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University of Warwick Acceptance Rate in 2024

Liverpool Hope University Admission

The University of Warwick is a public research university found on the outskirts of Coventry between the West Midlands and Warwickshire, England. It is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Warwick and the world at large. The university is distinctively close to top cities in the UK such as London, Manchester and Bristol. Getting to an uni of this regard is always a task to take upon. Students wanting to study here spend at least a year in preparation to get into Warwick. So what do they prepare for – the University of Warwick acceptance rate and ways to crack it. Understanding the methods to do so and the history of how this number has fluctuated will give us a deeper insight into the University of Warwick acceptance rate. Find out to know more! 

Key Takeaways

1. International Acceptance Rates: Stricter criteria for international students with an undergraduate acceptance rate of 12.9% and a University of Warwick masters acceptance rate of 16.8%.

2. Competitive Factors: High reputation, popular programmes, huge demand, challenging entry standards and international considerations contribute to the admission process.

3. Department-wise Variation: Acceptance rates vary across departments, e.g., Mathematics at 86%, contrasting with Management at 15%.

4. Course-specific Rates: Courses like e-Business Management (11%) and Education (54%) display diverse acceptance rates.

5. Comparison with Russell Group: The University of Warwick acceptance rate aligns with other Russell Group universities which emphasises the competitive nature within this elite group.

6. Oxbridge Distinction: While competitive, Warwick’s acceptance rates are distinct from Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) universities, which generally have even lower rates.

7. Admission Highlights: The UCAS deadline for undergraduate admission is Jan 31 2024. 

University Of Warwick Acceptance Rate For International Students

International applicants to the University of Warwick face stricter admissions criteria compared to UK/EU students. This is reflected in the acceptance rates:

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate: 12.9% for international students and 16.5% for UK/EU students.

Postgraduate Acceptance Rate: 16.8% for international students and 44% for UK/EU students.

While Warwick welcomes top international students, the university’s ability to accept them is limited by UK government regulations. Therefore, applicants need a strong academic record and excellent English language skills. It’s important to note that these statistics are overall averages and may vary depending on specific programs and year of application.

1 out of 10 students are accepted at the University of Warwick

Factors Influencing The University Of Warwick Acceptance Rate

These factors combine to create a highly competitive admissions process. While it’s challenging, many dedicated students secure a place at Warwick each year.

  1. High Reputation: Being a top-ranked university, Warwick attracts applications from top students which makes the admission selective.
  2. Hot Programmes: Courses like business and computer science receive far more applications than available seats, making them even harder to get into.
  3. Huge Demand: With over 45,000 applicants for just 5,800 undergraduate places, competition is fierce.
  4. Challenging Entry: Warwick maintains high academic standards with demanding requirements like AAA at A-level. Meeting them doesn’t guarantee admission.
  5. International Considerations: International students face stricter requirements, partly to ensure they can afford tuition fees.
  6. Competition With Other Universities: The University of Warwick acceptance rate is estimated at such a level that it competes with other Russell Group universities. 

The University Of Warwick Department-Wise Acceptance Rate

The University of Warwick has 41 departments which are bifurcated into 3 faculties – Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine. However, we’ve provided acceptance rates for only those departments for which data could be gathered. You can find those below:

CourseAcceptance Rate
Accounting and Finance21%
Computer Science37%
Politics and International Studies18%
Biological Sciences88%

Different Acceptance Rates For Courses At Warwick

Acceptance rates differ significantly across Warwick’s courses as well. Below in the table you will find the number which you will have to achieve. 

CourseAcceptance Rate
e-Business Management (Full-time)11%
International Trade, Strategy and Operations (FT)10%
Programme and Project Management (Full-time)13%
Finance and Economics16%
Education (Full-time)54%
Engineering Business Management (Full-time)19%
Supply Chain and Logistics Mgt (Full-time)22%
Business Analytics24%

Warwick University Acceptance Rate Vs Russell Universities

The University of Warwick acceptance rate for undergraduates is 12.9% as highlighted above. Additionally, that for postgraduate is 16.8%. However, this number is quite competitive among the Russell Group universities. You can read more about this below:

Warwick’s company and it’s tough 

As you mentioned, Warwick’s acceptance rates are similar to other elite Russell Group universities like UCL, LSE, and Imperial College. These typically linger around 10-20% for undergraduates and 15-30% for postgraduates. So, expect competition to be fierce, regardless of your chosen university.

Oxbridge stands slightly apart 

On the even more competitive side, Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) universities generally have undergraduate acceptance rates around 10-15%. That’s no surprise, considering their global reputation and rigorous academic standards.

What does this mean for you? 

Don’t be discouraged by the numbers! While admission is certainly selective, many dedicated students secure places at these top universities every year. 

University of Warwick Admission Highlights

Before we let you go, make sure that you have a look at the important admission information for the academic year 2024-25.

Application PortalUG: UCAS
PG: University Portal
Warwick Application FeeUG: As per UCAS portal
PG: £60 
MBA: £80
English Language Tests AcceptedIELTS / TOEFL / PTE, etc.
Standardized Test Scores (PG)GMAT / GRE
International Application DeadlinesUG: UCAS Deadline: Jan 31 2024
PG: Varies as per the programme


1. What is the University of Warwick acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate of Warwick University is 12.9% for undergraduates and postgraduates is 16.8%.

2. What is the minimum GPA for the University of Warwick?

A GPA of 3.5 on a scale of 4.0 is required in order to stand a good chance at getting in.

3. Does the University of Warwick have a higher acceptance rate for international students?

It is lower. 12.9% for international students and 16.5% for UK/EU students at the undergraduate level. Similarly, 16.8% for international students and 44% for UK/EU students.

4. What factors affect the acceptance rate at the University of Warwick?

The admission committee sets the number on the basis of reputation, demand, programmes and others. 

5. What are the hardest courses to get into at Warwick?

Mathematics, political science, and international relations, as well as the decision sciences – economics, management are some of the courses with the lowest acceptance rates at Warwick.

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University of Warwick Acceptance Rate in 2024

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