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Your Health Guide: 6 Best Exercises To Stay Fit At A Uni

best exercises to stay fit at a uni

As a student, I always looked for ways to enjoy my college life. Studying and gaining knowledge was something I looked forward to. Socializing with friends over pizzas and chilled beers was my go-to. Exploring the city’s hustle bustle and experiencing the thrills of a student life was routine. Amidst all that however, I realised that I put my health on stake to an extent that there was a time that I had to dedicate only towards my health and had to let go of my fancy student life. Now you as a student do not want that. It’s always a good practice to keep healthy while continuing your routine for a sound lifestyle. On that note, I have listed down some best exercises to stay fit at a uni and I hope this will keep your fitness minds alert, for this is the ultimate guide to staying healthy at university.

Keeping Fit At A Uni: Walk As Much As Possible

You are lucky if you stay 5 to 10 minutes away from your campus. One of the best exercises for staying fit in university is to simply practice walking to it. You do not have to think of it as an exercise that you should do mandatorily. Consider it as a casual stroll and enjoy it. That should do the magic. Rather than having food delivered to you, try walking up to food joints and collecting your food. What would increase your chances of staying fit while studying would be if you cooked your own food! That would definitely require a little bit of walking too. Be on the lookout for the nearest parks and gardens; saunter around!

How To Stay Fit In College: Be A Part Of Your University Sports Team

You don’t have to be an athlete or an olympic champion to join a sports club at your university. It costs nothing or a teeny price to do so. Ditch your next two cheat day meals and save up for getting into your university’s sports team. These clubs are meant to allow you to practice best exercises to stay fit at a uni and stay fit. So get over your laziness and hop around as you experiment with different kinds of sport activities. You will also get to socialise with new people and share your common interests. 

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Best Exercises To Stay Fit At A Uni: Workout At Home

Even the weather has mood swings sometimes! So you may want to skip your daily walks or may have to miss a day’s session at your university sports club. But don’t worry! We still have ways, even for staying fit in university!. Home workouts! That’s actually a very good practice. Run up and down the nearest staircases, do simple squats, push ups, stretches and jump around to your roommate to bother them every once in a while. Cook some delicious food for yourself and be proud about it.

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Staying Fit On Campus Ideas: Get A Hold On Your Diet

Cheat meals are obviously a part of every diet plan so you need not worry about that! What you need to worry about is when you ignore your best exercises to stay fit at a uni and turn everyday into a cheat day! This also doesn’t mean that you have to only eat fruits and vegetables. You can make your food interesting with tasty salads and include ice creams too. Replace your fizzy drinks like coke, pepsi with fruit juices. They are tasty too. Cook some delicious chicken for yourself which can even last for a couple of days. That would be more budget friendly than your one-time chicken lollipop meal. 

Work Guide To Get Fit For A University: Hydrate!

Water is as water does! Nothing can replace the efficiency of water. It solves half your problems. One of the best exercises to stay fit at a uni is to drink water. Experts recommend at least 10 glasses of water a day. While you may use it as a means to cure your last night’s hangover, there’s more magic to it than you can imagine. Sip a little every now and then. Carry around your water bottle just like you never forget to carry your wallets so everytime you see it, sip it. If plain water gets too boring for you, add some fruity flavours to it to make it interesting for you. Make sure you follow this tip for staying fit while studying!

Best Exercises To Stay Fit At A Uni: Set Right Your Sleep Schedule

The chart below depicts student sleep statistics and you can take a look at it to understand where you fall.

You are not only putting your physical health at stake, but also your mental health and quality of life by depriving yourself of the right amount of sleep. How you feel when you’re awake, and how you respond and react to situations majorly depends on your sleep. As per the Journal of adolescent health – 2009 edition, more than 60% of the students are found with disturbed sleep patterns, 20% of the students reported pulling an all-nighter at least once a month.

We hope this ultimate guide to staying healthy at university proves helpful for you.

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best exercises to stay fit at a uni

Your Health Guide: 6 Best Exercises To Stay Fit At A Uni

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