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University of Utah Acceptance Rate & More

The University of Utah is one of the largest universities in the state and was founded in 1850. The university offers a selected collection of majors and concentrations through its 18 colleges and schools. Located in the urban setting of Salt Lake City, UUT ranks #105 in U.S. News and World Report’s publication of Best Colleges in 2022. In this article, we are going to dive into the University of Utah’s acceptance rate and more. 

What Is The University Of Utah’s Acceptance Rate? 

University of Utah’s acceptance rate stands at 79% in 2023, and they follow an easy selection policy. In the last academic year of 2022, the university admitted 84% of all applicants. This translates to 17,341 students being invited to the campus out of 20,644 who had applied. Hence per year, the university is home to around 34,464 students, which includes 24,826 undergraduates across all fields. 

Here are some interesting ratios of the student population at U of U: 

  • The undergraduate population is made up of 48% women and 52% men. 
  • There are 49% full-time graduate women and 51% men. 
  • University of Utah’s acceptance rate is achieved by 3.3%, which comes from out of the country and 27.66% who are retained from the state of Utah itself. 

Trends In University of Utah’s Acceptance Rate

The university had observed fluctuating acceptance rate trends over the past 9 years. Last year’s admission rate was 95%, whereas the University of Utah’s acceptance rate this year fell to 79%. The average acceptance rate in the previous decade has been 76.73%, which is fairly easy to get in with a GPA of 3.4, which the university has made mandatory. The university also released reports saying that the enrollment rate (yield rate) increased from 31% to 31.36% this year. 

When we look at the statistics by gender, the acceptance rate for men is 75.13%, and the University of Utah’s acceptance rate for women is 78.32% on average. It was simpler to get into this university last year than it was the year before. 

What Is The Ethnic Diversity Of The University Of Utah?

When we look at ethnic diversity, it is interesting to see that there are actually fewer Hispanic students in Utah than White ones. The racial diversity at the institution is moderate. Minorities and people of colour make up 30% of the student body (BIPOC). The following table provides specifics on the ethnic breakdown.

university of utah acceptance rate

Source: College Simply

The state of Utah ranks as the 34th most racially diverse in the USA. Hence catering to the various races of students who come here, the university houses the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Club. This society includes resource centres; offices; and associated student, faculty, and staff affinity groups. Their goal is to serve as an engine for growth towards diversity, equity, and inclusion as a representation of the university’s core values. 

What Are The Programmes Offered At The University Of Utah?

There are over 100 academic programmes and 50 interdisciplinary programmes offered at the university.  As mentioned above, the 18 schools and colleges provide courses in areas such as architecture + planning, business, cultural & social transformation, dentistry, education, engineering, fine arts, health, honours college, humanities, law, medicine, mines & earth sciences, nursing, pharmacy, science, social & behavioural science and social work. Some of the most sought-after programmes here are: 

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc], Data Science$27,943
Master of Accounting [M.Acc]$54,800
Master of Science [M.S], Mechanical Engineering$30,252
Bachelor of Science [B.S], Mechanical Engineering – Robotics and Control Emphasis$27,943
Master of Science [M.S], Information Systems$51,175

Cost of Attendance

The average cost of attendance for international students happens to be $33,045. When compared with the national average cost, attending this university is on the expensive side. This figure includes different fees that may go towards supporting campus health clinics, student centres, student gyms, and libraries.  One pro-tip suggested by students studying at this university is that social media handles and handshake portals help in finding part-time jobs.

