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Best Life Hacks For Students Noone Ever Told You

If you are a student studying in any part of the world, you might have dealt with storage space issues, spent too much or must have regretted having missed out on free meals you could get deals on. Regardless, it’s never too late to learn something new and execute it in your daily routine. Some of the best life hacks for students were always in front of us but only some of us thought of them. 

This article reveals some of the best life hacks for students that could make your life easier in university or college. 

7 Best Life Hacks For Students 

Here are some of the things you completely missed out on as a student. 

Get A Laptop Lock

You might have secured your laptop with a strong password and would hope that the thief that’s trying to steal your laptop will keep it back after 3 incorrect attempts. But let me remind you that when it comes to stealing something, no amount of cybersecurity can keep devices from being stolen. It is the value of the laptop that counts, what’s inside it is secondary. 

Getting a laptop lock is one of the best life hacks for students and especially for those who are studying abroad. When you are in a new country and don’t know your environment too well yet, it will be difficult to trust anyone with your belongings, even if that’s for 2 seconds. To secure your laptop, get a laptop lock that can only be opened by you with a key. You can easily find Macklocks and laptop locks for other laptops

Womble For Cheap Money & Free Deals

One of the daily life hacks for students in the UK is, earning loyalty points and redeeming awards offered by supermarkets. You can earn free meals, get discounts and participate in lucky draws using old used receipts. The practice of scanning used receipts to redeem discounts and special offers.

Lookout for barcodes that you can scan, however, do avoid using receipts that have markings, punches and holes as they might already be used. 

Best Life Hacks For Students

The concept of wombling was inspired by The Wombles theme tune: Making use of the things that we find, things that everyday folks leave behind.

Make Space In Your Wardrobe 

Add this to the list of daily life hacks for students. If you promised yourself that you wouldn’t shop this week but still ended up buying a jacket and a muffler on your way home, you need to learn the importance of saving money. But to respond to your immediate problem, I suggest you save your soda can tabs next time you order takeaway.  With these little can tab champions, you can use one hanger for 2 or even three clothing items as shown in the image below:

Best Life Hacks For Students

Keeping some extra can tabs handy can help you save some space in your wardrobe and that means more space in your room. Yay! 

Hide (To Save) Money In A Place You Can’t Reach Easily 

Remember when and how Dr Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, lends money to a friend in a time of crisis? Don’t tell anyone it’s a secret, but he hides in his trick peanut butter can on a shelf between books. 

Adding extra cash that you don’t immediately require and depositing some amount as per your convenience into a box like that can really help you when you most need it. This is not your contingency savings or your regular savings. Having the extra option to save money can help you contribute to a long term dream of buying a laptop or a phone. And trust me, this personal bank will come in handy when you least see it coming. 

Take Surveys In Your Free Time | Life Hacks For Students

Online surveys are a great way to increase the balance on your Paypal account. If you are able to achieve survey targets by dedicating 10 to 15 minutes every day for a week, you can order Pizza and beer for two on the weekend. 

Find the best survey sites to get paid by offering your opinion on products, technology and advertisements. Surveys are nothing but market research teams that collect customer opinions and preferences through paid surveys.  So if you’re wondering why Samsung chose a floral display picture for its latest phone, it is because customers like you chose it and got paid for it as well.

Makeshift Speakers For Your House Party!

Couldn’t accumulate enough funds for a new pair of speakers? You can easily play loud tunes using plastic cups and a cardboard roll. 

Best Life Hacks For Students

You can play the music as loudly as you want and the whole house will be able to groove to the music, but lucky you that your neighbours won’t hear a single music drop. 

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Use Student Cards To Travel In The City or Country

One of the best life hacks for students is getting a lot of discounts with the help of student cards. Almost 50% of your budget is saved up with the help of these cards. Even if you’re a recent graduate, you can show your ID card as proof of being a student to avail yourself of discounts. Make sure that your ID card does not have the expiry year mentioned in it. Always ask if there are discounts available for students or youth as this is an easy way to save tons of cash as you travel around! Museums, galleries, and other major tourist attractions usually have large discounts for students.

Rock Your Presentations | Uni Hacks

When preparing for presentations, request your friend to ask you a particular question that you have carefully prepared for during or after your presentation. This will help you increase your presentation scores for clarity of thought, relevance and style of presentation. While giving the presentation make sure your friend knows beforehand what his role is and when to contribute. It’s always good to have someone on your side when you are in a state of panic or vulnerability. This is one of the great life hacks for studying.

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Best Life Hacks For Students Noone Ever Told You

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