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Cost Of Living In Birmingham For Indian Students 2024!

Cost of living in Birmingham for indian students

An affordable student city with great culture, local scene and football fans from around the world, Birmingham seems like the perfect place for your higher education. What puts the cherry on top is its teeming professional circles. Birmingham has recently observed several thriving professional communities and networks where students can focus on their job prospects, connections and active networking. Because of these reasons, just the University of Birmingham observes more than 1000 enrolments of Indian students annually. One important information to know before beginning your search is the total living expenditure. The average annual cost of living in Birmingham for Indian students is around GBP 16,248. To learn more, continue reading!

An Overview Of The Cost Of Living In Birmingham For Indian Students

When we arrive at the final figure for the average cost of living in Birmingham for Indian students, we consider several routine expenses, such as accommodation, transportation, food, groceries, recreation, etc.,. The table below provides a detailed breakdown.

ParticularsMonthly Cost of Living in Birmingham for Indian Students (GBP)Monthly Cost of Living in Birmingham for Indian Students (INR)
Off-Campus Accommodation GBP 680INR 70,806
On-Campus AccommodationGBP 608INR 63,052.40
TransportationGBP 60INR 6,237
Food CostGBP 390INR 40,630.50
EntertainmentGBP 42INR 4,352.90
GroceriesGBP 112INR 11,642.40
ClothesGBP 70INR 7,296.80
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus HousingGBP 1,354INR 1,40,726.70
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus HousingGBP 1,282INR 1,33,102.90
Annual Cost of LivingGBP 16,248INR 16,89,009.60

Cost of living in Birmingham for indian students

Source: @https://uniacco.com/uk/birmingham/800-bristol-road 

As an international student, searching for housing in a foreign place is arguably the most difficult task. Not only do you have to look for a place that fits your budget for living expenses in Birmingham, but you must also consider the roommate situation, utilities, amenities, maintenance and other facilities included in the property. Considering all aspects before making the right decision is crucial since you’ll probably stay in the chosen housing property for a long time.

Looking at the accommodation expenses, it is clear that off-campus housing and on-campus housing don’t have much difference in costs. For instance, University of Birmingham accommodation might cost the same as an apartment outside the campus. Despite that, off-campus properties are the more highly recommended option for students acquainted with the local culture since they have more liberty, facilities, and maintenance services and often have utility bills included. To get you started in your search for the right place, we have listed the best accommodation properties in Birmingham:

PropertyCost/week (starting)Types of rooms availableFeatures
Canalside– Lower Loveday Street, Birmingham, B193SJGBP 145EnsuiteApartmentStudio Utility bills includedParking spaceGameroomOn-site gymLounge areaCommunal relaxing and study areaBike storage
800 Bristol Road– 800 Bristol Road Birmingham B29 6NA, UKGBP 270StudioUtility bills includedLaundry roomCinemaCCTVGarden/courtyardOn-site gym24x7 dedicated support
88 Bromsgrove House– Bromsgrove Street Birmingham B5 6QBGBP 224StudioApartment Utility bills includedLaundry roomOn-site gymElectronic key fob entry systemCinema24x7 dedicated supportGameroom 
Calthrope Court– Pershore Rd, Birmingham B5 7QF, United KingdomGBP 160EnsuiteFlat Utility bills includedCouchCleaning equipmentCommunal relaxing and study areaContents insuranceBike storage24x7 dedicated supportParking space

Cost of Transportation and living in Birmingham for indian students

The best thing about Birmingham’s public transport is that it is incredibly affordable and almost always fits the average Birmingham living expenses. You can travel to several places in the city at a meagre cost by opting for a bus or taxi. However, the former is recommended for those living on a budget.

  • Bus: Operated by the National Express West Midlands, buses in Birmingham follow a very intensive network connecting all areas of the city. These buses are reliable and affordable. An average bus ride costs only GBP 2.40, whereas a monthly pass costs GBP 55.
  • Taxi: Cabs are easily available in Birmingham and are a feasible option if you wish to avoid the hassle of public transport. However, they can be more expensive than taking a bus. The average taxi ride cost in Birmingham is around GBP 1.12 to GBP 15.60.

How Much Do Groceries Cost In Birmingham?

Even though food and groceries are subjective expenses, they are constants on every student’s budget sheet. Although you can save up by identifying unnecessary or wasteful expenses, ordering less, and cooking at home, it’s wise to look at the average cost of everyday grocery items. The table below provides a better insight into the everyday grocery costs in Birmingham.

