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4 Filmmaking Scholarships In Paris You Should Know [2024 Updated]

public universities in Paris

When was the last time you watched a movie and appreciated the filmmakers and not just the film? Every beautiful movie has the signature of a talented director and filmmaker behind it. And, if this is the journey that you want to embark upon, Paris is the best city! Your journey there will not just be limited to understanding the nuances and technicalities of filmmaking, but you will be part of excursions, exploring the city, and understanding this field with Paris as your backdrop! Studying a course in this field requires a lot of equipment usage and on-field practices. It sure is going to be an expensive affair especially if you’re an international student. What if I told you that there are filmmaking scholarships in Paris that can help you cover at least your tuition fees? If you’re curious to know more, read along to find out what cinematography scholarships are available and who is eligible.

1. CineStudio Scholarships

CineStudios is a film and media studies school belonging to the Paris school of film and media. They offer filmmaking scholarships in Paris to European and international students from a variety of cultural and economic backgrounds. The aim of this scholarship is to support students and enable them to pay lower tuition fees based on merit and financial need. 

CineStudio scholarships are offered as partial discounts on tuition fees but are not full scholarships. Students or their family/relatives must contribute to the cost of their education. CineStudio scholarships do not cover travel and living expenses in Paris (housing, food, transportation). There are shorter courses for those who do not receive the partial scholarship discounts. 

How to apply?

You can apply to these scholarships for filmmakers in 2 simple steps:

  • Download and fill the application form
  • Complete and submit the scholarship section on page 7 of the form

You will be required to submit your financial documents and/or your parents financial documents as a part of your application.

filmmaking scholarships in Paris

2. Performing Arts Abroad Scholarships 

Performing Arts Abroad is an organization which provides short filmmaking programmes in Paris for a period of two to five weeks usually in the summers. By the end of the course you would have received training in writing, directing, producing, and editing films. You can opt for the filmmaking scholarships in Paris that this organization provides in order to reduce the programme fees. 

Who is eligible?

You’re eligible to receive this award if 

  • You want to pursue an intensive filmmaking or acting programme in Paris
  • If you demonstrate your passion for films and filmmaking in your application
  • If you mention why you choose Paris specifically for the course
  • Financial need will be considered, though not necessary for this scholarship

Benefits: These filmmaking scholarships for international students are limited in number with an amount of $500.

3. ESRA International Filmmaking Scholarships

ESRA is a French film school established in 1972. It is the only private filmmaking school in France that is authorized to offer a 3 year bachelor degree programme in Paris. There are a variety of topics covered in their programme from screenwriting, directing, and production, to technical skills in cinematography, sound and editing. They offer masters’ level programmes in filmmaking, production, and distribution as well as short vocational courses.

If the ESRA filmmaking programme is fully enrolled with 20 – 30 students, then they provide filmmaking scholarships in Paris for national and international students. With this award, either a part of your tuition fees or all of your tuition fees will be covered. They are provided on the basis of merit and financial needs. 

Who can apply?

Only applicants who have sent a full application will be considered for the scholarships, which are only for students who cannot, even with the financial assistance of their parents or guardians, afford to pay full tuition. Scholarships cover school tuition, not accommodation or travel expenses, which students must be able to cover. You can take care of the other expenses with other scholarships to study in France

filmmaking scholarships in Paris

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4. Keystone Scholarships For Graduates – Paris School Of Arts

You can study your Master of arts in fashion film and photography which is a one year programme to get into exclusive filmmaking in the fashion industry. The Paris school of arts has collaborated with Keystone academic solutions to provide filmmaking scholarships in Paris. They offer two graduate scholarships worth 4,000 USD and 10,000 USD. The scholarships will be offered to students who have a good academic background and are able to demonstrate a motivation to transform the world through their education.

Alternatively, since this is a photography/filmmaking course you can avail photography scholarships for international students.

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public universities in Paris

4 Filmmaking Scholarships In Paris You Should Know [2024 Updated]

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