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University Of Sunderland Acceptance Rate in 2024

University of Sunderland Acceptance Rate

University of Sunderland’s academic saga began in 1901. Today this prowess of an institution has evolved into a hub of research and innovation. You’ll be amazed to know that more than 27,000 students are filling its corridors with enthusiasm across London and Hong Kong. Moreover, the university is set in the local backdrop of Sunderland which a beacon of education since 674 AD. The streets bustle with culture, knowledge and football just to name a few! Every lecture you will attend here is an investment of a lifetime and it all starts with achieving the University of Sunderland acceptance rate! A number which many have nailed and later on glowed big time. Here is our blog on the University of Sunderland acceptance rate for international students.  

University Of Sunderland Acceptance Rate

The competition is indeed fierce here, with the University of Sunderland acceptance rate standing at just 27%. This means that they hardly admit 27 students out of 100 applications received. But with the right preparation, you can be the one to roar with victory. First things first, you need a bachelor’s degree. Three or four years of hard work will do the trick and make sure your average score shines at  57-60% or higher. 

Now, for international students, there’s an extra challenge: proving your English is sharp enough for graduate-level combat. No worries, though! An IELTS score or TOEFL will work just fine. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this admission process!

Admission Process

Over 12,791 international students from 160 countries have been able to get over the mountain called the University of Sunderland acceptance rate. They constitute 46% of its total student body. If you’re seeking an enriching academic experience amidst a multicultural environment, Sunderland is your ideal destination. Here is their admission process

  • Initiate your application journey online: Access the university’s official application portal and complete the application form thoroughly. The application team will carefully review your credentials.
  • Await your acceptance confirmation: If your application is successful, you’ll receive a notification email from the admissions team.
  • Make your decision: Once you’ve received your acceptance, you have 30 days to confirm your enrollment.
  • Obtain your UK student visa: Secure this crucial document to legally study in the UK.
  • Arrive at the university before the program start date: Plan your travel itinerary and ensure you reach campus before the commencement of your chosen program.

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Academic Requirements

Make sure you have all of the mentioned documents at the time of application:

Academic ScoreUndergrad: 57-60% aggregate
English Language ProficiencyIELTS: 6.0TOEFL:PTE:
Test ScoresGMAT: 561GRE: 330
Personal StatementRequired
References (2-3 academic or professional)Required
InterviewMay be required

Graduate Dates & Deadlines

This part of our blog talks about the graduate Dates and deadlines. These differ program by program. Make sure that you mark your calendars for the following dates: Stay ahead, stay organised and make the most of your graduate experience. 

ProgramApplication DeadlineDocuments Submission Deadline
M.B.A CybersecurityJanuary 15, 2023February 28, 2023
L.L.M LawJanuary 15, 2023February 28, 2023
M.Sc Electronic EngineeringJanuary 15, 2023February 28, 2023
M.Sc PsychologyJanuary 15, 2023February 28, 2023

Undergraduate Dates & Deadlines

If you’ve missed the UCAS deadline, you can still apply through UCAS Extra between February 28th and July 4th, 2024. This is your chance to secure your place at Sunderland if you missed the initial deadline. Sunderland University acceptance rate remains the same for undergraduate courses as well. 

University Of Sunderland Fees & Courses

Ulster University isn’t just about cramming for exams (although they do that well too). The university has a course for each of you, whether you’re a budding artist, a tech wizard, or a future healthcare hero. And with four dynamic faculties – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Life and Health Sciences, Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, and the Ulster University Business School – you’re guaranteed to find a program that will tickle your intellect. Here are their top courses with their respective fees:

ProgramDurationApplication DeadlineAnnual Fees (INR/GBP)
M.Sc Nursing1 YearSeptember Intake (8th May 2024)16.7 L / 15,840
M.Sc Management1 YearSeptember Intake (8th May 2024)16.7 L / 15,840
M.Ed Education with Specialisms3 YearsSeptember Intake (8th May 2024)16.7 L / 15,840
M.Sc Pharmaceutical Sciences2 YearsSeptember Intake (8th May 2024)16.7 L / 15,840
M.Sc Health and Wellbeing1 YearSeptember Intake (8th May 2024)16.7 L / 15,840
M.Sc Environmental Management with GIS1 YearSeptember Intake (8th May 2024)16.7 L / 15,840

Things To Do Once You Get Accepted At The University Of Sunderland

Once you’ve stepped in their lecture halls, in no time, you’ll find yourself in the wild outdoors of the University of Sunderland’s campus. Universities in Sunderland are known for their charming campuses. Since you’ve worked too hard to overcome the University of Sunderland acceptance rate. Treat yourself to these things to do on campus:

  • Get lost in contemporary exhibitions at the National Glass Centre, or catch a captivating play at the David Puttnam Media Centre.
  • Hike or cycle through the scenic Penshaw Monument, or take a refreshing dip in the River Wear.
  • Birdwatch along the coast or visit the WWT Washington Wetland Centre to see a variety of migratory birds.
  • Go paintballing with friends or test your racing skills at the Sunderland Karting Centre. 
  • Sample the famous Sunderland stottie or grab a fresh seafood platter from the harbor market. 
  • With over 150 options, there’s something for everyone, from sports and music to debating and volunteering.

Key Takeaways:

Competitive Admission:

  • Highly competitive admission process with a 27% acceptance rate.
  • Requirements include a robust bachelor’s degree (57-60%+) and proficiency in English (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent).

Application Process:

  • Apply online (through UCAS for undergraduates and the website for graduates) and submit necessary documents
  • Receive acceptance confirmation within 30 days.
  • Secure a UK student visa and arrive before the program commencement.

Programs and Fees:

  • Diverse Master’s programs across various fields.
  • Annual fees are approximately £15,840.
  • Be mindful of program-specific deadlines for application and document submission.

Campus Life:

  • Vibrant campus atmosphere offering cultural events, sports, clubs and societies.
  • Explore art galleries, theatres, historical sites and natural beauty.
  • Engage in volunteering, music and a variety of activities.

Bonus Insights:

  • International students contribute to 46% of the student body.
  • Check specific program deadlines and English language score requirements. The application deadline for undergraduates is between February 28th and July 4th, 2024. As for graduates, it differs program-wise.


How many intakes are there in the Sunderland University?

There are 4 intakes at the University of Sunderland. One in winter, summer, autumn and spring.

What is the University of Sunderland current acceptance rate?

University of Sunderland acceptance rate stands at 27%. 

Is the acceptance rate different for international students compared to domestic students?

You will be pleased to know that it stays the same for all i.e at 27%.

Is the cost of living in Sunderland high?

This city boasts some of the UK’s lowest living costs, with monthly expenses averaging a mere £500-£700. Even housing is surprisingly affordable, ranging from £250-£1,000 per month. 

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University of Sunderland Acceptance Rate

University Of Sunderland Acceptance Rate in 2024

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