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University Of Sydney Acceptance Rate!

University Of Sydney Acceptance Rate

So you’re setting your sights on the University of Sydney – nice! As you go through the application process, you’ve likely encountered some stats about their admissions, whether on their website or those big college rankings lists. Every year, they share basic info on the students they’ve just accepted – test scores, backgrounds, total applicants, University of Sydney acceptance rate, etc. These are handy numbers to get a feel for what the university seeks. But here’s the thing – those admission stats can only tell you so much. To get a sense of the educational experience at a school, you have to dig a little deeper. Simply put, the University of Sydney acceptance rate is the rate at which applicants are accepted. It is calculated by dividing the number of accepted students by the number of total applicants. In this blog, we will examine this number more closely and learn about important factors such as diversity, admission, rankings, and more!

University Of Sydney Acceptance Rate

The University of Sydney acceptance rate is 70% for the 2024 intake. 47,118 students are enrolled across undergraduate and graduate levels here. Even though the acceptance rate at Sydney University is high, international students must be cautious when applying.

Students eyeing this university must start early because the University of Sydney accepts applications two years before the start of the course of study.  They are advised to begin by selecting their course of study using the institution’s programme ‘search tool’. This tool will provide applicants with information on various topics, including qualifications and basic requirements.

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university of Sydney acceptance rate

Profile & Diversity

You’ll find that the University of Sydney has students and professors worldwide. It’s the kind of place where you can learn about different viewpoints and ways of thinking. The uni does a top job making everyone feel welcome and supported, no matter their background. Read about their breakdown below.

Total No. of Students69,000
New Undergraduate Students Enrollment9,704
New Graduate Students Enrollment6,897
International Students Enrollment20,860
Student Ratio of Females to Males58:42
Student to Teacher ratio19:1

University Of Sydney Ranking 

The University of Sydney is one of the leading educational institutions in the world and among the top-ranked universities in Australia, thanks to its expertise in research and teaching. In university rankings, it excels across various disciplines and fields, including business, engineering, geography, education, the arts, architecture and more. 

PublicationRanking 2024
US News and World Report – Best Global Universities#28
QS – World University Ranking#19
Times Higher Education – University Ranking#54

Top Courses Offered At University Of Sydney

After understanding the University of Sydney acceptance rate, we will focus on the courses offered. International students can choose from 159 undergraduate programmes at the University of Sydney. The institution offers international students various degree options with more than 450 postgraduate courses. The institution has a royal charter recognises its degrees as being on par with those from UK universities. The institution offers a variety of flexible study alternatives, including short courses, evening classes, and offshore study. Coursework for postgraduate degrees includes the opportunity to gain more advanced knowledge.

Name Of The ProgrammeFees
B.S Engineering and LawsAUD 52,000/Yr
B.A EconomicsAUD 52,000/Yr
B.A Economics and Advanced StudiesAUD 52,000 /Yr
M.Com Data Analytics for BusinessAUD 54,000 /Yr 
B.A Financial EconomicsAUD 48,000 /Yr 

University Of Sydney Graduate Admission

The university offers various graduate programmes across nine study areas. The following are the general admission requirements for graduate programmes at the University of Sydney:

CertificatesBachelor’s Degree with an aggregate 65%
Application FeeAUD 150
Standardised Test ScoresGMAT: 600+GRE: 305
English Language Tests AcceptedTOEFL: 79IELTS: 6.5
Other DocumentsLetters of Recommendation (LOR)Statement of Purpose or Personal StatementResume or CVInterview (by invitation)

University Of Sydney Undergraduate Admission

The University of Sydney offers over 100 majors and minors. The university’s most popular programmes are agriculture, environment, science and veterinary science. Prospective undergraduate students must fulfil the following admission requirements: 

CertificatesHigh School TranscriptsPrerequisite requirements, such as prior knowledge of mathematics
Application FeeAUD 150
English Proficiency Test ScoresIELTS: 6.5 with a minimum score of 6.0 across all bands. 
Test ScoresSAT: 1170ACT: 23
Documents RequiredLetters of referenceStatement of Purpose (500-600 Words)An interviewA portfolioRelevant professional experience

University Of Sydney MBA Admission

The University of Sydney Business School has a prestigious triple accreditation and stands tall among the elite 1% of business schools globally. This esteemed institution offers Australia’s number one ranked part-time MBA and Master of Management programmes. 

CertificatesUndergraduate Degree
Application FeeGraduate: AUD 150
English Language Tests AcceptedIELTS: 7.0TOEFL: 96+
Test ScoresGMAT: 600+
Documents RequiredA minimum of 3 years of relevant work experienceLetters of referenceStatement of PurposeResume or CVInterview (by invitation only)

English Language Requirement 

If English is not your native tongue, you must show proof of your English competence before you are able to begin your University courses. A suitable English language course at the University’s Centre for English Teaching or certification that you have completed certain secondary or higher credentials can all be used to demonstrate your proficiency in the language. 

Exam Score

The University Of Sydney Admission Deadline

The details below concern the various University of Sydney application dates for two terms. The last day you must submit your application is similarly stated on these dates. The University of Sydney’s admission deadline is listed in the table below. 

