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The University Of Dayton Acceptance Rate 2024

The University of Dayton welcomes international students to its diverse academic offerings, which include 80 undergraduate and 50 graduate programmes. The current University of Dayton acceptance rate stands at 74%, which makes it highly accepting. The university boasts 8,133 full-time undergraduates, 310 part-time students, and an additional 3,327 enrolled in graduate and law courses. 

For prospective international students, a bachelor’s GPA of 3.0 (85%) is required for graduate admissions, while those aiming for a bachelor’s degree need a high school GPA of 3.82 (96%). Beyond academic achievements, the application process emphasizes a well-crafted SOP/essay or personal statement, letters of recommendation, a resume, and relevant test scores. Graduate applicants should note the minimum GMAT score of 500 or a GRE score of 150 in both the verbal and quantitative sections.

1. The University Of Dayton Acceptance Rate

According to the above pie chart, the University of Dayton acceptance rate is 74%, which means for every 100 students, 74 are accepted. However securing admission at the University of Dayton is quite competitive. The university evaluates multiple criteria for its selection process, including:

  • Consistent high school performance.
  • Course choices and college preparation.
  • High school ranking.
  • Standardized test scores.
  • Recommendations from high school.

This approach ensures a holistic review of each applicant, emphasizing both academic achievements and personal qualities.

2. Admissions Details

2.1 The University Of Dayton Graduate Admissions

Programmes Offered:

  • Master’s: Over 50 programmes.
  • Doctoral: Around 10-12 in areas like Business, Education, Health Sciences, Engineering, and Law.

Good News! No application fees.

  1. What You Need to Apply:
  • Relevant Bachelor’s Degree: Make sure it aligns with your chosen course.
  • GPA: Minimum of 3.0 or 85%.

  • English Proficiency:
    • TOEFL IBT: Minimum 80 (Biology requires 95).
    • IELTS: Minimum 6.5.
    • PTE: Minimum 60.

  • Test Scores:
    • GMAT: At least 500.
    • GRE: Verbal – 149, Quant – 146.

  • Recommendation Letters: 2-3 from trusted sources.
  • Personal Statement: Share your story and aspirations.
  • Resume: Highlight your academic and professional journey.
  • Interview: Some programmes may require a conversation to know you better.

2.2 Top Graduate Programms Requirements:

Learning the graduate requirements is essential, however it is also important to understand the top graduate programme requirements to have a higher acceptance rate in the university. Below table lists down all the specific information students need to understand the same. 

ProgramsTest ScoresDocuments Checklist and requirements
Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAcc)GMAT: 500 | GRE: 149 [Verbal] and 146 [Quant]Resume | Interview
Master of Science [M.S] Aerospace EngineeringNot required3 LORs | Personal Statement
Master Business AnalyticsGMAT: 500 | GRE: 149 [Verbal] and 146 [Quant]3 LORs | Personal Statement | Professional Resume
Master of Public Administration [M.P.A]Not required3 LORs | Personal Statement | Resume | Writing Sample
Master of Science [M.S] BiologyGRE Score of 150 [Quant] | 150 [Verbal] | 3.0 [Written]3 LORs | Personal Statement

2.3 University of Dayton Admission Deadlines

The University of Dayton offers enrollment for Spring, Summer, and Fall Terms. To boost admission prospects, timely application is crucial. Below are the application deadlines for international UG and PG candidates.

Summer (transfer applicants)March 1, 2023
FallMay 1, 2023
SpringNovember 1, 2023

3. University of Dayton Acceptance Rate: Students Profile and Diversity

Here’s a visual representation of overall student profile and diversity in the university of Dayton.

4. University of Dayton Admission Decision

The University of Dayton processes admission decisions typically within 4-6 weeks post-application. However, certain programs, owing to extra requirements, might extend this timeframe. Accepted students will get a decision letter, immigration paperwork, and enrollment instructions. Expect around 6-8 weeks for the final document processing.


What is the University of Dayton acceptance rate?

The University of Dayton acceptance rate is 74% according to US News.

How competitive is admission to the University of Dayton?

With an acceptance rate of 74%, the University of Dayton is moderately competitive where students can get admission if they have a good track record in academics and extracurriculars. 

What GPA and test scores are needed for acceptance to the University of Dayton?

A minimum GPA for University of Dayton is 3.3 on a scale of 5. Alongside SAT score between 1150 and 1360 or an ACT score of 23 and 30 are accepted.

Are there early decision or early action options at the University of Dayton?

The early action application deadline for the University of Dayton is November 1, while the regular decision deadline is February 1.

What factors influence the University of Dayton acceptance rate?

The University of Dayton seeks students who rank high in their class and demonstrate strong academic performance. Your transcript should predominantly feature A’s. It’s beneficial to have taken AP or IB courses, showcasing your readiness for college-level studies.

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The University Of Dayton Acceptance Rate 2024

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