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Coventry University Admission Details 2024: Courses, Fees, Intakes

Coventry University admission

Coventry University is a dynamic institute of higher education dedicated to providing its students with the highest quality education. Established as the Coventry College of Design in 1843, it amalgamated with the Lanchester College of Technology and Rugby College of Engineering Technology in 1970. They are renowned for their modern research, innovative enterprise, career opportunities, and all-inclusive student society. 

Hence, applying to the university is a great decision, especially for international students, that will benefit their career growth in various ways. Our guide compiles everything you need to know about the Coventry University admission process, from the top reasons to join to the types of intakes offered. Continue reading to find out!

Why Join Coventry University?

According to the demographic data released, over 30,000 students study at the different campuses of Coventry University. Of these, the university has around 13,000 international students from 150 countries. Additionally, more than 15,000 students are enrolled in distance learning programmes worldwide. These statistics demonstrate the diversity and inclusivity of the university. Before you learn about the Coventry University admission procedure, it is pivotal to realise why it’s a good choice. The top reasons to join Coventry University as an international student are listed below.

  • It has been consistently ranked 1st for the overseas student experience.
  • Students are always the top priority in all aspects at Coventry University.
  • They have partnerships with some of the top universities, like the London School of Economics, to provide promising career opportunities to students.
  • They have access to the best resources for conducting ground-breaking research.
  • The university has appointed Academic Personal Tutors or APTs so students can acquire the required academic backing.
  • The university is located in a vibrant and lively city where students can enjoy a high standard of living and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Admission Requirements

The first step to understanding the Coventry University admission details is to analyse the necessary documents and eligibility. They offer over 30 undergraduate programmes and around 140 postgraduate courses across three schools. Students can explore any of these courses and select the one that aligns the best with their interests and goals. Check out the prerequisites listed here to move ahead with the application process.

  • For Indian (UG) applicants:
    – 60% aggregate in 10+2, 65% in any relevant subjects.
  • For Indian (PG) applicants:
    – 60% or equivalent GPA for 3-year undergraduate degrees
    – 55% or equivalent GPA for 4-year undergraduate degrees
  • Official academic transcripts of previous degrees or diplomas
  • Scores of English language proficiency tests
  • Scores of entrance exams, depending on the preferred course
  • Statement of purpose or personal essay
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Portfolio/CV, if applicable
  • An application fee of a minimum of £22 
  • Financial documents
  • Copy of passport (for international students)

Minimum Required Scores

Coventry University admission

The acceptance rate of Coventry University is currently around 32 per cent. It implies that the university is quite selective when it comes to admission. One way to ensure you secure a seat is to score high on entrance exams since it gives you leverage over other applicants. 

The university may waive English proficiency tests for chosen courses in a few cases. However, they are mandatory to acquire a student visa. Hence, students must write these tests. On the other hand, other entrance exams may be optional depending on the course you choose and its individual requirements. Refer to the table below for an idea of the minimum required scores.

ProgrammeExamsMinimum required score

The Coventry University Admission Procedure

You can apply to Coventry University via three means – directly on their website, through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Services), or via an admissions agent. The most convenient of the above is applying through UCAS since you can register for multiple colleges for various courses under the same account. Hence, UCAS is our first recommendation. You can execute the Coventry University admission process in a few simple steps, as we have elaborated on in our guide.

  • Step 1: Register: To apply through UCAS, you will have to begin by registering yourself on the website. Next, select the entry year to move ahead.

  • Step 2: Login: Once you’ve registered, the next step is to fill in your details, educational credentials, any previous work experience, if applicable, your personal essays, and financial documents. Ensure that you use your personal email id since the university usually communicates via email.

  • Step 3: Course: Now comes the choice of your course. The institution code for Coventry University is C85. Along with this, you will have to choose the code of the various campuses as displayed below-

Main CampusNIL
CU London Greenwich3
Coventry University London4
CU Coventry5
CU Scarborough6
CU London7

  • Step 4: Personal Statement: At this stage, you will be required to submit a personal essay or statement of purpose to move ahead. Make sure that your essay is effective and portrays your best qualities. Elaborate on your interests and passion and why you would be a suitable fit at the university.

  • Step 5: Reference: A letter of recommendation or reference from your academic counsellor, previous tutor, or teachers is mandatory for application.

  • Step 6: Fee: Applicants must pay an application fee of a minimum of £22. If you apply to multiple courses, the charges may increase to around £27.

  • Step 7: Submit: Paying the application fee will complete your application. Review it once, submit it, and wait for the results!

Intakes & Deadlines

Considering the intakes and deadlines is pivotal to the Coventry University admission process. The acceptance rate can vary depending on the various semesters since the total number of applicants, available courses, and designated seats can change. The university offers its students three possible intakes – January, May and September. The deadlines for each of these semesters are mentioned below. However, students are advised to apply as soon as the portal opens since it gives them ample time to complete the formalities and acquire the UK student visa.

IntakeDeadlines For Coventry CampusDeadlines For London Campus
January (Spring) Intake31 December13 January
May (Summer) Intake5 May15 May
September (Fall) Intake1 September8 September


Coventry University admission

A few chosen courses require students to appear for an interview to take the admission process ahead. It’s usually conducted online for international students. Since the competition surrounding the Coventry University admission procedure is high, interviews are an added leverage to acquire and ensure your seat. Although taken for a small duration of time, they tend to check the applicant’s credibility and suitability to the programme and the university. 

Amongst other skills, the interviewer assesses the candidate’s English speaking skills. Students must note that this assessment is conducted irrespective of the score achieved in English language proficiency tests. Next, they inquire about the student’s knowledge of the course they have applied for and their academic background. They may ask questions about relevant work experience and finances. The most crucial aspect is your passion and ambitions. It’s pivotal to demonstrate your interest in the course and the gravitas of your future goals. Elaborate on how you are a valuable addition to the university’s community and how it can benefit your career.

Contact Information

Address: Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5FB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)24 7765 7688, +44 (0)24 7765 2152

Website: Coventry University

Email: generalenquiries.io@coventry.ac.uk, ukadmissions@coventry.ac.uk 

Open Days are a great way to explore the campus and learn more about the university. Hence, Coventry University has organised Open Days for UG applicants on Saturday, 30 September, and Saturday, 21 October. On the other hand, the next Open Day event for PG aspirants will be held on Wednesday, 6 September. 


Q1. Can I apply directly to Coventry University?

Ans: Yes, you can apply directly to Coventry University since the official website allows you to complete your application through their portal.

Q2. Is it hard to get into Coventry University?

Ans: Since Coventry University has an acceptance rate of only 32%, there’s high competition surrounding its admissions. To ensure enrolment, you must maintain a strong academic portfolio and secure high marks in entrance exams.

Q3. How long does the university take to process applications?

Ans: On average, it takes the university’s Admissions Team five working days to process a standard application.

Q4. Does Coventry University require IELTS?

Ans: Coventry University requires its applicants to take English proficiency tests. The minimum required score is 6.0 for undergraduate applicants and 6.5 for PG applicants in IELTS.

Q5. What is the average tuition fee at Coventry University?

Ans: The average cost of tuition at Coventry University is around INR 19 to 23 lakhs for Indian students.

Thank you for reading our guide to the Coventry University admission process! Let us know your queries in the comments section below.

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Coventry University admission

Coventry University Admission Details 2024: Courses, Fees, Intakes

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