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Swansea University Acceptance Rate 2024: Demographics, Admission, Eligibility And More!

Swansea University Acceptance Rate

The primary goal of this blog is to assist students in obtaining relevant information about Swansea University’s acceptance rate, demographic profile, admission process for international students and placement statistics. To talk a little about this university, it is the 3rd largest university in Wales and happens to be one of the top universities to study in the UK. By providing these details, we aim to equip students with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their academic pursuits.

About Swansea University

Swansea University Acceptance Rate

Prior to delving into the details of Swansea University’s acceptance rate, it is essential to gain a deeper understanding of the university’s history and the diverse range of opportunities it provides to students. Exploring the university’s background and the programmes it offers will lay a strong foundation before delving into the specifics of the admission process.

Swansea University is a prestigious higher education institution located in Swansea, Wales. It is known for its commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and innovation. Established in 1920, the university has a rich history and has grown to become one of the top-ranked universities in the UK.

Swansea University offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across various disciplines, including arts and humanities, sciences, engineering, business, social sciences, and health. The university is organised into several academic colleges, each specialising in specific areas of study. These colleges include the College of Science, the College of Engineering, and the School of Management, among others.

One of the distinctive features of Swansea University is its strong emphasis on research and innovation. The university is home to world-class research centres and institutes that contribute to advancements in various fields. 

The employability of its graduates is a top priority for Swansea University. The university has strong connections with industry and actively supports students in developing the skills and experiences necessary for successful careers. It offers career guidance, internship opportunities, and networking events to enhance students’ employability prospects.

What Is The Swansea University Acceptance Rate?

The Swansea University acceptance rate stands at 14% for international students and 53% for domestic students. The university carefully selects students who meet the eligibility criteria and demonstrate their potential to thrive in its academic environment. Swansea University takes pride in its international reach, with staff, students, and research collaborations spanning across the globe.

Prospective students from all corners of the globe eagerly apply for admission to Swansea University, drawn to the extensive range of courses and the opportunities for personal and academic growth provided by the institution. Aspirants should be prepared to meet the eligibility criteria and compete with other applicants for the chance to join this esteemed university.

What’s The Demographic Profile Like At Swansea University?

Swansea University Acceptance Rate

Swansea University prides itself on having a diverse and multicultural community, welcoming students from various backgrounds and nationalities. The university’s demographic profile reflects its commitment to inclusivity and global engagement.

At Swansea University, you will find a vibrant mix of students from over 130 countries, creating a rich and culturally diverse environment. This diverse student body adds to the vibrant atmosphere on campus and provides opportunities for cross-cultural interactions and global perspectives.

In terms of gender representation, Swansea University strives for gender equality and inclusivity. The university encourages and supports the participation and success of both male and female students across its academic programmes and disciplines.

Let’s take a look at some statistics to understand this better: 

The image clearly depicts Swansea University student population demographics.

*Note: Currently, the demographic profile of Swansea University does not provide information on the racial or ethnic background of its students. For more specific details regarding this aspect, it is recommended to refer to the official university website or contact the university directly. 

What’s The Admission Process Like At Swansea University For International Students?

Swansea University Acceptance Rate

In the previous sections of the blog, we discussed various aspects of Swansea University, including the Swansea University acceptance rate, an introduction to the institution, and the demographic profile. Now, let’s dive into other essential information, such as the application process, required documents, and general eligibility criteria for prospective students at Swansea University and the total cost of studying in the UK.

As mentioned in previous sections, Swansea University welcomes applications from international candidates hailing from over 130 countries worldwide, provided they satisfy the entry criteria and submit the necessary documents.

Application Platform:

  1. Undergraduate: UCAS/SU Portal
  2. Postgraduate: SU Portal

Application Fee:

  1. Undergraduate: If applying through UCAS, a fee of 20 GBP for a single program or 25 GBP for multiple programmes is applicable.
  2. Postgraduate: Not applicable.

What are the eligibility requirements for International Applicants? 

To be considered for admission to Swansea University, international applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Completed Application
  2. Copy of Transcripts
  3. Secondary Education Transcripts
  4. Bachelor’s or Master’s Transcripts (for postgraduate admissions)
  5. Transcripts must be accompanied by certified English translations if not in English.
  6. Course-by-Course evaluation from a third party such as World Education Services or similar.
  7. Country-Specific Requirements must be met.
  8. Copy of passport
  9. Proof of financial support
  10. Health certificate
  11. English proficiency scores
  12. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  13. Letters of Recommendation (LOR), if required
  14. Portfolio or resume (Required for specific courses)
  15. Personal interview, if required.