Meal at an average restaurantGBP 15.00
0.5 ltr BeerGBP 4.50
Regular cappuccinoGBP 3.19
0.33 ltr Coke/PepsiGBP 1.55
0.33 ltr WaterGBP 1.20
1 ltr MilkGBP 1.28
500 gram BreadGBP 1.22
1 kg RiceGBP 1.88
12 EggsGBP 2.67
1 kg PotatoGBP 1.26
1 kg OnionGBP 1.06
1 kg ApplesGBP 1.90
1 kg OrangesGBP 1.53
1 kg TomatoGBP 1.62

UK Visa Charges

A student visa is one of the most important documents when applying to any UK university. Unfortunately, visa costs also affect the cost of living in Birmingham for Indian students. The primary condition is that the applicant must be 16+ years old and fulfil these conditions:

  1. Has a valid offer letter for a course offered by a licensed student sponsor
  2. Has substantial proof of finances to support themselves and pay for their programme
  3. Has a valid proof of English proficiency
  4. A consent letter from the parents (if under 18)

To apply for a student visa from outside the United Kingdom, a total of GBP 490 is charged. Similarly, GBP 490 is required to extend or switch to a student visa from inside the UK.

Apply for a visa around six months before your course begins. The authorities take around three weeks to respond about the outcome. In addition to this cost, applicants also have to pay the healthcare surcharge as part of the application.

Note that your duration of stay, dependents and purpose can affect the total cost of applying for a student visa.

Popular University Fees In Birmingham For Students

Source: @https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/international 

When analysing the total cost of studying at any university in Birmingham, we consider two major expenses – tuition fees and the cost of living in Birmingham for Indian students. There are several famous universities here that have some of the best infrastructure, teaching methodologies, and curricula across the globe. To get an accurate idea, check out the top universities in Birmingham and their tuition fees in the table below.

UniversityQS World University Ranking 2024Average Annual Cost Of Tuition
University of Birmingham84GBP 22,946
Birmingham City University1001 – 1200GBP 20,950
University College Birmingham52 – UG22 – PGGBP 14,000
Aston University446GBP 19,309
University of Warwick67GBP 28,210
Birmingham Newman University161 in EuropeGBP 9,250

How To Save Money In Birmingham?

Considering the average annual cost of living in Birmingham for Indian students, it is quite evident that you must budget wisely and save money. Birmingham can be expensive for an international student moving out for the first time despite being one of the more affordable cities in the UK. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to live within your budget and save money in Birmingham.

Split The Rent

When you get a roommate or flatmate for your housing property, the cost of rent and utilities decreases instantly. You can save a lot of money by opting to stay in an apartment with other people. The only catch here is that you must ensure your roommate and you agree about your long-term living situation, dividing responsibilities, finances, security, overall maintenance, etc. If you choose a good roommate with whom you can stay for the long run, your finances are sorted in the accommodation department.

Work While You Study

While studying, the majority of overseas students work part-time. There are usually a few jobs available at the university, such as cafeterias, student centres, libraries, etc., where students can gain practical experience while making money. Most importantly, these jobs give you experience and skill sets that you may list on your CV and resume for future employment opportunities.

Go For Pre-Owned Goods

Although everyone loves furnishing and decorating the interiors of their new home, purchasing all things new can cause a hefty shock to your balance sheet. Instead, you can opt for pre-owned furniture for your accommodation. If you get a fully furnished one, you can save a lot by getting pre-loved books, textbooks, reference material, etc.

Learn About Finances

The best way to budget wisely and save more money is to learn about finances in depth. Explore your expenses and analyse how the average cost of living in Birmingham matches your monthly expenditure. Find areas where you can save more and invest your savings. Learning about wise financing and accurate budgeting will also help you in the long run.


Q1. What is the Cost of living in Birmingham for Indian students?

Ans: The average annual cost of living in Birmingham for Indian students is around GBP 16,248, considering accommodation, transport, food, entertainment, etc.

Q2. Is living in the UK expensive for Indian students?

Ans: The United Kingdom, while one of the most popular study-abroad destinations, is also one of the most expensive places for Indian students to continue their higher education. In most cases, students opt for financial aid, like educational loans, scholarships, etc.

Q3. Is Birmingham University Expensive?

Ans: The average annual cost of tuition at the University of Birmingham is GBP 22,946. Although this university is relatively more expensive, it offers one of the best education standards in the world.

Q4. Where do most students live in Birmingham?

Ans: City Centre, Hockley and Hamstead, Edgbaston, Bordesley, Saltley and Small Heath, Harborne, Selly Oak, and Moseley are some of the popular student residential locations in Birmingham. These affordable locations help lower your Birmingham City cost of living.

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Cost of living in Birmingham for indian students

Cost Of Living In Birmingham For Indian Students 2024!

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