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Emory University Acceptance Rate 2024: Requirements, Courses, Fees

Emory University acceptance rate

Private, medium-sized Emory University has a four-year degree programme. This co-ed university is mainly a residential school in a suburban area of a big city in the U.S. It grants master’s, doctoral, certification, and bachelor’s degrees. Due to the Emory University acceptance rate, academics may vary from year to year. With a 13% acceptance rate, Emory University has a very demanding admissions process.

What Is Emory University Acceptance Rate?

With a 13% acceptance rate, Emory University admissions are incredibly competitive. The average SAT or ACT score for admitted students at Emory University was between 1420 and 1540 or 32 and 34, respectively.

The scores of one-fourth of the accepted applicants were higher than these ranges, while the scores of the other one-fourth were lower. According to sampling GPA data that was gathered and used, it is predicted that the average GPA range for accepted students at Emory University is roughly 3.82 to 3.96.

Just 20% of applicants who applied are admitted to Emory University, making it a competitive institution. The Emory University acceptance rate for 2021 has been predicted to be around 18% using historical data. Apart from SAT or ACT, international students must submit the IETLS certification to show they can speak English.

The average GPA, SAT, and ACT scores of individuals accepted to Emory in the class are displayed in the following table:

Standardized TestsScore Range

The above scores are better than the university’s prior year’s entrance cycle. For international students, submitting their English Proficiency Test results is a requirement in addition to their SAT and ACT scores. IELTS score ranges from 6-7, and TOEFL iBT scores range from 79-80.

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At Emory University?

It takes effort to be accepted into Emory. Let’s examine the data numerically. Only 19.2% of applicants from the previous year were accepted. Just 5,407 out of the 28,211 applicants were chosen. Emory is a highly selective school, so you must ensure your application is vital when submitting it with an Emory University acceptance rate of just 10.6 % (as opposed to 13% the year before, Emory’s most recent class was most selective to date).

Be aware that Emory University is quite selective if you are considering how to apply. Admissions at Emory are serious about their standards. The 2022 U.S. News Top National Universities edition rated Emory as number 21. So, more than obtaining Emory’s required SAT or GPA scores is needed to gain admission. Be ready early to improve your chances of getting into Emory.

This calls for maintaining a strong GPA, preparing for the SAT or ACT, and writing your essays well before the Emory application date. You want to impress because Emory University enrollment could be much higher. Grants and scholarships are also influenced by Emory University enrollment. Emory University’s acceptance rate can offer more significant assistance to enrolling students because it has a smaller student body.

YearAcceptance Rate

What Is The Demographic Profile Of Emory University?

Women predominate at Emory University. Employees at Emory University are split equally across genders, with men making up 42% and women making up 58%. White is the racial/ethnicity that is most prevalent at Emory University. White people make up about 49% of Emory University’s workforce.

For the class of 2026, Emory University has the demographic breakdown is shown in the following table:

Student BodyPercentage
Asian American20.2%
African American19.6%

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What Are The Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements For The Emory University?

Comprehending the admissions and enrollment requirements and the Emory University acceptance rate is crucial. A list of necessary documents is provided below for entering first-year undergraduates. Emory University has a variety of program-specific admission criteria.

  • Application fee waivers or the $75 application fee
  • Certified transcripts from both college and high school
  • Scores on the English Language Proficiency test
  • Counsellor referral or report from secondary school
  • Two letters of recommendation from educators in the academic core subjects
  • Standard test results

Because of the volume of applications received and the stringent criteria for application screening, admissions to Emory University have grown increasingly competitive. The high level of competition and the roughly 75% of the students being among the top 50% of their class suggests that the Emory University acceptance rate should be capped yearly.

Emory University Intakes & Deadlines

They are eager to receive your application and assist you with the admissions procedure. The application deadlines are listed below, so ensure to notice them and allow plenty of time to complete and submit your application. Both domestic and foreign applicants must submit their applications by the same deadlines for undergraduate programmes.

Early Decisions I and II, and Regular Decisions with different dates, are how Emory distributes its decisions. Also, one academic essay is required of you, and you must select one of five optional personal Emory essays. Early Decision I applications must be submitted by November 1st, and Regular Decision applications must be submitted by January 1st.

What Can You Expect After Admission To Emory University?

  • Programmes Offered:

Their transdisciplinary programmes are founded on Emory’s quest for a better world. Faculty members are motivated by teaching, research, and service to assist students in fulfilling their potential in a vibrant intellectual community. Nine academic colleges and schools make up Emory University. Around 100 international nations and all 50 states are represented among Emory’s student body. Seven major hospitals comprise Emory Health, which also runs the Winship Cancer Institute and the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, among other facilities. Moreover, the university is a member of the American Cancer Society, the International Association of National Public Health Institutes, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Facilities:

Facilities are made up of several divisions, and it sets its service standards and related activities following those set by the industry. To be proactive in recognizing and resolving issues within your buildings and across the campus, they are dedicated to excellence in all facets of facilities. They used to create a functional environment that is safe, comfortable, appealing, and sustainable for teaching, learning, research, and community service.

  • Tuition:

Emory University is committed to accepting the most outstanding students in the world, and they want to ensure that choosing a school is all about fit. The cost of tuition for full-time enrollment in 9 or more credits during the academic year 2022–2023 is $22,900 each semester. Students are categorized as part-time and are charged $2,433 per credit hour if they register for fewer than nine credits each semester.

  • Alumni:

The list of prominent former students with remarkable achievements that follow is only a sample. These former students have strengthened the reputation of the university and the sense of community pride by using their education to leave a lasting impression on the globe. And famous alumni include Chris McAlister, Dave Rice, Mark Crear, Chris Woodward and Sam Shepard.

Final Thoughts

Now, you understand how to enrol at Emory University. You will thoroughly understand the typical Emory University acceptance rate and other crucial requirements for admission. When applying, make sure you meet Emory’s standards. Also, be aware of the several decision pathways and application deadlines.

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Emory University acceptance rate

Emory University Acceptance Rate 2024: Requirements, Courses, Fees

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