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The Best Veterinary Scholarships Across The World

In this article we list the best veterinary scholarships around the world for international students aspiring to become a veterinary doctor.

Veterinary doctors, also known as animal doctors, are highly skilled and educated medical professionals who diagnose and treat all kinds of animal diseases. They treat all types of animals from house pets to farm animals to even wild animals in zoos. It is a very challenging job. However, studying to become a vet doctor can be very expensive for some students. If you love animals and want to opt for a degree in veterinary science to become a doctor but need help with additional funding, you have come to the right place. There are a number of veterinary scholarships available around the world that are designed to help students pay for their medical science degrees. These veterinary scholarships are a good way to start funding your medical career. 

Here is a list of the best veterinary scholarships around the world (Not that some of them are only open to local citizens of the country) 

MERCK Animal Health and FVE Scholarships- 

Under this scheme, 10 grants are available for European students who are currently admitted in their second or third year as a veterinary faculty member of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education. These faculties are spread throughout Europe and also in other countries like Turkey, Jordan and Israel. 

External Veterinary Scholarship Opportunities

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation provides scholarships for veterinary students who are students of an AVMA  accredited medical school in the US. The scholarships are also available in other selected veterinary colleges across the globe. AVMA also supports students by maintaining a stock of additional scholarship opportunities that are offered by other organisations. These scholarships are listed on their website.

The Cumings School of Veterinary Medicine Scholarships

The Cumings School at Tufts University offers a variety of scholarships for veterinary students enrolled in the university.14 annual scholarships and overall more than 30 scholarships are available to academically brilliant veterinary students. To be eligible for the scholarship, the students need to display proof of their financial need for the specialized course. Some scholarships are exclusively reserved for women and minorities entering the field of veterinary medicine. The popular scholarships under this program are Cats Plain and Fancy scholarship, The John F and Georgia O’Neill Flag Scholarship for wildlife medicine, The Bill Jac foods Inc. Scholarship and the Westminster Kennel Club Foundation Scholarship. 

Colorado State University Scholarships For Veterinary Medicine

The College of Veterinary Medicines and Biomedical Sciences at the Colorado State University offers a wide range of scholarships for its attending students in undergraduate programs. These scholarships include the John R Bagby scholarships, the Rowena Odell scholarship and the Myron Brown Ludlow scholarship. The monetary value of the scholarships start from $550 and can go up to 7000 dollars. CV MBBS also offers a variety of scholarships for its postgraduate students which include the James Dupree Scholarship, The Mark A Gearhart Memorial, and the King Man Integrated Livestock Management Scholarship. The applications for these post graduate-level scholarships are available by faculty nomination only. 

Agri Food Veterinary Authority of Singapore Undergraduate Scholarship

These scholarships for veterinary medicine are available for citizens of Singapore who wish to study veterinary science and other disciplines at local universities for international students. The scholarships cover students’ tuition fees and other necessary fees and include a monthly allowance, study resources and all travel expenses of the students. 

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Obihiro University of agriculture and medicine

This university located in Japan offers veterinary scholarships for international students for postgraduate studies. Under this scholarship program , students can study animal husbandry and animal food and hygiene at the university with all their academic expenses covered. The scholarships are offered based on financial need and academic performance of the students.

Universities of Nottingham and Edinburgh School of Veterinary Medicine and Science

The University of Nottingham offers veterinary scholarships for international students who have performed well academically. Under this scheme, students will receive a 10% reduction in the fee amount for their 5-year undergraduate degree at the school in veterinary medicine. The University of Edinburgh offers a variety of scholarships to study veterinary medicine at the University. This includes Ph.D. student scholarships and other scholarships for students from selected countries. 

University of Bristol Faculty of Medicine and Veterinary sciences International scholarships

Under this scheme, International UG students who receive admission at the Faculty of the university through the UCAS system are given an opportunity to apply for the scholarship to cover the tuition fees of their course. The amount of scholarship money offered is 2000 euros per annum. 

ICLAS Scholarship Program for veterinarians in a laboratory animal science and medicine

Under this scheme, veterinary scholarships are offered to students who wish to participate in laboratory animal science and medicines study. These scholarships are offered to students of countries where this course is not available. To avail of the scholarship the student should possess a degree in veterinary science and should have already been given provisional admission in one of the accredited programs in a university of North America, Europe, Mexico or India. 

The Winners Circle Scholarship Program

Under this scheme scholarships for veterinary medicine up to $1500 are available to support students who are intending to major in equine veterinary medicine. The scholarships are available for students who are in their second or third year of a course in equine veterinary medicine. It is awarded based on financial need and academic talents. 

University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science Scholarships

Under this scheme, two scholarships are available for international students to study veterinary science in Australia. These include the Australian Education Trust Scholarship which offers $3500 for honours and master students in the faculty of science at the university and the Jean and Ray Blencowe scholarships which offer around $1700 to students to enroll in a UG or PG veterinary course at the University of Sydney. 

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In this article we list the best veterinary scholarships around the world for international students aspiring to become a veterinary doctor.

The Best Veterinary Scholarships Across The World

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