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What Are M7 Business Schools? A Complete Guide 2024

What are M7 Business Schools

Are you an MBA aspirant? If yes then you must have come across M7 business school. Well, most aspirants are often concerned about what are M7 business schools? M7 refers to the top seven prestigious business schools in the world. These schools collaborate to foster an exclusive network twice a year in order to conduct in-depth discussions on recent significant development in the business landscape. 

In addition, M7 business schools provide a range of opportunities to the graduates, such as determining the impact of evolving changes in varied business industries across locations. In this blog, we will discuss in detail about M7 MBA schools, and related aspects to help you leverage the best opportunities to excel in your career. 

What Are M7 Business Schools And Why Should You Consider These Schools? 

Have you heard about M7 schools? Not sure about M7 MBA meaning? The Magic or Magnificent seven or commonly termed as M7 Business Schools are a group of renowned US Business Schools, considered as the best for MBA aspirants worldwide. If you are wondering What are M7 business schools? And why should students consider these schools? These schools offer top-ranked MBA and similar master programmes with a range of perks. 

  • Students can expect to experience the best learning experience through industry expert faculty, transform their careers with practical modules, and leverage the chance to join communities of potent alumni, including presidents and CEOs. Sounds too good to be true? 
  • MBA aspirants seeking to leverage practical learning experience, then applying for an M7 MBA is one of the ideal options for them. These schools focus on training students with thorough research and well-planned courses, which makes the M7 MBA colleges one of the top-ranked business schools.
  • In addition, if you are wondering about the M7 business school acceptance rate, then you must know that they are highly competitive and need aspirants to meet with high GMAT scores. However, MBA graduates from these schools are expected to receive a range of high-profile career exposure post-graduation. 

List Of M7 Business Schools

After determining What are M7 business schools? We’re sure you must be wondering what are those 7 popular schools? We understand your concern, Magnificent or Magic M7 business schools name is listed below for your better understanding. 

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Harvard Business School
  • Columbia Business School
  • Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management
  • University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business

Significance Of Attending An M7 Business School

Undoubtedly, attending M7 business school is worthwhile for every student aspiring to explore varied aspects of business and schools. The business schools mentioned above are known for quality learning experiences and exceptional teaching methods. 

  • The M7 MBA programmes and other business-based courses are provided by M7 business schools. Pursuing this programme will enable students to build practical skills and get exposure to establishing careers with exciting opportunities right after completing the course. 
  • Choosing to pursue an MBA degree at M7 school will add value to your long-term goal with a range of benefits. These schools are focused on recognising each school as a part of the super-elite group and fostering collaboration in order to improve business education quality and validate the quality of education other institutions offer. 
  • While the M7 MBA ranking is at the top worldwide, there are other top 10 ranked business schools outside the US that can offer you quality business education if you wish to explore your destinations. 
  • However, before you select your ideal business school, make sure to conduct in-depth research on your career goals, and then consider ideal programmes and business schools that promise to fulfil your goals significantly.

How Well Do M7 Institutions Do In Comparison To Each Other?

While exploring What are M7 business schools? Most individuals are concerned about how these schools work or how each school is ranked. We understand your concern, and to simplify your research procedure, we are listing the rankings of each M7 business school. 

School RankingUS News (2023-24)QS RankingFT (2023) Ranking
Harvard 524
Booth 11311
Columbia 1181

M7 Business School Statistics

To help you understand what are M7 business school in detail, let us explore a few statistics to help you make accurate decisions and compare rankings and more factors seamlessly. To begin with, let us first examine the class profile of M7 business schools in 2024. 

Business SchoolClass SizeReceived ApplicationsAverage GMAT ScoreAverage GPAAverage Work ExperienceWomen %International Students
Harvard101582647303.75 years46%36%
Columbia84461777293.65 years44%51%
Wharton87763197333.65 years50%35%
Northwestern (Kellogg)5037293.75 years48%38%
Chicago (Booth)62143527293.65 years 40%37%
MIT (Sloan)4087323.625 years46%40%
Stanford42461527373.764.9 years44%37%

M7 Business Schools Employment Statistics

As we mentioned above, graduates from M7 Business School have great opportunities to explore a range of high-profile job roles. To help you understand the scope of opportunities after completing a programme from M& school, we are listing employment statistics from the 2022 batch. 

SchoolBase SalaryAdded Bonus% Of Received Offer
Northwestern (Kellogg)$165,000$30,00099%
MIT (Sloan)$165,000$30,00097%
Chicago (Booth)$175,000$30,00097%

Let’s have a look at the percentage of graduates who land jobs in the big 3 sectors: 

Name Of The UniversityConsultingFinancial ServicesTechnology
Harvard Business School25%35%16%
Stanford Graduate School of Business15%38%24%
Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania 29%37%13%
Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago39%33%15%
Columbia Business School36%36%11%
Kellogg School of Management at the Northwestern University42%11%17%
MIT Sloan School of Management34%20%24%

M7 Business Schools Ranking By Specific Factors

While we know these schools’ rankings are at the top worldwide, aspirants often have concerns about what are M7 business school rankings are based on varied domains. We are listing rankings of the seven business schools in the US based on the QS Rankings statistics to solve your queries.

SchoolConsultingFinanceInformation ManagementMarketingTechnologyEntrepreneurship
Chicago (Booth)36182033
Northwestern (Kellogg)18882227
MIT (Sloan)216129

Which Specialisations Are They Known For?

M7 universities have their specialisations. This section of our blog talks about where you should apply as per your interests!


You’ll want to set your sights on Kellogg – it’s topping the charts for accounting programmes across most major rankings. Wharton is holding strong in third, trailed by Chicago Booth at #5 and Stanford GSB at #8.

Business Analytics

This rising field is all about transforming data into actionable business insights through statistical modelling and analysis. For BA programmes, MIT Sloan is leads at #1, with Wharton (#3) and Chicago Booth (#6) also standouts.


Future business founders and innovators gravitate toward Stanford GSB (#2) and MIT Sloan (#3) to hone their startup skills. Harvard (#5) and Wharton (#6) are also entrepreneurial powerhouses.


Looking to break into banking, fintech or investment management? An MBA finance specialisation prepares you for key corporate finance roles. Wharton takes the #1 spot, followed closely by Chicago Booth (#2), Columbia (#4), MIT (#5) and Stanford (#6).


If branding, promotions and consumer behaviour are your interests, you’ll be in good hands at Kellogg – it’s the globally top-ranked MBA marketing programme. Wharton is also a marketing juggernaut at #2.


1. What Does M7 Stand For?

M7 or M7 Business School refers to the top 7 prestigious or magnificent business schools located in the US that offer high-quality business education, the opportunity to network with experts, and more. 

2. What GPA Do You Need For M7 Business Schools?

Since M7 schools are highly-ranked business schools worldwide, it has a competitive acceptance rate, which means they have a rigorous admission process. To ensure admission at these schools, students must score at least an average of 3.6 GPA.

3. What Is The Average Salary For M7 Business Schools?

With advanced learning experience and networking opportunities, M7 business schools offer exclusive career opportunities. Graduates from these schools can expect to receive jobs with a base salary of an average of around $165,000 – $175,000 annually with a bonus of $30,000.

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What are M7 Business Schools

What Are M7 Business Schools? A Complete Guide 2024

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