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University of Manitoba Scholarships in 2024: Eligibility

About The University Of Manitoba 

The University of Manitoba is a public research university located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was founded in 1877 and is the oldest university in Western Canada. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes in fields such as agriculture, engineering, business, education, health sciences, law, and many others. A brief history of the university tells us that The University of Manitoba, founded by Alexander Morris, was established on February 28, 1877, as a “Provincial University” under the University of Manitoba Act, making it the first institution of higher learning and, consequently, the first university in all of western Canada. 

Students who enrol at the University of Manitoba have the chance to receive a top-notch education in cutting-edge settings for a reasonable tuition price. The province of Manitoba gives a 60% tax rebate on some post-secondary fees to people who work in the province after graduation. In addition, Manitoba also has some of the lowest living and tuition costs in the nation. After six months of full-time study, Manitoba provides one of the best insurance programmes in the nation, which includes free medical coverage for temporary residents (students and their spouses). People with dependent children who are learning in Manitoba on a study permit are eligible for subsidised public schooling under certain circumstances.  

Students of all countries are eligible for more than 2800 scholarships and bursaries from the University of Manitoba, totalling more than 17 million and 6 million Canadian dollars, respectively. Approximately 1600 of these scholarships are given to incoming undergraduate and graduate students who will be starting their academic careers in Canada at the institution. Academic success and financial needs are taken into account when awarding U of M scholarships. Additionally, this institution provides a variety of grant possibilities, including Graduate Student Awards, Indigenous Student Awards, International Student Awards, and Scholarships for Current Students.

International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships:

The University of Manitoba offers a number of entrance scholarships for international undergraduate students. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and are available to students who are entering their first year of study at the university. The International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarships are valued at $3,000 CAD each and are renewable for up to three additional years (for a total value of $12,000 CAD). To be eligible for these scholarships, the following are the requirements: 

  • Applicants should be international students (i.e. in Canada on valid study permits) who have applied for admission to any Faculty or School at the university by the deadline date of March 1. 
  • They are paying international student tuition fees. 
  • They should have also achieved a minimum high school average of 85% based on the best five senior-level academic courses from their approved General Entrance Scholarship list which is available on the university website. 

International Undergraduate Student Scholarships

The International Undergraduate Student Scholarship was created to recognise outstanding academic performance by foreign students who have attended the school for at least one year. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are listed below:

  • Students who have shown exceptional academic achievement in courses completed in the last academic year with a minimum average GPA of 3.5. 
  • Students who will be continuing their studies at the university during Fall/Winter semesters. 
  • They should also have valid Canadian study permits.  

Scholarships will be awarded to applicants who satisfy the aforementioned requirements in the order determined by their sessional GPA, up until all funds have been used or the required GPA has been attained. Those students who are qualified will be informed by the end of July.  

International Graduate/Doctorate Students Scholarships: 

The University of Manitoba offers various scholarships and funding opportunities for international graduate and doctoral students. Some of the scholarships and funding opportunities available for international graduate and doctoral students are: 

  1. UM Vanier Scholars

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS) programme, which is named in honour of Major-General Georges P. Vanier, the country’s first francophone governor general, aids Canadian universities in luring top-notch doctorate candidates. It pays $50,000 a year for three years while a PhD student. Moreover, it focuses on the three equally weighted leadership, research potential, and academic excellence selection criteria. 

  1. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

The highly competitive scholarship programme seeks to support innovative doctoral research that addresses important societal issues, promotes public engagement, and fosters leadership development. The scholarship provides a generous financial award, up to $60,000 per year for three years, and additional funding for research, travel, and professional development. 

  1. The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF)

The UMGF Fellowships are worth $18,000 for PhD students and $14,000 for master’s students during a 12-month period. Students should inquire with their relevant department about the application process for a UM Graduate Fellowship. 

  1. G. Clarence Elliott Fellowship 

This scholarship was established in honour of a former Winnipeg vice-president and treasurer of The Great-West Life Assurance Company. The fellowship offers a $10,000 maximum payment to eligible candidates.   


These are just a few examples of the scholarships and funding opportunities available for international graduate and doctoral students at the University of Manitoba. To lessen the financial load on the students, it provides both partially subsidised and completely paid scholarships. These scholarships have distinct qualifying requirements, application processes, and selection criteria. Students should therefore verify this before applying for any scholarships. To learn more about these scholarships and funding opportunities, as well as other scholarships available at the University of Manitoba, you can visit the University’s website or contact the international student office.


  1. How do you qualify for scholarships at the University of Manitoba?

Typically, in order to qualify for scholarships, students must enrol in and finish at least 80% of a full course during the current academic year.

  1. Does University of Manitoba offer full scholarships to international students?

Through foreign student scholarships and bursaries, the University of Manitoba acknowledges students who have excelled academically and helps those who are in need of financial assistance.

  1. What are the advantages of the University of Manitoba for international students?

International students have access to top-notch education in Manitoba at reasonable tuition costs. More than half of Manitoba’s population lives in Winnipeg which is also where most of the province’s prestigious higher education institutions are located.

  1. Do you have to pay back the Manitoba bursary?

Grants are funds that, as long as you keep your loan eligibility, you don’t have to pay back. Numerous awards are available for students: Grant for enrolled students.

  1. How much does Manitoba student aid give?

Manitoba Student Loans (MSL) offers up to $140 per week of study ($4,760 for a 34-week university degree), or 40% of a student’s estimated need. These loans are also interest-free while the student is enrolled. It takes six months after the programme’s conclusion before repayment is due.

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University of Manitoba Scholarships in 2024: Eligibility

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