Admission Requirements 

Graduates and undergraduates from non-English-speaking nations like India who are applying must demonstrate their language skills. Applicants must maintain standardised scores on the following exams to accomplish the University of Utah’s acceptance rate:

TOEFL80 or above80 or above

Financial Aid

The university is committed to providing students with financial aid, regardless of their ability to pay. Financial aid includes scholarships and grants, as well as loans. All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for some type of financial assistance at the University of Utah. Need-based grants are given to about 89% of students amounting to an average of $7,754. Also, about 13.4% of them are given scholarships based on merit. The following are the scholarships offered at the U of U: 

Name of the scholarshipAward amount
Global Citizen Scholarship$10,000
International Presidential ScholarshipFull tuition and fees
International Excellence Scholarship$5,000 per year

The Application Process Of The University Of Utah 

Let’s start by looking at the admission process at the University of Utah. In this blog, we have given a ‘step-by-step’ to make the application process considerably simpler for U of U aspirants. Thankfully, it is a private institution with a greater acceptance rate than public universities, so candidates should feel secure knowing that it can accommodate a larger number of students. 

For UG

  • The first step is to register on Common Application before the designated deadline. 
  • The second step is to pay the application fee, which is mentioned above. In this step, students can apply for any financial aid if required. 
  • The third step involves sending the official transcripts, which only the applicant’s high school can do so since the emailed ones aren’t considered anymore
  • Fourthly, students will have to send their English test scores as per the bands mentioned above. Students will also have to submit their official migration documents in this step, along with their English translation if their transcripts are in another language. 

For PG

  • Students can apply on the university’s website itself
  • Pay the application fee mentioned above. 
  • Upload the required documents. Undergraduates must have a four-year bachelor’s degree from any decent college. In this step, students will also have to choose their preferred programme. 
  • Now, students can track their applications after successful submission. If there are any changes which need to be made, editing can be done too.

What is the application fee for undergraduates and postgraduate students?

International students will need to make a mandatory and non-refundable application fee of $55 for undergraduate programmes and $65 for postgraduate courses. 

When will I hear from the university?

The Office of Admissions will email students to let them know if any other documents are needed. The processing of a final admission decision can take an extra 2–6 weeks after all necessary data and papers have been received.

The University Of Utah Important Deadlines And Dates

Students will have to make a note of the important dates and deadlines. It is important to note that different programmes have different deadlines. The ones given below are for the majority of the courses. Students should also look at the university website for more appropriate information. 

For UG 

IntakeApplication Deadline
Fall April 1
SpringNovember 1
SummerMarch 15 

For PG

The university has requested students to contact the ITAP (International Teaching Assistant Programme) Manager for the dates and deadlines considering graduate programmes admission. Given below is the contact information of the office: 

Diane Cotsonas

Number – 801-585-6659

Email-Id – itap@utah.edu 


The University of Utah has a lot to offer as far as higher education is concerned. The experience is different than what other schools might have to offer, but it’s a good difference. The campus is beautiful, the facilities are great, and the professors really care about what they do. If you can get accepted here, do it, because the choice will be worth it in the end.


  1. Is Salt Lake City a good place to live?

Although Salt Lake City is a great place for people of all ages to settle down, young professionals looking for employment opportunities and students pursuing degrees find it to be especially appealing. 

  1. Is Utah University a dry campus?

The campus of the University of Utah is dry. It is forbidden to use, possess, or distribute alcoholic beverages of any kind, including beer, on university property. 

  1. Can students dorm with the opposite gender at the University of Utah?

Each resident will be made to feel welcome and included by Housing & Residential Education, especially through the availability of rooms that are inclusive of all gender identities and expressions.

  1. How many students live on campus at UT?

Around 5,500 students live on-campus in residence halls which are Heritage Commons Residence Halls, Kahlert Village, University Guest House and Officer’s Circle. 

  1. What is the lowest GPA for the University of Utah?

Although they don’t have a cutoff GPA for admission, the middle 50% of their admitted class has an unweighted GPA ranging from 3.46 to 3.93. Accordingly, 25% of the class has a GPA that is above this range, and the remaining 25% has a GPA that is below this range.

You can find all the aforementioned acceptance rate blogs and more on the UniScholars website. Sign up for free today and start applying to your dream universities. If you need more information, you can also read the blogs mentioned below!

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University of Utah Acceptance Rate & More

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