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MBA In Healthcare Management In UK 2024: Fees, Top Universities

mba in healthcare management in uk

The United Kingdom is the leading destination for Indian students who want to pursue their higher education abroad. MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK is among the popular postgraduate programmes. It addresses various elements of the healthcare industry, from organisation to management and operations. The UK has advanced research facilities and abundant resources to help MBA health management UK students develop careers. 

This read will help you understand how to start a career in healthcare management. 


Why Study MBA In Hospital Administration In The UK?

The UK is preferred for Indian students who want to study healthcare. Some of the benefits of learning in the UK include:

  • Organised curriculum: The top universities offer different core and optional modules for various MBA programmes to give you a well-organised curriculum.
  • Immense career scope: The UK hosts top recruiters willing and ready to hire graduates for various positions, provided you meet selection requirements.
  • Top-notch healthcare system: The UK has a world-class healthcare system with state-of-the-art facilities guaranteeing the best training for all students.
  • Financial assistance: Student loans, scholarships, grants, and fellowship programmes can help you fund your studies abroad.
  • Competitive salaries: Once you complete your MBA in the UK for Indian students, many job opportunities are paying well.

Top Universities For MBA Health Management UK

The UK hosts top global universities offering the best MBA alternatives. These universities rank highly and also have good career development opportunities after graduation. The best universities for an MBA in healthcare management in the UK include:

UniversityCourse NameCourse Duration
University College LondonMBA Health1 – 2 yearsPart-time | Full-time
Coventry UniversityGlobal Healthcare Management and Leadership MBA1 yearFull-time
Anglia Ruskin UniversityMBA Healthcare Management1 – 2 yearsPart-time | Full-time
University of RoehamptonMBA Healthcare Management2 yearsFull-time
University of BedfordshireBusiness Administration (Hospital & Health Services Management) MBA1 yearFull-time
York St John UniversityHealthcare Management MBA1 – 2 yearsPart-time | Full-time
University of GloucestershireGlobal Business Administration (Healthcare Leadership and Management) MBA1 – 2 years
Edinburgh Napier UniversityMBA (Healthcare Management)21 monthsOnline
Wrexham UniversityMBA Healthcare Management- online2 yearsOnline
University of BoltonMBA (Global Healthcare Management) top-up1 year

Despite the difference in course durations and time, you’ll require a solid statement of purpose for MBA to get an offer to study in either of the top universities.

Eligibility Criteria For MBA In Hospital Administration In UK

To qualify for a space in a top or any university offering MBA healthcare management courses in UK, there are a set of entry requirements to meet. These requirements are divided into various categories:

  • Academic qualifications: You must have a 2:1 undergraduate degree with a minimum percentage of 55% – 75%.
  • Entrance exams: The scores for entrance exams for MBA in healthcare management in the UK are GRE: 300-320 | GMAT: 500-600
  • English language proficiency: You should meet the following English test scores: IELTS: 7-7.5, TOEFL: 100-120, and PTE: 62.
  • Work experience: 3 – 4 years of work experience in the field is mandatory.
  • UK student visa: You must make visa applications in time, usually a month before the commencement of studies. However, the process of how to get student visa for the UK can be delayed during peak periods.

Documents Required For MBA Healthcare Management In UK

Upon submitting your MBA Health Management UK application, you must attach various documentation. They help prove your claims and ascertain your qualifications. Some of the necessary documents include:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of all test scores
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • SOP for an MBA in the UK
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Permit to study in the UK
  • CV/Resume

Admission Process For MBA Healthcare Management Course In UK

If you are interested in studying MBA healthcare management courses in the UK, there is a systematic procedure to follow to ensure you qualify for admission. The step-by-step guide involves the following:

Step 1: Research the best universities offering the programme. Screen through the alternatives and choose one university

Step 2: Complete the online application form correctly fill up all the required details without leaving any necessary field empty. 

Step 4: Upload all the necessary documents. To be considered for the UK market, you should follow the correct SOP format, as all foreign countries have designated formats.

Step 5: Prepare for the interview rounds. You can practise for the interviews or get help from UniScholars counsellors. 

Step 6: Once you have received the offer to study at the university, organise your finances and start your visa application process as soon as possible.

Cost Of Studying Healthcare Management In UK

Studying healthcare MBA UK comes at a cost. Consider the various tuition fees to decide if you can cover the tuition fees. Consider the cost of living in the UK, especially for the city where your university of choice is located.

UniversityAnnual Tuition Fees (GBP)
University College London23,000 – 45,000
Coventry University22,000
Anglia Ruskin University10,000 – 19000
University of Roehampton15,000
University of Bedfordshire15 
York St John University10,000 – 12,000 
University of Gloucestershire11000
Edinburgh Napier University6000
Wrexham University2,800
University of BoltonNot specified

Scholarship For MBA In Healthcare Management In UK Universities

Covering the study costs of universities in the UK can prove challenging to some students. However, there are financial aid options that can help you cater for your fees, wholly or partly. Some of the UK scholarships for Indian students you should consider applying for include:

ScholarshipBenefits (GBP)
Inlaks Scholarship73000
Dean’s Impact Scholarship249
Cambridge Judge Dean’s Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement15000
GREAT Scholarship9600
Chevening ScholarshipTuition fee, monthly stipend, and travel cost
Felix Scholarships100% course fees, living costs, and a flight ticket
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship SchemeFully-funded
The Executive MBA Scholarship for Women50% of the tuition fees
COLFUTURO ScholarshipUp to 30% of the tuition fees
Manchester Merit Scholarships
Rhodes Scholarship
Vidal Health Scholarship

Job Scope After Healthcare MBA UK

When studying abroad, it is always essential to consider going for the highest paying MBA specializations. This will give you a good return on investment as you can settle in well and pay off any accrued debt while studying. The top roles after studying MBA healthcare management courses in UK include:

Job ProspectAverage Salary (INR)
CEO or Hospital Manager1.4 CR
Biostatistician64 L
Medical Practical Manager58 L
Medical Superintendent52 L
Healthcare Finance Manager50 L
Public Health Educator37.8L
Hospital Operations Executive28 L
Healthcare Administrator27 L


Who Is Eligible For MBA In Healthcare Management In The UK?

Applicants who meet entry requirements, such as a minimum of 55-75% in undergraduate 2:1 degree, may be admitted. Institutions may also admit those getting 2:2 degrees with 5+ years of work experience, PTE/IELTS scores, and work experience of at least three years.

Is Healthcare Management In Demand In UK?

Healthcare management is in high demand among the UK’s private and public healthcare institutions, institutes, consulting firms, insurance companies, hospitals, etc. Graduates are also regularly hired by government organisations like the NHS.

Is Healthcare Management A Good Career In UK?

An MBA in Healthcare management yields a promising career in the UK for several reasons, including job prospects, access to state-of-the-art facilities, high-quality education, a world-class healthcare industry, and top universities.

What Is The Salary Of MBA In Healthcare Management?

The salary for job opportunities after an MBA in healthcare management will depend on the selected job prospect. For instance, a healthcare administrator will earn INR 27 lakhs in a year. You can earn as much as INR 1.4 Cr as a CEO or hospital manager.

What Is The Scope Of An MBA In Healthcare Management?

You can get management roles such as hospital manager, medical practical manager, or healthcare finance manager. You can also get administrative roles like healthcare administrator, hospital operations executive, or CEO.

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MBA In Healthcare Management In UK 2024: Fees, Top Universities

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