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Humboldt University Of Berlin Acceptance Rate 2024 [Updated]

humboldt university of berlin acceptance rate

The Humboldt University of Berlin is without a doubt one of Germany’s greatest educational institutions. Since its inception in 1810, the institution has served as a centre of distinction for advanced study across disciplines. It is one of the top universities in Berlin, offering more than 180 courses across fields and allowing students to pursue interdisciplinary courses. There is fierce rivalry for admission, as evidenced by the Humboldt University of Berlin acceptance rate for international students is 18%. One of the best aspects of Humboldt University, or any public university in Germany, is that students pay a minimum fee. Tuition is waived at the university, and students pay a very low charge when compared to private universities in Germany. If you’re tempted enough, why waste time over submitting that application? Read our blog to be even more convinced!

What is the Humboldt University Of Berlin Acceptance Rate?

Humboldt makes it to the list of universities with a high acceptance rate in Germany. This is because its acceptance rate stands at just 18% as of 2024. Out of 36,566 who study on its campus, 5,484 are international students. This indicates how high the competition is in securing admission to the Humboldt University of Berlin. 

The Humboldt University Of Berlin Ranking

  • According to the most recent QS World University Rankings, it is ranked 128th.
  • Humboldt University’s subject rankings are among the finest in the world, and it is ranked 20th in the QS World University Rankings.
  • The academic credentials of the university are among the best in the world, with a score of 90.3 out of 100 in the most recent rankings.

Humboldt University Courses And Fees

Humboldt University provides one of the most diverse courses available to students at all levels of study. Law, Engineering, Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, MBA, Finance, Economics, Agricultural Sciences, Liberal Arts and Humanities, Psychology, History, and other topics are available to students. The best aspect about the courses is that they can be pursued at a very low fee making your cost of living in Berlin quite cheap. 

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For some courses, such as Psychology, the Humboldt University of Berlin admission rate is as low as 2%, while for others, such as Philosophy and Ethics, the acceptance rate is close to 5%. It could be as high as 20% for other courses. In a nutshell, the administration does not place a high value on the Humboldt University of Berlin acceptance rate. Students must fill out an application form and then wait for a response from the university to be admitted. Admission is based on several characteristics, which vary from course to course.

CourseFees Duration 
Agricultural EconomicsNo Tuition Fee2 years
American StudiesNo Tuition Fee2 years
British StudiesNo Tuition Fee2 years
Business AdministrationNo Tuition Fee2 years
Comparative Law Studies in German, European and Chinese LawNo Tuition Fee 2 years 
EconomicsNo Tuition Fee2 years
Economics and Management ScienceNo Tuition Fee2 years
English LiteratureNo Tuition Fee2 years
Fish Biology, Fisheries, and AquacultureNo Tuition Fee2 years
Global Change Geography- The physical geography of the human-environment system No Tuition Fee2 years
Global Studies ProgrammeNo Tuition Fee2 years
Horticultural ScienceNo Tuition Fee2 years
International Dispute Resolution4500 Euro per semester1 year
International RelationshipNo Tuition Fee2 years
Open Design1800 Euro per semester2 years
Transatlantic Masters4260 Euro per semester2 years
Euro masters (Contemporary Studies) 2800 Euro per semester 2 years

As may be seen, about 90% of courses have no tuition price. As a result, Humboldt University not only ensures great education but also covers tuition expenses. The cost of education is usually a significant aspect of studying abroad, and most courses at the university are either free or very inexpensive. Considering the job opportunities available after completing the course, the overall cost of studying at Humboldt University is insignificant.

humboldt university of berlin acceptance rate

Language Requirements For Humboldt University

 English Proficiency Test MinimumMaximum
IELTS Band5 for 2 programmes7.5 for 1 programme
TOEFL Score72 for 2 programmes100 for 5 programmes
Cambridge Levels B2 First (FCE) for 12 programmes  C2 Proficiency (CPE) for 12 programmes 

The language requirement for Humboldt University is similar to that of any other overseas university. Students may choose to take any of the above-mentioned tests. In some circumstances, there may be rules about the test that must be taken to study for a specific course. It’s best to double-check with the faculty or school where the student plans to take the course.

Other Eligibility Requirements For Humboldt University 

Students can look at the exact prerequisites for the programme to which they want to apply on the university’s website. Every course has some basic requirements that must be met to be admitted. For example, students wishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree must have completed the 12th grade. This is generally what is required to be submitted:

  • A certified copy of your higher education entrance qualification, along with an official translation
  • A summary detailing your subjects and grades
  • Certified copies of any relevant previous higher education certificates
  • A passport photograph
  • A photocopy of your passport, featuring your name and photograph
  • Certified copies of language certificates

The remainder of the requirements are course-specific. For master’s courses at the Humboldt University of Berlin, students may be required to demonstrate job experience, including internships completed during their undergraduate studies. Similarly, the course given at the PhD level programme may require additional skills, but this depends on the course for which the student has applied.

Application Deadlines

These are the important dates and deadlines for the upcoming year. The application dates for winter and summer intake 2024 have officially closed.

Winter Semester 2025May 31, 2024
Summer Semester 2025November 30, 2024.

How Does Humboldt Select Its Applicants?

At Humboldt University of Berlin, the selection process goes beyond just grades. They appreciate a general view of applicants, taking into account not only academic achievements but also factors like extracurricular involvement, personal statements, recommendation letters and occasionally interviews or entrance exams. The weight given to each factor can vary, so it’s a good idea to delve into the specific admission requirements of Humboldt University and your chosen programme for the most accurate details.

Key Takeaways

Admission Challenge: The competition is fierce which is evident in the university’s 18% acceptance rate for international students.

Cost-Effective Education: Humboldt University offers a financial boon for students, especially for about 90% of courses with no tuition costs.The average tuition fees are €10 000 per year. 

Variable Acceptance Rates: Acceptance rate for some courses can range from as low as 2% for Psychology to 20%.

Language Requirements: The IELTS minimum score is 5.0 – 7.5 and the TOEFL score ranges from 72-100.

Application Dates: Winter Semester 2025 – May 31, 2024; Summer Semester 2025 – November 30, 2024.


1. What is the current Humboldt University Of Berlin acceptance rate for masters? 

Acceptance rate for some courses can range from as low as 2% for Psychology to 20%. The overall acceptance rate is 18%. 

2. What programmes and majors are offered at the Humboldt University of Berlin?

Some of the popular disciplines include humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and medicine. The university provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes, allowing students to pursue their academic interests and career goals.

3. How can I apply?

You typically need to submit an online application through the university’s admissions portal. You may be required to provide academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose and in some cases, additional entrance examinations or language proficiency tests. 

4. What is the tuition fee at Humboldt University of Berlin?

Tuition fees for a two-year programme have an average number of €10 000 to be paid each year. 

5. Does the Humboldt University of Berlin offer scholarships or financial aid?

Yes, Humboldt University of Berlin offers Elsa-Neumann Scholarship, Erasmus+ Partner Countries Scholarships and others. 

6. What is campus life like at Humboldt University of Berlin?

There are numerous student organisations, clubs, and societies catering to a wide range of interests, allowing students to engage in extracurricular activities and community building. 

PS: If there’s anything more you want to know about, add it to the comments section!

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humboldt university of berlin acceptance rate

Humboldt University Of Berlin Acceptance Rate 2024 [Updated]

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