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Mercer University Acceptance Rate in 2024 for International Students

Mercer University Acceptance Rate

Mercer University is a journey that began in 1833 with the vision of Georgia Baptists and the guidance of the inspirational Baptist minister, Father Adiel Sherwood. In exploring this charismatic institution, we’re not just delving into facts; we’re uncovering the beating heart of an institution that has defied expectations. There is so much to learn from Mercer University acceptance rate to rankings, tuition and beyond. 

The university is spread across campuses in Macon, Atlanta, Savannah and Columbus, with two regional academic centres, a university press and five teaching hospitals, Mercer University is not just a place of learning; it’s an experience in itself. Our Mercer University acceptance rate blog navigates the exciting terrain of the university and its culture. Get ready to discover what makes Mercer University a unique and compelling destination for those who seek not just education, but an adventure in knowledge.  

What is the Mercer University Acceptance Rate in 2024?

Mercer University acceptance rate for international students hovers at approximately 75% this shows a balanced blend of selectivity and inclusivity. Moreover, early birds enjoy an even higher acceptance rate of 84.5% which makes it easier for prospective students to secure their spot.

For those curious about the numbers, these are the insights of the admitted pool. Among applicants who submitted test scores, half fall within the SAT range of 1190 to 1360 or boast an ACT score between 26 and 31. It’s a glimpse into the academic landscape at Mercer, where scores tell a part of the story, but the vibrant student community completes the narrative. 

Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students 

Mercer University’s student body is approximately 8,759 individuals, who are guided by a faculty of 1,892 dedicated members. The university houses an international student population representing approximately 13% of the total enrollment, hailing from 56 countries worldwide. This rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives enriches the Mercer experience, making it a truly global institution of higher learning. 

Racial Diversity

Let’s take a closer look at Mercer University’s undergrad scene. The majority clocks in at 49.3%, who are white, while a significant 25.3% represents the Black or African American community. The mix continues with 6.5% are Hispanics, 8.6% are Asians and 0.3% falling into the ‘other’ category. This diversity isn’t just stats on paper; it’s the real-life makeup of Mercer’s student body across the United States and spanning 56 countries globally. 

Mercer University Acceptance Rate

Now leading the pack among the Mercer University graduate student population, 49.5% identify as white, while 12.4% are Blacks or African Americans and Asians. Adding to the mix, 4.9% proudly represent the Hispanic community and an adventurous 17.1% bring an international flair. It doesn’t end there; with 3.7% falling into the ‘Unknown’ category, and a bold 24.6% identifying as Multi-Ethnic. The racial diversity here is reflected in the vibrant stories and perspectives that converge to create an academic atmosphere that’s truly one-of-a-kind. 

Student Life in Mercer University

Mercer University’s campus finds its home on a sprawling 150-acre canvas in Macon, where every nook has its tale. Here’s a map of the Mercer University, Macon campus, navigating you through the heart of learning and community. 

A detailed map of Mercer University campus, highlighting key locations and features.

1. Where Minds Collide

Mercer’s campus houses schools for Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Music and Business.

Mercer Campus in fall: A vibrant university campus with schools for Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Music, and Business.

2. Architectural Wonders

The 98,000 sq ft library is a fortress of knowledge. With 40 buildings scattered around, including on-campus dining gems and academic facilities, Mercer’s campus is a living, breathing architectural marvel.

A majestic brick building with a clock tower stands tall, representing Mercer University's rich architectural heritage.

3. A Nest Away from Home

Mercer ensures more than just accommodation; it’s a community within walls. Welcome to your home away from home. 

Front view of Mercer University apartment building with a walkway - your home away from home.

4. Cheers to Sports Fever

Feel the pulse of Mercer’s Athletics department in a 3,500-seat basketball arena, an indoor swimming pool, a gym and intramural basketball courts. 

A vibrant indoor arena filled with orange seats and a lively crowd, showcasing the energetic atmosphere of Mercer University's Athletics department.

