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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

6+ Countries

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30K+ Students Counselled

Here Is What You Need To Study MS In The UK

Ms in UK

Why Study MS In The UK? 

Top Universities in the UK for MS such as Oxford University, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London are reputed universities that are valued all around the world. Each year, more than 6,00,000 students come to pursue their MS in the UK. The education offered by universities in the UK turns students into professionals that help the country to contribute 14% of the world’s most-cited research papers. 

Most institutions offer students to study MS in the UK to combine academic and vocational courses, MS courses in the UK that help students in their professional and personal growth. 

Scholarships For MS In The UK | UK Universities For MS

Ms in the UK

British Council Scholarship For Women In STEM

This scholarship is for women who have degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management (STEM). Women from around the world can receive this scholarship if they want to pursue their tertiary education in the fields of STEM. The British Council has partnered with 19 universities in the UK and aims to financially support women from America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. 

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Eligibility for this scholarship:

-Are residents and citizens of the Americas, South Asia, or Southeast Asian countries. 

-Can provide proof of the need for financial support. 

-Have an undergraduate degree in STEM

-Have the requirements and can demonstrate English Proficiency. 

-Can demonstrate experience and knowledge in the field they are applying to.

GREAT Scholarships India

MS in the uk

Indian students can benefit from GREAT scholarships UK for MS courses in the UK and its universities. It offers a minimum of £10,000 for one-year postgraduate programs. The scholarships are funded by the British government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council for Indian students wanting to pursue their masters in the UK. 

The scholarship is available for students at the following institutions:

-Imperial College

Cranfield University

Nottingham Trent University 

Ulster University

-Bishop Grosseteste University

Edinburgh Napier University

-Imperial College

University of Bath

University College London

University of Dundee

Eligibility For GREAT Scholarships India

-Candidate needs to be an Indian Citizen

-Should have an undergraduate degree in any discipline

-Active in the field applied to and demonstrate an interest in the same

-Meeting the English language requirements of the University applied to. 

Candidates also need to refer to their university web pages to understand additional specifications to be eligible for the scholarship. 

Students are required to act as ambassadors of the UK Higher Education Institutions  (HEIs) and must be able to attend lectures while also participating in extracurricular activities. 

Commonwealth Scholarships 

Commonwealth scholarships are awarded to talented and capable students from the commonwealth countries who otherwise would not be able to afford to study MS in the UK. 

The scholarship supports students wanting to study a number of courses in varying study formats with a vision to turn them into future leaders and innovators in their fields of study. 

The scholarship is focused on improving and maintaining British International development goals. The scholarship is formatted to attract the most talented students into British Universities and support sustainable development overseas. 

Eligibility for Commonwealth Scholarships

1. Being a citizen or a resident of a commonwealth country 

2. Having an undergraduate degree with at least a second class (2:1) score. For students applying for PhD, they would additionally require a Master’s degree. 

3. Providing evidence of being unable to support yourself financially. 

Applying For Visa For MS In The UK

MS in the UK

Visas in the UK are required for international students. Candidates applying for a Visa first need proof of their course by the university they have applied to. Only when a university offers their student an ‘unconditional offer letter’ would the candidate be eligible to apply for a Visa in the UK. In the October of 2020, the British Government replaced the Tier 4 Student Visa with a new point-based system.

Eligibility And Procedure For UK Visa For International Students

-Candidates can apply for a Visa for MS in the UK 6 months before the commencement of their course. 

-You can apply for a student visa if you have been accepted into a British university and can submit proof of confirmation of acceptance (CAS), issues by your university. 

Candidates must also provide proof of their English language proficiency by appearing for English Proficiency Tests (EPTs) such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc. Alternatively, some universities offer a different method to students to prove their eligibility in English. These are those British universities that accept candidates without IELTS.  

-Lastly, you must be able to show proof of financial capability for the duration of your course. This may be in the form of personal bank statements, proof of student loans, or evidence of scholarships or awards. 

Living Expenses And Cost

The average tuition fees for international students for MS in the UK range from £10,000 – £13,000 per year. However, for medical courses, the tuition fees may range from £22,200 to £58,000.

In order to get a student visa, UK Visas and Immigration requires you the students to have a budget of £1,265 per month. 

Additionally, the cost of living may vary depending on the type of accommodation a student chooses to stay in and the distance of their student accommodation from the university they are enrolled in. The average cost of rent per month ranges from £150-£220 and the travel costs range from £90-£100 per month. 

Thank you for reading our blog on What You Need To Study MS In The UK. Do you want to explore your options of studying in other international universities? You may find the following helpful: 

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Ms in UK

Here Is What You Need To Study MS In The UK

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