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University Of Cincinnati Acceptance Rate in 2024 [Updated]

University of Cincinnati acceptance rate

Founded in 1819 as Cincinnati College, the University of Cincinnati is today the oldest educational institute in the city. It is also the second-largest university in the state of Ohio. The university has more than 45,000 enrollments annually and has one of the best admission percentages in the country. The University of Cincinnati acceptance rate is currently around 84%. It signifies that getting into the university is quite easy as long as the applicants fulfil their prerequisites. Our guide below compiles everything you need to know about the admission procedure, from their intakes to types of financial aid.

The University Of Cincinnati Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rate also called admission percentage, is a crucial statistic to consider when exploring different programmes and universities. It signifies the number of students admitted to the university against the total number of applicants. Although it doesn’t imply the institution’s standard of education or status, it helps us understand their admission procedure’s exclusivity. This way, students can prepare well before applying and ensure that they satisfy all the prerequisites.

Providentially, the University of Cincinnati acceptance rate is approximately 84%. We can infer that the university is lightly selective while admitting students. According to the data from previous years, more than 47,000 students are enrolled at the university. Out of these, over 25 per cent constitute minorities and international students. Furthermore, the demographics indicate that around 51% of students are female. Altogether, the University of Cincinnati houses an inclusive and diverse community of students.

University of Cincinnati Colleges

The University of Cincinnati has two regional campuses where nearly 4,200 faculty teach 400 degree programmes. These courses have been organised into different academic colleges for better management and students’ convenience.

  • Allied Health Sciences
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • UC Blue Ash College 
  • Lindner College of Business
  • Clermont College
  • College-Conservatory of Music
  • College of Cooperative Education And Professional Studies
  • College of Design, Architecture, Art, And Planning
  • College of Education, Criminal Justice, & Human Services
  • Engineering & Applied Sciences
  • Graduate College
  • College of Law
  • College of Medicine
  • Nursing College
  • College of Pharmacy

Why Choose The University Of Cincinnati?

University of Cincinnati acceptance rate

Choosing a university is a crucial decision in the journey of higher education since it can impact your career in several ways. Different colleges offer different opportunities and programmes and excel in varying arenas. Some of the top reasons why international students should choose the University of Cincinnati for their degree courses are listed below.

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  • The University has been ranked 5th in Master’s Neonatal Nursing programmes and Online Counseling Degree courses.

  • Their doctorate Reading Teacher Education programmes have been ranked 15th. 

  • The US News & World Report ranks the university among the top 200 according to the 2023 rankings.

  • The university conducts cutting-edge modern research in a range of fields and topics.

  • Their faculty is renowned for maintaining student-mentor relationships. 

  • Their programmes focus exclusively on practical and technical learning so students can gain industry knowledge.

  • Lastly, the university offers many incredible placement and internship opportunities.

Necessary Documents

One way of staying ahead of the University of Cincinnati acceptance rate is to ensure you satisfy all their prerequisites. The first step to achieve that is to analyse the list of necessary documents and make sure you fit the eligibility criteria. Go through the list below to check off the boxes.

  • GPA of 2.5 on a scale of 4 (UG applicants)
  • GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4 (PG applicants)
  • Academic transcripts of previous degrees
  • Scores of English language proficiency tests
  • Scores of entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, ACT or SAT (depending on the course)
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of purpose or personal essays
  • Letters of recommendation (minimum 2)
  • Application fee of USD 50
  • Financial documents and fee waiver (if applicable)
  • Visa documents and copy of passport (for international students)

Minimum Required Scores In Exams

The best way of securing your spot and beating the University of Cincinnati acceptance rate is to score high on the required exams. Undergraduate applicants are required to take the SAT or the ACT exam. On the other hand, postgraduate aspirants must write standard tests like GRE or GMAT. However, students must note that the minimum required scores for each test differ according to the course and academic school. For the required scores of English proficiency tests, refer to the table below.

