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Personalised Study Abroad Counselling For Indian Students

6+ Countries

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30K+ Students Counselled

A Guide To Pursue MBBS In Europe

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Why Study In Europe? 

Medical universities in Europe provide high-quality education with affordable tuition fees to students all around the world. The continent is known for its diversified culture and helps students from all around the world to experience an open environment to learn and grow in. Lakhs of students fly across to pursue MBBS in Europe and this is why:

Eligibility To Study MBBS In Europe 

Clearing NEET: MBBS in Europe for Indian students especially requires students to clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is imperative to apply in Europe for MBBS. 

High School Education Scores: Most universities refer to a candidate’s scores in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics for their 10+2 levels of education. A high score in these subjects provides an easy doorway to students into universities for MBBS in Europe. 

Additionally, candidates must also possess at least a 60% score in 10+2 levels of education with a background in science. 

Age Criteria:  Applicants must be 17 or above as on 31st December of the year they submit their application

Fees And Funding | MBBS In Europe For Indian Students

The cost of studying MBBS in Europe is comparatively less than studying MBBS in private universities in India or the USA. However, this does not limit the quality of education that these universities provide. 

Tuition fees for MBBS in Europe range from 1,50,000 INR to 10,00,000 INR. 

The cost of living in Europe is not as exorbitant as living in the USA or the United Kingdom. Students can find affordable accommodation around universities and colleges. Living near universities helps students to cut down on travel expenses which makes it even more affordable to survive in Europe. 

Food expenses are manageable and one can find a bar or a restaurant at every corner of the block. 

Accommodation expenses such as rent and maintenance fees can range from 35,000 INR  to 75,000 INR depending on the area where your property is located. 

Looking for a scholarship to study MBBS in Europe? UniScholars has a wide range of scholarships for Indian and International students. Give your dreams wings to fly by applying to need-based, merit-based, country-specific, or student-specific scholarships. 

MBBS in Europe

MBBS Admission In Europe 

Once you have decided on the university where you want to pursue your MBBS, the following steps would help you make it through to gaining admissions in your dream college: 

1. Fill the online application form correctly with information with the best knowledge. Making errors while filling your application form may lead to your university discarding it. 

2. Make sure you have proven your English proficiency by providing evidence of passing English Proficiency Tests (EPTs) like IELTS or TOEFL. The requirements for English skills may vary for each academic institution. 

3. Universities may consider giving you an offer letter once you have met the requirements of eligibility as mentioned above as well as evidence of English proficiency. All universities in Europe generally respond to an application between 10-12 days. 

4. Payment for your course fee makes up for the next step in getting closer to your admissions. 

5. Once you have paid your course fees, you can expect your application to be a success. However, your journey does not end there. 

6. Apply for a Schengen visa by following the guidelines of the European embassy. 

7. Your visa is the real ticket you need to have to catch a flight to any of the European countries.

8. Once you’ve followed the steps above and have secured an MBBS admission in Europe, all you have to do is to book a ticket and fly! 

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Which Are The Top  Universities For MBBS In Europe? 

The average length of an MBBS in Europe is 6 years. These are the top universities in Europe for MBBS where you can dedicate your next 6 years to learning medicine: 

1. Medical University of Gdansk, Poland requires at least a 50% in NEET. A non-profit medical university that is gaining popularity from the people of Pomerania.

2. Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine requires 50 in PCB (physics, chemistry, biology), NEET Established in 1784 it is one of the oldest universities in Europe for Medicine offering more than 90 PG courses.

3. Bogomolets National Medical University, Ukraine requires 50% in NEET and PCB. This university ranks 21 within the country and was established in 1841. One of the leading medical universities in Europe is a preferred option for medical aspirants. 

4. Taras Shevchenko National University, Ukraine requires 50% in NEET and PCB. The third oldest university in Ukraine specialises in research and knowledge and has a world running off 550. 


1) Can I study MBBS in Europe?

Europe is one of the best places in the world to study medicine. People from all over the world come to Europe to study medicine. It became the most popular location for MBBS studies. In Europe, there are many MBBS seats available.

2) Which European country is best for MBBS?

Poland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Italy are some of the best countries in Europe to study an MBBS, if you plan on moving abroad.

3) What is the cost of MBBS in Europe?

The cost of studying MBBS in Europe can range between 900 USD to 5,500 USD based on which university you plan on studying at.

We are glad to help you resolve your questions about studying MBBS in Europe. If you’d like to read more about studying abroad, here are some blogs that might be of interest to you:

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Best Masters Courses In France

A Guide To Pursue MBBS In Europe

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