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How To Apply To Cambridge University 

Cambridge University was established in 1209 and is the third oldest University in the world. Great names such as Sir Isaac Newton, Alan Turing, Sylvia Plath, and Francis Bacon to name a few have been part of this great University. Their motto ‘Hinc lucem et pocula sacra’ which means ‘from this place, we gain enlightenment and precious knowledge is true to this very day.’ The University has around 12,940 undergraduates and 11,330 postgraduate students and each one of them has dedicated more than time and effort to be part of Cambridge. To make things easy, we have briefly put together a blog on how to apply at Cambridge University for the year 2023.

A Guide To The Application Process

Choose Course 

When you are searching on how to apply to Cambridge University it is important to know that course selection is a vital part of this process. This course will be something that you will be pursuing for the rest of your stay in Cambridge hence there should be passion involved too. Cambridge offers a wide range of courses to choose from for undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. There is an alphabetically organised course list on the website to go through.


Each course has its unique set of requirements, in order to be eligible for it, it is key to understand them. The course might require written work or even certain assessments from the applicant. These have to be provided within the deadline to avoid any rejection. An important step when figuring out how to apply to Cambridge University.

Choose A College 

Cambridge University is a confederation of 31 colleges, each of which has its own traits and history. The individual can either opt for any of the colleges or go with an open application (if selected the institute can freely make the choice for the student based on requirements). Figuring about each college of Cambridge is good when researching ‘How to apply to Cambridge University.


The application process is done on UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Services). Here the candidate would have to fill in details about themselves and in some cases submit transcripts too. The application form is to be submitted before the University deadline to be considered.


The next step in how to apply to Cambridge University depends on the application submitted. If the application is seen fit then interviews are conducted with the application to derive more information for a clear connection between the two parties.


The last step on the path of ‘How to apply to Cambridge University’ is receiving either approval or rejection with regard to the application. The decision is usually announced before the end of January.


1. How to apply to Cambridge University as an international student?

The procedure to apply to Cambridge University takes place online through a portal called UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Services). The admission process starts early for Cambridge as there usually is a large number of applications that come in and the institute provides equal time to all the applications. Be extra careful with the application process as this is an important step in the process.

2. Is it hard to get into Cambridge University?

A University with advanced facilities, accomplished faculty, an immersive ecosystem and impressive alumni will only admit the best students into its binds. Besides, everyone wants to be part of this prestigious University and hence the competition is also tremendous. You will need to be at the top of your game to make your way into the University and be part of history. Students wondering ‘How can I apply for Cambridge University’ must know that hard work and dedication is the answer.

3. How to apply for Cambridge Scholarship?

Cambridge University provides scholarships for eligible individuals based on the evaluation of their applications. You can receive full funding from the trust if you prove to be an outstanding student and meet the criteria. The University offers more scholarships to postgraduates and PhDs than undergraduates. There are many external scholarships available for a student too.

4. Why is Cambridge University ranked as the best?

Cambridge University was established in the year 1209 and has numerous noteworthy alumni too. Apart from this, the immense knowledge and experiences a student gets to indulge in are quite monumental. Its age-long culture and heritage have inculcated a sense of pride in anyone who attains a degree from Cambridge. Getting into this University is well sort after by students all around the world hence ‘How to apply to Cambridge University’ must be the first google search to the journey.

5. What is the cost of living in the UK for an international student?

The standard of living in the UK can be categorized based on the place. Posh places like London can have a monthly expenditure of around GBP 1,360 whereas in smaller cities the cost of living would be manageable at around GBP 700 – GBP 1,040 per month. ‘How to apply to Cambridge University’ shouldn’t be affected by the cost of living, because an education from Cambridge is priceless.

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How To Apply To Cambridge University 

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