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Why Study In New Zealand? Top Reasons

New Zealand is an Island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean which is home to the Kiwis and lately many other ethnicities too. Yes, this small country of about 5 million people has been attracting students from all over the globe. New Zealand has been rising to the top due to its spectacular education quality and the globally renowned universities that are present there. The question ‘Why study in New Zealand’ is present on more Google searches than ever before. 

There are multiple aspects that favour New Zealand to be a top destination when studying abroad. Nature and education quality might be the known ones but there are many others that stay overlooked and which definitely benefit any student planning to study abroad. Nonetheless, the blog will elaborate on everything that New Zealand has to offer to a student trying to study there and much more. 

Top Five Reasons On Why Study In New Zealand

There are several reasons that make New Zealand a top destination when studying abroad. Some of the top reasons have been stated below.

Exceptional Education Standards

The institutes that are present in New Zealand have achieved stupendous education quality including highly qualified faculty, the best facilities, well-equipped libraries, and research labs. A degree from any of the universities in New Zealand is on the same level as a degree from US, UK, or Canada. Moreover, the strict quality control over the education system and its constant development of it has set a benchmark for other universities abroad. A student studying in New Zealand will not ever doubt their question of why study in New Zealand.

Low Tuition Fees 

One would expect that with highly-ranked universities, high tuition fees are also part of the package. This isn’t the case with universities in New Zealand as their fees are relatively cheaper as compared to the UK, USA, or Europe. A Bachelor’s degree in New Zealand can cost around NZ$ 20,000 while a postgraduate degree can start from NZ$ 26,000. In addition, there is a wide range of scholarships that are offered by universities and local government too. 

Work Opportunities 

Graduate students are allowed to work a complete year and if the work being done is in a relevant field of education then they are allowed to work for 2 years after graduation. One of the main supporting reasons for the question of ‘Why study in New Zealand?’ is the benefit of working while studying. This provides students with the option of making extra money and also gaining valuable experience.

Beautiful Land

If heaven were on Earth it would probably take the shape of New Zealand. The country is nothing short of a paradise and is sprinkled with breathtaking natural wonders, from mountain ranges to beautiful coastlines. There will never be a dull moment in New Zealand and even the walk to the university would feel heavenly. The flora and fauna of the country also elevate the feeling of wonder towards the place. With such diverse geography, the adventures that come along with are in plenty.

Diverse Culture

Witnessing the culture of New Zealand is another experience of its own. The proud Indigenous Māori people, the Western influence crowd and also immigrants and visitors from every other part of the globe make up the diverse population. This also provides a safe environment for a student studying in New Zealand as they could possibly find people from their own backgrounds too. A safe and secure atmosphere is one of the top reasons why study in New Zealand is considered by many aspiring students.

Best Universities in New Zealand

New Zealand do not shy away from presenting and initiating institutes of great academic excellence. Therefore over the years has invested valuable capital into education and infrastructure. Below mentioned are some of the top universities in New Zealand.

1. The University Of Auckland

Founded in the year 1883, The University of Auckland is one of the largest and highest-ranked universities in New Zealand. A student will definitely come across this university during their search for why study in New Zealand due to its ever so growing popularity. The university has a diverse student population of around 40,000 students, including approximately 7,000 international students from more than 120 countries. The university has an exceptional faculty along with cutting-edge facilities, modern libraries, lecture theatres and programmes in wide disciplines. 

2. The University Of Otago

There is no shortage of prestigious institutes in New Zealand and the University Of Otago is one of them. This public research university was founded in the year 1869 and has nearly 20,000 students on its campus. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in disciplines like science, humanities, health science, etc. It also has several research institutes and centres, including the Otago Global Health Institute, the Brain Health Research Centre, and the Centre for Sustainability. Apart from its top educational excellence the university also has a vibrant student life and even more popular student accommodation in traditional houses.

3. Victoria University Of Wellington

The Victoria University of Wellington, also known as Victoria University was founded in the year 1897 in Wellington, New Zealand. The university has three campuses in its Wellington premises which include the main campus, The Pipitea campus, and The Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation. There is also a business school in Auckland that offers only selective programmes. The question shouldn’t be why study in New Zealand but how to get admission to Victoria University to enjoy the best facilities an institute can offer.

4. The University Of Canterbury

This university is situated in Christchurch, New Zealand and was established in the year 1873. Until 1961 it was a constituent of the University of New Zealand and later become an independent institution. The University of Canterbury offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes across its five colleges: Arts, Business and Law, Education, Engineering, and Science. The civil engineering programme offered by the university ranks 9th in the world as of 2021. The campus of Canterbury was severely damaged by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, and the university has since undertaken a major rebuilding and refurbishment programme.

5. The University Of Waikato

The University of Waikato excels in disciplines such as environmental science, marine and freshwater ecology, engineering and computer science. In addition to this, the university has strong research foundations in social science and management. The university was founded in the year 1964 and became independent in 1966. Situated in Hamilton, the institute houses close to 13,000 students from over 80 countries. Active measures are taken regularly by the university to sustainability and reduce environmental impact. Along with academic evolution, the social and cultural exposure here is immeasurable.

Conclusion: Why Study In New Zealand

Venturing into New Zealand for higher studies is a brave choice only because of all the courage required to endure vibrant experiences. New Zealand presents the best of both worlds, which includes the best quality education in some of the finest universities and natural exploration that can take anyone’s breath away. Needless to say, New Zealand is a safe and rewarding place to be in.

Discover the top reasons why New Zealand is the perfect destination for international students. Watch the video now.

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Why Study In New Zealand? Top Reasons

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