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Vanderbilt University Acceptance Rate 2024: Intakes, Admissions, Requirements

Vanderbilt university acceptance rate

Vanderbilt University was founded in 1873 and is a private research university.

Today, it has gained popularity all across the globe because of its excellence in education and research. It is a home for 10 schools in Nashville.

The reputation of this university is now an educational hub for more than 12,000 full-time and part-time students from all over the world.

Being renowned and globally acclaimed, you are going to learn deeply about Vanderbilt University Acceptance Rate. 

What is Vanderbilt University Acceptance Rate?

One of the “happiest” universities in the nation is Vanderbilt University in Nashville. This is due to Vanderbilt University having the best residence halls, food, safety, and management.

Also, students receive excellent financial aid from the university. It is regarded as the “happiest” institution in the US for several reasons, including the best athletic facilities and adequate community services.

Vanderbilt University Acceptance Rate is high as the quality of education, and education is top-class.

It is not easy to get into Vanderbilt University. The demand is always higher than the previous year’s demand.

Due to excellent word of mouth in terms of education and research, Vanderbilt University acceptance rate is now 7%.

Both national and international students are intensely interested in getting admission at Vanderbilt University.

Vanderbilt University has received over 46,000 applicants. With a 7% acceptance rate, Vanderbilt University has the most rigorous admissions requirements.

A score of 34 or 35 on the ACT or an SAT between 1480 and 1570 is mandatory for admission purpose.

Nonetheless, 25% of accepted applicants received scores that were above these limits, while 25% received scores that were below these levels.

In addition to ACT and SAT, this university conducts the TOEFL test to verify the English proficiency of a student. This can be attended either in person or online.

In this competitive test, the eligibility score varies between paper-based tests and online tests. In a paper-based test, a student should score 570, whereas online, it is 88.

The following table describes the average academic profile of selected Vanderbilt students.

ScoresAcademic profile

In case of an insufficient GPA, you must compensate for it with a higher SAT or ACT score. To get admitted to Vanderbilt University, a student should meet the requirements mentioned above.

Along with these requirements, submitting a TOEFL score must be considered a mandatory task. These scores will decide your admission to Vanderbilt University.

In addition to the TOEFL score, the IELTS score must be seven bands. A student must match these eligibility criteria to get admission.

Vanderbilt University: Fees

The average fees for the major programs taught at Vanderbilt University are given below:

CoursesDuration1st Year Tution Fees
MS (18 courses)(10 months-2 years)INR 18 L – 59 L
M.A. (20 courses)(1-3 years)INR 13 L – 54 L
B.A. (41 courses)(4 years)INR 45 L – 51 L
MBA/PGDM (11 courses)(10 months-2 years)INR 30 L – 62 L
PG Certificate (22 courses)(1 year)INR 11 L – 57 L

How challenging is it To Get Accepted at Vanderbilt University?

Being reputed and rich in educational culture, Vanderbilt university admission demand has skyrocketed.

Due to heavy demand, the Vanderbilt university acceptance rate has decreased by almost 4.5 per cent in 2020-2021.

The university is extensively filtering students on the basis of various factors.

As Vanderbilt University intensely focuses on educational excellence, the admission process is based on academic performance, essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities.

Below is a table that will help you understand the drastic change in Vanderbilt University acceptance rate year by year.

        YearAcceptance Rate
2023- 20247.00%

What is The Demographic Profile of Vanderbilt University?

According to the survey from 2012-2022, Vanderbilt University acceptance rate average is 11.07%. With the help of the same survey, the average acceptance rate of men and women is 12.56% and 9.96%, respectively.

Apart from gender demography, you will learn in detail about racial demography & diversity at Vanderbilt University.

                      Student Body        Per cent
        New England14%

These stats show the global status of Vanderbilt University. Progressive methodologies and thoughts have pulled students from all across the globe, which in turn influenced the Vanderbilt University Acceptance rate to drop down.

What Are The Admission Rates And Enrollment Requirements For Vanderbilt University?

In addition to Vanderbilt University Acceptance Rate, You should also have prior knowledge about the basic requirements for admission at Vanderbilt University.

Below is the list that a student must have with them: 

  • Every required part of the common application or coalition, powered by Scoir, includes a personal essay and short answer.
  • Official high school transcript
  • Letters of recommendation from at least two academic teachers
  • Counsel of recommendation
  • $50 non-refundable application or qualified students can get a fee waiver.
  • Test scores for the SAT or CAT

There are almost 46,000 applicants this year. Moreover, Vanderbilt University acceptance rate depends upon the total number of applicants and the number of students who get admitted to the renowned university.

Vanderbilt University Intakes & Deadlines:

Considering the education efficiency and research accuracy of Vanderbilt University, students have been applying for the university from all over the world.

On seeing the phenomenal demand, Vanderbilt University has announced the deadline for application.

The final date for regular consideration application is January 15, 2023. Students must apply before 11.59 PM according to their country’s standard time. You can apply through the university’s official online portal.

The result of Regular admission will be announced on or before May 30, 2023. Based on the student admission count, Vanderbilt University acceptance rate will change.

What Can You Expect After Getting Admitted at Vanderbilt University?

Once you get admitted to Vanderbilt University, you can be entertained by academics, leadership positions, and excellent social life.

You can enhance your obedience by showing up on time, being well-dressed to attend class, and participating in the events actively.

Based on students’ word of mouth, this university is considered to be one of the colleges that offer the best quality of life.

Vanderbilt University has been enjoying high ranks in many other categories, such as No.2 in Best athletic facilities, No.4 in a beautiful campus, no. 9in professors.

Get high marks, secured 10th rank in Most engaged in community service.

Programs Offered: 

Vanderbilt provides advanced degrees in a variety of fields, including business, nursing, law, social sciences, humanities, religion, and medicine.

Experience a student-run programme called Vanderbilt that helps undergraduate students pay for extracurricular activities that cost money. Every penny you spend will be worth your blood and sweat.


100 Oaks, LEED projects, 1101 19TH Avenue south, Central library, 21st avenue north library archives and Moore college halls are some of the facilities offered by Vanderbilt University for the students.

It has a beautiful campus with athletic facilities and state of the art laboratories. This is one of the reasons behind the enormous difference in Vanderbilt University acceptance rate.

Tuition fees:

The common question that a student has after getting admitted to Vanderbilt University is: What is the tuition fee? Here you can come to a conclusion about the fee structure.

The tuition fee comes to around $58,130 for a year. As a student, you should be well-prepared to manage other expenses as well.

Being an international student, it is your responsibility to plan the budget for a month or year to avoid financial disaster.


Sonny Gray, Darius Garland, Khairul Aming, Dansby Swanson and clay Travis are some of the note-worthy alumni of Vanderbilt University.


The above-mentioned factors will allow you to gain a piece of tremendous knowledge about Vanderbilt University. The worldwide recognition of this university can be considered a well-deserved growth.

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Vanderbilt university acceptance rate

Vanderbilt University Acceptance Rate 2024: Intakes, Admissions, Requirements

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