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University Of Melbourne Acceptance Rate In 2024 For International Students!

university of melbourne acceptance rate

Australia is an attractive learning destination for international students pursuing higher education abroad. Students prefer to study abroad in Australia because of the quality of universities in the country and the welcoming environment. There are also multiple career development and job opportunities in the country. With such a bandwidth, Melbourne University displays that there is a good number of intakes in Australia. The acceptance rate of University of Melbourne is at 70%. This displays how considerate and welcoming the university is to international students, including Indian students. This article will inform you of everything you need about the University of Melbourne acceptance rate for international students.

University Of Melbourne Acceptance Rate

The University of Melbourne acceptance rate is 70%. This is quite a high percentage and is reflected by the student population. However, that pays attention to the need to meet all the entry requirements. To be considered for admission, all aspiring students must submit their admission applications before the given deadlines containing all the necessary documentation.

Historical Trends On Acceptance Rate/Year Wise Acceptance Rate

Over its operations, the University of Melbourne’s acceptance rate has been from 70% to 80%. This has been influenced by its growth and respective improvements both in structure and academics. This is a top university, which has raised eyebrows as to why it has quite a high acceptance rate. Still, its ability to maintain all students and the quality of education was crucial for accepting new students every intake.

How Can We Get Selected Into University Of Melbourne?

While it can get competitive to get into the University Of Melbourne, students can find some ways to do so with an overall good profile. To get an offer to study at the University of Melbourne, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go through the university catalogue to check the courses available in a specific intake.
  2. Select a course and check the eligibility criteria 
  3. Counter-check your qualifications to determine if you meet the entry requirements
  4. Send an admission application and submit all the necessary documentation as advised
  5. Wait for feedback from the admission office to know if you were selected

It is essential to ensure that you have everything in check, from visa to financial statements, to increase your chances of getting selected. Melbourne University receives many applications; only the best candidates get an offer to study there.

Different Courses Acceptance Rate

Generally, there is a standard acceptance rate for all aspiring students. However, in some cases, depending on faculty and level of study, the 70% University of Melbourne acceptance rate for international students can change. For instance, University of Melbourne postgraduate acceptance rate can be lower than University of Melbourne undergraduate acceptance rate because of the number of intakes. Undergraduate students often end up being more than postgraduate students, which influences the low rates of the University of Melbourne PhD acceptance rate.

Undergraduate Acceptance Rate

The University of Melbourne undergraduate acceptance rate is on the lower end of the 70% – 80% range. This is because there are more intakes at this level of study, and the university is open to getting more students to study on its premises. However, the University of Melbourne must be more cautious about the entry requirements that disqualify applicants. Factors like English language proficiency for undergraduate courses majorly affect the University of Melbourne acceptance rate for Indian students.

Graduate Acceptance Rate

The University of Melbourne postgraduate acceptance rate is different from lower levels. It ranges on the higher end of the 70% – 80% range because of limited slots for such courses. Moreover, the faculty will individually determine the acceptance rate and the ability to take in more students for the programmes.

How Hard Is It To Get Accepted At The University Of Melbourne?

So why study in Australia? Despite cementing its rapport among the top and oldest universities in the country, there is still a high University of Melbourne acceptance rate for masters. This is influenced by the number of intakes per semester and the facilities and campuses available to accommodate as many students as possible. Nevertheless, it can be challenging for underqualified applicants to get accepted at the university since the integrity of admission is maintained regardless of the high acceptance rate.

Admission Rates And Enrolment Requirements

Among the benefits of studying in Australia are the articulated requirements that all aspiring students must meet to gain admission to the University of Melbourne. The table below highlights the admission rates and enrolment requirements for various programmes.

Eligibility ProgrammeUndergraduatePostgraduatePostgraduate Research
Admission ratesHighMediumLow
Academics65% or above in the 12th standard of Australia (CBSE, ICSC & IB) or equivalent65% minimum average in bachelor’s degree from an accredited and recognised educational institution70% minimum average in a master’s degree
IELTSAn overall score of 6.5An overall score between 6.5 to 7.5An overall score of 7 (no band less than 6.5)
PTEAn overall score of at least 58 | no PTE communicative skills score below 50A minimum overall score between 58 to 67An overall score of 61 or above with a minimum of 21 in each section
TOEFLA minimum overall score of 79A minimum overall score between 79 to 100An overall score of 85 or above 
LORRequires 1Requires 2Requires 2
MOINot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
Work ExperienceAcceptedAcceptedAccepted

The documents that are necessary for application for admission at Melbourne University include:

  • Completed academic transcripts (verified)
  • GRE/GMAT or SAT/ACT scores (if applicable)
  • English language proficiency proof
  • Financial documents (displays ability to keep up with the cost of living in Australia)
  • Application essay
  • Personal statement
  • Audition tapes, portfolios, and research samples

Programmes And Their Fees

The cost of studying in Australia is relatively fair compared to other prestigious hubs for higher education. The University of Melbourne charges different tuition fees for various programmes in consideration of resources and student-teacher ratio. The table below shows the first-year tuition fees for various Melbourne University courses.

CoursesNumber of ProgrammesFees (INR)
MS4519 L – 33 L
Other PG | MA2512 L – 42 L
MIM2020 L – 36 L
BSc3322 L – 26 L
PG Diploma4210 L – 30 L
MBA/PGDM1920 L – 36 L
BA3119 L – 24 L
BE/BTech1322 L – 26 L
LLM1722 L – 26 L
MD153 L
BBA222 L
MEM224 L – 28 L

Notable Alumni

The notable alumni who credit their qualifications and academic prowess to the University of Melbourne include:

  • Cate Blanchett – Australian-American actress
  • Julia Gillard – The 27th Australian Prime Minister and former Labour party leader
  • Julian Assange – Australian activist, editor, and publisher
  • Randeep Hooda – Indian actor and equestrian
  • Tenzin Gyatso (14th Dalai Lama) – A retired political leader and the highest spiritual leader of Tibet


1. What Is the Current Acceptance Rate for the University of Melbourne?

The current University of Melbourne acceptance rate is 70%.

2. How Has the University of Melbourne’s Acceptance Rate Changed Over the Past Few Years?

It has remained within the 70% – 80% range over the years because of the growth and reputation the university has gained.

3. What Is the Minimum GPA for the University of Melbourne?

All students at the University of Melbourne should maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3.

4. Does the University of Melbourne Have a Higher Acceptance Rate for International Students?

There is a fair acceptance rate for international students, who comprise 41% of the student population from 150+ countries.

5. How Does the University of Melbourne Acceptance Rate Compare to Other UK Universities?

Melbourne University has the highest acceptance rate among top Australian/UK universities.

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university of melbourne acceptance rate

University Of Melbourne Acceptance Rate In 2024 For International Students!

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