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Best Colleges That Accept Transfer Students

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Scores of students go through their student lives changing or transferring colleges at least once or more than once. It is a natural step as change is the norm in human life. However, transferring to the right college and keeping your college credits earned previously might prove to be difficult for a lot of students. But it can also be a challenging and exciting decision that gives you lots of opportunities to start afresh and explore your talents. If you are looking for the best colleges that accept transfer students, you have come to the right place as we have compiled a list of such colleges for you. Keep reading to find out detailed information about the top colleges to transfer to for international students and local students. 

Best colleges That Accept Transfer Students-

University of California-Los Angeles

The University of California in the USA is an esteemed academic institution that provides a good quality of education and value of money. About 90 percent of students who transfer to the college receive a degree within 4 years. The deadline for transfer applications closes in November each year. 

UCLA accepts transfer students only in the fall term of the year and requires that such students have a junior-level status i.e they should have completed 60 credits by the end of the spring semester before transferring to the college. On average it receives 20,000 plus transfer requests a year and a quarter of these are accepted from students who have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

New York University (NYU) ~ Best colleges That Accept Transfer Students~

NYU is one of the USA’s most famous universities and students who transfer to the city and the university have a lot of exciting prospects to look forward to. The NYU campus has a Student Resource Center for the convenience of transferring students, with the help of which students can join their own Facebook Groups, participate in student-run transfer student organizations and receive weekly newsletters for guidance. It is one of the best colleges that accept transfer students in the USA.

University of Central Florida

This University has a very student-friendly environment. Students who transfer to this university can live in special houses and join groups like the Transfer Knights, which run to help students transfer easily to the college and adjust to campus life. This is what makes UF one of the easiest universities to transfer to. The aim of transfer groups is to make student transfer smoother and easy. 

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Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green University is located in Ohio, USA, and has a top-notch transfer system and policy. It offers a wide range of scholarships for transfer students. In addition to this, it has developed an extensive Transfer Module making it easy and convenient for external students to transfer to the university. It also offers mentorships and orientations for transfer students. 

The College of William and Mary

This college is located in Virginia, USA. The students who transfer at this school greatly benefit from the cooperation and help of the Associate Dean’s office and the Dean himself. The dean holds regular meetings and interactions with students and provides them with orientation, tutoring, and college credit evaluation mentorship. 

New England College

Transfer students can apply to this college located in Hampshire, England in the fall or spring semester. Because it has a rolling admission process, students receive admission decisions and credit evaluation within 2 weeks of applying to the institute. They can transfer up to 90 credits for any course if they have an average grade of C- or higher. To make education at the institute more affordable, there are a number of scholarships available at the institute for new transfer students. If students have completed their Associate’s degree, they are eligible to transfer up to 16 credits for courses with a minimum grade of D or higher. It is one of the best colleges that accept transfer students in England.

Appalachian State University ~Best colleges That Accept Transfer Students~

The university helps newly transferred students feel comfortable and get involved in campus activities and groups as soon as they arrive. The institute has an Office of Transfer Services that answers all queries and doubts students have about the transfer process. It also has two programs meant for transfer students called the Transfer Pre-Orientation Program and Jump Start Appalachian which helps students to adjust to the college during their initial months. The institute also offers to put students in residences with people who are sharing a similar experience. 86 percent of transfer students earn their degree within 4 years. The deadline for the transfer application closes in the month of March for each year.

Clemson University

Clemson University offers a transfer-friendly residential program where transfer students can live together and receive academic support from the college. There is also a  transfer council to represent the transfer students’ voice in the college functioning and the institute has a separate web portal to provide information to students about the transfer process.


1. Which college accepts the most transfer students?

The University of California, New York University, the University of Central Florida, Bowling Green State University, and New England College are some of the top colleges that accept the most students transfer.

2. What college has the highest transfer acceptance rate?

Princeton University, Harvard University, Columbia University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are the colleges that have the highest transfer acceptance rate.

3. What is the best university to transfer to?

Saint Louis University, Portland State University, New York University, Clemson University, UCLA, University of Michigan, and American University are some of the best universities to transfer to.

4. What is the lowest GPA you can transfer with?

College-level courses completed at regionally accredited institutions will generally transfer if a grade of at least “C” (2.0) is obtained and the course is similar in scope and context to work offered at your targeted college or university, which will evaluate your academic history.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the Best colleges that accept transfer students. To know more about related fields do check out our other blogs.

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GRE Good Score Range

Best Colleges That Accept Transfer Students

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