Please note that these requirements are subject to the specific program and may vary. It is recommended to visit the official Swansea University website for detailed and up-to-date information.

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For international applicants whose native language is not English, it is essential to provide evidence of English language proficiency. The specific English language requirements may vary depending on the program and degree level. However, Swansea University generally sets minimum required scores for English proficiency. The following table will be helpful for international aspirants:

English Proficiency TestUndergraduate ScoresGraduate Scores
PTE Academic6062
Duolingo (DET)8590

Intakes & Deadlines For 2024 Intake

The intakes in the UK are usually 3 – Summer, fall and winter. Swansea University also follows the very same. Find the most recent and updated dates below:

Swansea University dates and deadlines for 2024 intake and be refferred here.

Cost of studying in the UK

You can refer to the below table for costs which you might incur studying in the UK:

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus Accommodation £408
On-Campus Accommodation£472
Food Cost£360
Utility Cost£189
Total Cost of Living with Off Campus Accommodation £1,154
Total Cost of Living with On Campus Accommodation £1,218
Annual Cost of Living£13,848

Programmes & Fees At Swansea

Once you have achieved the University of Swansea acceptance rate, it is time to apply for a programme which suits you the best. The affordability at this university is a good sign and further reduces the cost of living in the UK for students. The below programmes are completely open for application with the given deadlines:

ProgrammeFees (GBP)Deadline Date
M.Sc Health Informatics20,800July 31st
M.Sc Cyber Security21,950
M.Sc Electronic and Electrical Engineering22,250
M.Sc Data Science21,950
M.Sc Advanced Software Technology21,050

What Are Placement Numbers Like At Swansea University?

Now that we have discussed Swansea University acceptance rate, providing students with an understanding of the level of competition they may encounter, it is also important to examine the placement numbers. This will give students insights into the university’s track record of placing graduates into desired positions and further inform their decision-making process.

Swansea University offers a bunch of helpful career services like job searches, internships and career development courses. They have an Employability Academy where students can practice real-world skills and improve soft skills. The academy also organises events to connect students, alumni and employers.

Below is a table showcasing the average annual salaries of Swansea University graduates and alumni based on their respective occupations:

ProfessionAverage Annual Salary (GBP)
Financial Services44,000
Executive Management and Change42,000
Finance Control and Strategy39,000
Media Communication and Advertising37,000
Consulting, Accounting & Professional Services36,000
Program & Project Management35,000

Finally, What Can You Expect From Swansea University?

International students at Swansea University can look forward to a welcoming and inclusive environment, tailored support services, and a vibrant community. With a diverse student body representing over 130 countries, Swansea fosters cultural exchange and a global perspective. The university is renowned for its high-quality education, delivered by experienced faculty members committed to teaching and research excellence.

To ensure a smooth transition, international students benefit from a range of support services. Dedicated advisors assist with visa matters, accommodation, healthcare, and general welfare support. English language support programmes are available to help non-native English speakers improve their language skills for effective academic engagement.

Swansea University provides scholarships and funding options designed specifically for international students, helping to ease financial burdens and enhance accessibility. The university’s employability academy offers career development services, including job placements, internships, and networking events with potential employers.

The modern campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including libraries, research centres, laboratories, and sports facilities, creating an ideal environment for learning and innovation. Students can also engage in cultural and social activities through various clubs and societies, promoting a sense of belonging and friendship.

Located in the vibrant coastal city of Swansea, international students enjoy a mix of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and a lively social scene. The city offers a safe and friendly environment, with access to stunning beaches, parks, and vibrant city life.

Taking into consideration Swansea University’s acceptance rate of 53%, we can conclude that the institution presents a moderate level of competition for prospective students. With all the information provided in this blog, we hope to have delivered valuable insights that will assist students in making well-informed academic decisions.


1. What is the acceptance rate of Swansea University?

The Swansea University acceptance rate stands at 14% for international students and 53% for domestic students.

2. How does Swansea University compare to other UK universities?

Swansea ranks 2nd in Wales and is in the top 50 UK universities as per Complete University Guide 2023.

3. How long does it take to get an offer from Swansea?

It takes around 10-15 days to get a response from the admission committee at Swansea. 

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Swansea University Acceptance Rate

Swansea University Acceptance Rate 2024: Demographics, Admission, Eligibility And More!

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