ProgrammeExamMinimum required scores
UGIELTS6.5 (overall)
Duolingo English Test100

Intakes & Deadlines

Different intakes can bring about a big difference in the University of Cincinnati acceptance rate. It is because the number of applicants, courses offered and available seats tend to vary, which affects the overall admission percentage. Hence, considering the available intakes is quite pivotal before you move on to applying to the college. The University of Cincinnati offers three intakes – Fall, Spring and Summer. The usual deadlines for each of these intakes for international applicants of undergraduate and graduate programmes are given below.

Intakes UG deadlinesPG deadlines
Fall Early December (for Early Action applicantsMarch (for Rolling applicants)Mid-March
SpringEarly NovemberMid-October
SummerEarly MarchMid-February

How To Apply?

Applying to the University of Cincinnati is easy and can be completed in simple steps. The university accepts applications only via the Common Application Portal. The first step is to register. Once you go on the website, create an account by registering with your credentials. Next, click on ‘Start New Application’ to begin. The second step is to select your application type from their menu. The third step is to click ‘Create Application’ and fill in your details.

Lastly, the fourth step is to add your details. The form has been divided into sub-sections for the applicant’s ease and convenience – Personal background, programme selection, academic history, work history, programme requirements, recommendations and signature. Students also get the option to cross-check their application via the review option. Once you’re sure, submit the application and wait for the results. Each school typically takes around two months to send its decisions. Hence, students are advised to apply as soon as possible to allow enough time for the application processing.

Finances & Scholarships

Finances are a major aspect of attaining a degree since they can affect your day-to-day to a large extent. Currently, the average cost of tuition for most undergraduate programmes is around USD 21,000. On the contrary, the average fees for master’s programmes are approximately USD 40,000. Moreover, the average cost of living in Cincinnati is USD 18,624 annually. To help with these hefty finances, students can avail of different types of financial aid like grants and fee waivers. Some of the best scholarships offered by the University of Cincinnati are as follows.

ScholarshipsEligibilityApplication deadlinesAmount
American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship International UG students 15 JanuaryUSD 6,000 – USD 25,000
PEO International Peace Scholarship for WomenFor female international PG students 18 FebruaryUSD 12,500
Obama Foundation Scholar’s ProgrammeBased on the merit of leadership qualities and community service 22 DecemberFull tuition fee is waived, monthly living stipend and funding for course material is provided.
University of Cincinnati Global ScholarshipFor international UG students NAUpto USD 14,500 per year
Presidential ScholarshipMerit-basedUpto USD 22,700 per year
Century and University ScholarshipMerit-basedUpto USD 23,200 per year

Contact Details

Address: 2600 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45221, United States

Phone: 513-556-0000

Website: University of Cincinnati

Email:  international.admissions@uc.edu


Q1. What GPA is required to apply to the University of Cincinnati?

Ans: Interested students who wish to apply to the University of Cincinnati must note that the minimum GPA requirement is 2.5 for undergraduate applicants and 3.0 for graduate aspirants on a scale of 4.

Q2. What is the University of Cincinnati acceptance rate?

Ans: The University of Cincinnati acceptance rate is currently around 84%, which means the university is mildly selective while admitting students. 

Q3. Does the University of Cincinnati require GRE?

Ans: To apply to PG courses, students must take the entrance exams like GMAT or GRE. However, the minimum score requirements of these tests depend on individual programmes and courses.

Q4. What is the placement rate at the University of Cincinnati?

Ans: The University of Cincinnati boasts a placement rate of about 96%. On top of this, the average salary offered to students can go as high as USD 1,06,317 annually. 

Q5. Is the University of Cincinnati good for international students?

Ans: Over 25 per cent of the total enrolled students constitute minorities and international students. The university has several accolades for housing a student-friendly, diverse and inclusive community.

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University of Cincinnati acceptance rate

University Of Cincinnati Acceptance Rate in 2024 [Updated]

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