and 40 buildings.

Diverse Student Population: There are approximately 8,759 students and a faculty of 1,892 with 13% international students representing 56 countries.

Inclusive Racial Diversity: The racial diversity mirrors real-life demographics, with white students at 49.3%, Hispanic at 25.3% and a vibrant mix of Black, Asian, international, multi-ethnic and ‘other’ categories contributing to Mercer’s unique atmosphere.

Campus Life Highlights: Mercer has over 150 student organisations and a diverse array of programmes across Arts, Business, Communication, Journalism, IT, Education, Engineering, Law and Healthcare.


Is Mercer University admission hard?

The acceptance rate stands at 73% which indicates that the university has a selective admission process. 

What is the deadline to apply to Mercer University?

There are usually 3 intakes in the USA. For postgraduate students at Mercer university, the fall deadline is July 1. Secondly, the spring semester deadline is December 1 and summer deadline is April 1. 

What are Mercer University GPA requirements?

You will need an average GPA of 3.94 on a scale of 4.0 to get in. 

What are Mercer University GRE requirements

A minimum of 40 percentile in the verbal section and 60 percentile in the quantitative section is required.

What is Mercer University famous for?

Mercer is the oldest university in the state of Georgia apart from having some of the best programmes. 

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Mercer University Admission

Know All About Mercer University Admission In 2024

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