Intake Application Deadlines
Winter 31 July 2024

Admission Decision

  • The application evaluation process typically takes four weeks, although it may require additional time during peak seasons.
  • The assessment’s duration depends upon the application’s intricacy, the availability of academic personnel and the volume of applications received.

Selection Criteria

The University of Sydney reviews applications holistically. Prospective students are encouraged to apply early to ensure a timely process. The university offers conditional admissions for those who may not meet all requirements but show strong potential. In such cases, students may need to complete a pre-university course with a satisfactory GPA to secure admission and study in the wonderful city of Sydney.

What Are Some Other Meaningful Admission Statistics You Should Watch Out For?

Now that you have read the above admission factors, there are some more which might need your attention:

  • While an acceptance rate alone doesn’t reveal everything about a college’s ability to shape future leaders and thinkers, there are other useful stats to consider.
  • One key metric is a college’s typical yield – the percentage of accepted students who enrol. Admissions teams focus on yield because higher numbers mean more tuition revenue and better rankings. They want to accept students likely to attend, so showing interest is important.
  • Finances are another major factor to weigh up. Sticker prices don’t tell the full story, but a college’s average financial aid package and the percentage of students receiving aid gives you a sense of the support you might get. Also, check if admissions are need-blind and aid is need-based.
  • Other stats to research include student-faculty ratio, graduation rates, job placement numbers for your intended major, diversity metrics, and rankings for your specific areas of interest.

University of Sydney Scholarships


The University of Sydney offers a variety of scholarships to international students at various stages of academia. The following is a list of some of the well-known scholarships accessible to students from abroad:

ScholarshipEligibility Amount (AUD)
Vice-Chancellor’s International ScholarshipInternational student | coursework degree application registered with CRICOS | unconditional enrollment offer40,000
Sydney Scholars India Scholarship ProgramCitizen and resident of India | Unconditional enrollment offer to an academic degreeUp to 40,000
International Postgraduate Research ScholarshipsPostgraduate research studentsIncludes housing, health, relocation, and tuition.
Adamo and Francesca Boncardo MySydney ScholarshipFor undergraduate studentsAUD 8,500
Appen Inclusive Al Scholarship in Computational LinguisticsFor Undergraduate studentsAUD 8,000
Eleanor Sophia Wood MySydney ScholarshipFor Undergraduate studentsAUD 8,500

The candidate can receive individualised coaching and expert advice from UniScholars to help them choose the best option. By evaluating all available grants, bursaries, and scholarship programmes in one spot, students can select one among the more than 1,500 readily available. 

university of Sydney acceptance rate

Cost Of Living 

Make a budget for your daily costs and lodging. Recognise the expenses you’ll incur while a student living in Sydney so you can stick to a reasonable spending plan. You’ll need to budget for numerous weekly and monthly expenses, regardless of whether you’re relocating from abroad to another state or were born and raised in Sydney. 

One individual’s typical weekly grocery budget is $80 – $280. To save money, shop for food at supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths, and Aldi. You can also save money by shopping at fresh food markets like Paddy’s Market. A weekly budget of $80 – 150 should be set up for leisure and socialising. Keep your student ID close by since many establishments, including movie theatres, give discounts to students. 

The table below lists some of the most common expenses that students may face during their course at the university- 

ParticularsCost (Monthly)
Off-Campus AccommodationAUD 705
On-Campus Accommodation AUD 936
Transportation AUD 160 
Food CostAUD 754
EntertainmentAUD 51
GroceriesAUD 182
ClothesAUD 103
Total Cost of Living with Off-Campus Accommodation AUD 1985
Total Cost of Living with On-Campus Accommodation AUD 2216
Annual Cost of LivingAUD 23820

The University of Sydney is an excellent option for college aspirants because it is on

e of the best universities in Australia and one of the best schools worldwide. Even though the university keeps its application figures private, we know that only 70% of candidates are eventually accepted. We hope our blog on the University of Sydney acceptance rate has addressed all your doubts. 


Is the University of Sydney hard to get into?

Ans: Yes. Founded as a Group of Eight members in 1850, the University of Sydney is one of the most competitive universities in Australia. Its acceptance rate is 30%, and it was the country’s first university.

What GPA do you need to get into the University of Sydney?

Ans: To have a decent chance of getting accepted to the University of Sydney in Australia, applicants must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.

Is the University of Sydney expensive?

Ans: The University of Sydney’s cost of attendance ranges from 41,000 to 73,000 AUD (22.85 to 40.68 lakhs INR). The University guarantees a high ROI for its students. The average yearly wage for university graduates is 76,000 AUD (42.35 lakhs INR).

What is the acceptance rate for Indian students at the University of Sydney?

Ans: The acceptance rate for Indian students at the University of Sydney is around 30%, which is competitive due to the high number of applicants.

What are the requirements for Indian students at the University of Sydney?

Ans: Indian students must submit their academic transcripts, English language proficiency test scores (such as IELTS or TOEFL), a personal statement, and letters of recommendation to apply for admission at the University of Sydney.

Thank you for reading this blog. If you’d like to read more, please check our other compelling blogs:

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University Of Sydney Acceptance Rate

University Of Sydney Acceptance Rate!

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