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Best Countries To Study Data Science For International Students

best countries to study data science

Data science involves mathematics, programming, and statistical principles in analysing business data. Organising and analysing large amounts of data is the primary job of a data analyst to make business effective. Companies in the USA pay a data scientist around $100,560 on an average annual salary. Meanwhile, companies in the UK spend around £53,020 per year against the yearly salary. With these possibilities, students will wonder about the best countries to study data science. This blog lists the top countries in which data science can be pursued. Review the universities and colleges, tuition fees, and other requirements in this read.

List Of Best Countries To Study Data Science

The list below includes the top universities in different countries where you can study a Data Science programme. Check out the universities, along with fees and programme durations.

1. Canada

Canada is rated the best country for data science masters because of its top-ranking universities and affordable living. The average estimated cost for international students in Canada is around 30,000 CAD—50,000 CAD. 

Refer to the table for a list of the best universities for masters in Data Science in Canada.

University NameProgramme NameDuration
University of TorontoB.SC Data Science4 years
University of British ColumbiaMaster of Data Science (MDS)10-month degree programme
Carleton UniversityMaster Data Science2 years
Ryerson UniversityData Science and Analytics (MSc)One year
HEC MontrealMSc in Data Science and Business AnalyticsA 16-month long full-time programme
University of WaterlooData Science Certificate ProgrammeThree Years

2. Australia 

On the list of best countries for Data Science subject, Australia comes in 2nd spot. International students have to spend between 35,000 AUD – 89,000 AUD as the average cost for the Data Science course. In this programme, Indian students overseas can choose from cloud computing, big data, data analytics, etc. courses.

Check the table below for insight into the country’s best institutes.

University NameCourse DurationName of the Programme
The University of Sydney1.5 YearsMaster of Data Science
University of Melbourne2 years (full-time) and 4 years (part-time)Master of Data Science
University of Queensland1.5 years full-timeMaster of Data Science
Monash University18 monthsMaster of Data Science
Adelaide University2 – 3 YearsMS in Data Science (Applied)
The University of Technology Sydney1-year full timeMaster of Data Science

3. United States Of America

The USA has some of the finest and globally acknowledged universities offering Data Science programmes. International students have to bear around $16,000 – USD 60,000 as the average cost for studying a course in the field of Data Science Masters in US. For insight into the best available institutes in the country, refer to the table:

UniversityAverage Annual Fee (USD)
Stanford University74,450
Harvard University61,768
Yale University48,300
University of Pennsylvania31,460
Columbia University30,432

These universities are renowned for their Data Science programmes and quality education. The average annual fees for studying Data Science in these institutions range from $30,432 to $74,450.

4. United Kingdom 

Considering the United Kingdom as one of the best countries to do a Masters in Data Science. The UK is one of the top-paying countries for professionals from a data science background. Masters in Data Science in UK would cost you around 23,000 – 27,000 GBP annually. A list of the global-ranking universities in the UK is given in the table below:

University/CollegeProgramme Name
Imperial College LondonMSc in Data Science, MSc in Statistics (Applied Statistics with Data Science)MSc in Mathematics of Machine Learning and Data Analysis
King’s College LondonMSc in Data Science, MSc in Big Data in Medicine, MSc in Advanced Software Engineering with Big Data
University of EdinburghMSc in Data Science, MSc in Data Science, Technology and Innovation, MSc in Business Analytics
University of OxfordMSc in Data Science, MSc in Statistical Science, MSc in Computer Science (Data Science)
University of ManchesterMSc in Data Science, Masters in Data Science (Health and Biomedicine), Masters in Data Science (Cyber Security)
LSE (The London School of Economics and Political Science)MSc in Data Science, MSc in Data Science (Applied), MSc in Data Analysis for Business Intelligence
University of BathMSc in Data Science, MSc in Data Science and Statistics, MSc in Data Science and Engineering

5. Germany

Technical degrees, such as a Master’s in Data Science from Germany, are globally acknowledged. Graduates from this country have good job prospects worldwide. The average cost for an international student is 30,000 EUR per year. 

The following educational institutes make this country one of the best countries to study data analytics.

  • Technical University Munich
  • University of Tubingen
  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

6. France

Learning opportunities and educational structure make this country one of the most favourable destinations for studying Data Science. But, considering that expenditure on studies in France is a bit higher, 5,000 EUR – 24,900 EUR per year, 

Studying in France, here are some of the best institutes:

  • HEC Paris along with Ecole Polytechnique 
  • The Centrale Supelec and ESSEC, International Business School in Europe
  • SKEMA Business School
  • EDHEC Business School
  • Toulouse Business School

7. Ireland

An MS in Data Science in Ireland is the best choice, as the average cost of studies is comparatively lower than in other countries. You may need around 10,000 EUR—20,000 EUR annually to complete a Data Science course in Ireland.

Refer to the table below for details about universities and the duration of the programme.

College/ UniversityDuration
Trinity College DublinOne year
University College DublinOnline, Part-time: 3 years
University College DublinOne year
Athlone University of TechnologyOne year
National University of Ireland, GalwayOne year
University of DublinOne year
Griffith UniversityTotal time: 1.5 years
Maynooth UniversityOne year
Institute of Technology CarlowOne year
Institute of Technology (Cork)12 – 24 months
National University of Ireland12 months
Institute of Technology (Letterkenny)12 months
Athlone Institute of Technology12 months

Career Opportunities And Job Profiles

According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, Data Science professionals earn up to $100,560 annually. In addition, big corporations welcome Data analysts worldwide. 

Some of the possible job profiles for a qualified Data Science professional are:

Job TitleAverage Salary (USD) Worldwide
Data Scientist$125,628
Business Analyst$76,000
Data Analyst$67,000
Computer Scientist$85,000
Data Engineer$96,000
Database Administrator$75,000
Data Architect$130,000

Applying To Colleges In Best Countries To Study Data Science

To apply to the best colleges in countries that support data science, students will have to make their application strong. Any institution around the world will have eligibility criteria that a prospective student will have to fulfil. Depending on the country, the eligibility criteria for a Master in Data Science varies. Some of the basic requirements are:

Colleges In Best Countries To Study Data Science


How Much Does It Cost for Indian Students to Study for an MS in Data Science Abroad?

Estimating the cost of study for Indian students in other countries depends on multiple factors. Considering only tuition fees for various institutes are around $24,852 to 74,450, i.e. INR 20.67 lakhs to 62 lakhs.

Which Is The Best Country To Study Data Science?

For international or Indian students, Canada, the USA, the UK, and Ireland are some of the best countries to consider for studies.

Which are The Cheapest and Best Countries To Study Data Science?

India, Japan, and Finland are among the cheapest countries offering admissions in courses like Data Science.

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Best Countries To Study Data Science For International Students

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