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30K+ Students Counselled

Cambridge University Acceptance Rate In 2024 for International Students

cambridge university acceptance rate

The University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, is not an ordinary institution but a pioneer in academia. Situated in the quaint town of Cambridge, England, it has evolved into one of the premier universities in the UK. Hosting 897 students across 31 residential colleges, it offers diverse programs from arts and humanities to clinical medicine. Beyond its rich history, Cambridge attracts intellectuals from 145 countries, including luminaries like Sir Isaac Newton. Admission is highly competitive, with the Cambridge University acceptance rate being the initial formidable challenge. In our blog, we’ll delve into trends, admission requirements, demographics, and more to facilitate a smoother admission process.

Cambridge University Acceptance Rate

Cambridge University’s acceptance rate typically hovers around 20-21%. Although this might seem more generous than admission rates at leading American universities, it’s crucial to recognize the elevated hurdles associated with Cambridge applications. Notably, there’s a unique constraint: a student can apply exclusively to either Oxford or Cambridge, and the application is further limited to just five UK universities in a single academic year.

Subject-wise Cambridge University Acceptance Rate

Cambridge University acceptance rate for undergraduate students circles around 18-19% and a 34% shot for postgrad.

Now, here’s the nitty-gritty – those acceptance numbers aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your odds swing based on your subject of interest and the college you’ve got your eye on. Subjects like Medicine and Law? Buckle up, they’re more cutthroat, having acceptance rates as low as 10%. 

Find all the varying Cambridge University acceptance rates as per different courses.

What sets Cambridge apart is its collegiate system. It’s not just about hitting the books; it’s about being part of a close-knit community that’s got your back academically and beyond. When you apply to Cambridge University, you can either pinpoint a specific college or let the university do the matchmaking, sorting you into a college that suits your style.

Which University Of Cambridge Acceptance Rate Is The Most Competitive?

Cambridge University has 31 colleges, each with its distinct backstory. Here’s the scoop– the title of the “most accepting” goes to Murray Edwards, having a friendly 35% acceptance rate.

Homerton and Robinson follow closely, both boasting acceptance rates above 30%. While these colleges may not be as renowned, they certainly offer a less competitive environment compared to the more well-known options.

Now, flip the script, and you’ve got the seasoned champs like Trinity, King’s, and St John’s. They flaunt acceptance rates that dip between 10% and 20%. These colleges are pretty swamped with applications each year. But here’s the plot twist – those acceptance rates dance around based on what you’re studying. So, some colleges might have high acceptance rates while others might not. You can read more about various Cambridge University acceptance rate for international students below:

CollegeNumber of applicantsAcceptance rate
Christ’s College113619.30%
Churchill College102825.90%
Clare College135222.90%
Corpus Christi College102120.20%
Darwin College109834.30%
Downing College115217.60%
Emmanuel College126718.30%
Fitzwilliam College169722.20%
Girton College131322.50%
Gonville & Caius College115820.40%
Homerton College150231.30%
Hughes Hall76240.20%
Jesus College162923.70%
King’s College226916.90%
Lucy Cavendish College58023.80%
Magdalene College123920.20%
Murray Edwards College109435.10%
Newnham College127624.50%
Pembroke College137920.70%
Queens’ College140421.10%
Robinson College124032.40%
St Catharine’s College143820.70%
St Edmund’s College109522.30%
St John’s College246715.40%
Selwyn College132718.60%
Sidney Sussex College122418.90%
Trinity College315712.30%
Trinity Hall116716.20%
Wolfson College83125.70%
Homerton College109032.60%

Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements

The admission at Cambridge University reflects its commitment to academic brilliance and fostering sharp minds. Though the specifics may differ based on your chosen course and college, the common thread is a call for a robust academic base. Find more information below:

Find Cambridge University's admission requirements - scores to be aware of!

Documents Required

  • 2-3 letters of reference
  • Personal Statement
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Work experience

Dates & Deadlines

Cambridge University’s application deadlines are significant milestones in the journey to join the esteemed academic community. These deadlines, based on the course and applicant’s status, are carefully set to ensure a systematic and impartial evaluation of all applications.

Important dates and deadlines pertaining Cambridge University for academic year 2024.

Tips for Boosting Your Shot at Cambridge

If you’re eyeing a spot at Cambridge, here are some tips to up your game:

  1. Keep those grades on a stellar trajectory throughout your academic journey.
  2. Opt for subjects that sync up with your dream course.
  3. Craft a personal statement that oozes passion, motivation and why you’re the perfect fit for your chosen field.
  4. Ace any required admissions tests by flexing those subject-specific skills.
  5. If they ask for written work, showcase your academic and research finesse.
  6. Give them context – share info that helps them see your achievements in the light of your unique circumstances.
  7. Secure glowing references from teachers who’ve got your back and know you like the back of their hand.
  8. Prep like a champ for interviews, showcasing your analytical chops and sheer enthusiasm for your subject.
  9. Paint a complete picture by diving into extracurriculars, community service, or relevant work experiences.


1. What is Cambridge University acceptance rate?

University of Cambridge acceptance rate for Indian students and international students alike is between the range of 20-21%. 

2. Does Cambridge University have a higher acceptance rate for international students?

No, it stays the same between 20-21% for all students. 

hat scholarships does Cambridge offer?


Gates Cambridge Scholarships, Cambridge Trust Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships and Shared Scholarships are some of the University of Cambridge scholarships

4. How does Cambridge University’s acceptance rate compare to other UK universities?

Cambridge and Oxford are long-standing rivals with similar undergraduate acceptance rates in 2022, with Cambridge at 15.7% and Oxford at 13.7%. Each university contends with over 20,000 annual applications, resulting in approximately 85% of applicants facing rejection.

5. What factors affect the acceptance rate at Cambridge University?

The volume of applicants, the calibre of applications, and the accessibility of resources like faculty members and facilities. 

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cambridge university acceptance rate

Cambridge University Acceptance Rate In 2024 for International Students

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