5. The Social Tapestry

There are over 150 student organisations to participate in. Academic zeal, club sports, faith-based connections – these groups aren’t just organisations; they’re the threads weaving the fabric of Mercer’s unique community life.

Students immersed in books at a table, reflecting the vibrant academic community fostered by Mercer University's 150+ student organizations.

Programmes At Mercer University

The university opens its doors to 180+ programmes across Arts, Business, Communication, Journalism, IT, Education, Engineering, Law and Healthcare. Here you have the chance to dive into live virtual classes of arts and explore virtual tours of museums, countries and wildlife. With a 13:1 student-faculty ratio, evening classes offer flexibility for students who are engrossed in their professional lives. If you’ve achieved the Mercer University acceptance rate, these are the programmes to apply for:

Name of the programmeFees
M.S Accountacy – MACC$19,200 /Yr
M.S Business Analytics$20,596 /Yr
M.S Cybersecurity$27,276 /Yr
M.B.A$27,868 /Yr

Eligibility Criteria

In this section of our Mercer University Acceptance rate, you can have a look at the intricate eligibility criteria:

Standardised Test ScoresSAT scores 1280 and ACT composite score of minimum 27 is required.
TranscriptsOfficial transcripts of High school/College degree with a GPA of 3.94 plus or equivalent.These transcripts must be attested by the issuing university or Board.
English Language ProficiencyIELTS 6.5, TOEFL iBT 80 for international non-native English speaking applicants.
Other DocumentsLetters of recommendation from teachers and counsellors are required. Financial support documents. Statement of Purpose

Key Take-Aways About Mercer University Acceptance Rate

  • Historical Roots and Vision: MU has evolved into an institution defying expectations and offering a unique blend of education and experience since 1833. Moreover, Mercer University acceptance rate stands at 73%. 
  • Campus Marvels: The sprawling 150-acre campus in Macon is home to schools for Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Music and Business. Architectural wonders include a 98,000 sq ft library and 40 buildings.
  • Diverse Student Population: There are approximately 8,759 students and a faculty of 1,892 with 13% international students representing 56 countries.
  • Inclusive Racial Diversity: The racial diversity mirrors real-life demographics, with white students at 49.3%, Hispanic at 25.3% and a vibrant mix of Black, Asian, international, multi-ethnic and ‘other’ categories contributing to Mercer’s unique atmosphere.
  • Graduate Student Diversity: The graduate student population follows suit, with 49.5% white, 12.4% each for Black and Asian students, 4.9% Hispanic and a bold 17.1% international representation.
  • Campus Life Highlights: Mercer’s campus life unfolds with a sports enthusiast’s haven, over 150 student organisations and a diverse array of programmes across Arts, Business, Communication, Journalism, IT, Education, Engineering, Law and Healthcare.
  • Programme Offerings and Flexibility: The university opens its doors with 180+ programmes, offering virtual classes, tours and a flexible 13:1 student-faculty ratio.
  • Affordable Programmes: Mercer University provides a snapshot of its programme fees, making higher education accessible with a range of options, from M.S in Preclinical Sciences to M.B.A.
  • Eligibility Criteria: The intricate eligibility criteria showcase Mercer’s commitment to academic excellence, requiring standardised test scores, official transcripts, English language proficiency, letters of recommendation and financial support documents.


Is it hard to get into Mercer University?

Mercer University has an acceptance rate of 73%. Moreover early birds enjoy a much higher acceptance rate of 84.5%. Therefore it is not difficult to get into the university if you have the right scores and grades. 

What GPA do you need for Mercer University?

The average GPA at Mercer University is 3.86 on a scale of 4.0. 

Does Mercer University require IELTS?

Yes, you will have to submit a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 to get in. 

Can I find information on the Mercer University acceptance rate for specific programs or majors?

The acceptance rate remains the same for all programs and majors and Mercer University i.e 73%

Do international students have a different acceptance rate at Mercer University?

No, international students also have the same acceptance rate as domestic students at Mercer University i.e 73%.

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Mercer University Acceptance Rate

Mercer University Acceptance Rate in 2024 for International Students

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